Archangel Uriel: Heal Your Energetic Space

Archangel Uriel via Jennifer Hoffman

April 16, 2012

Each of you lives in an energetic space that is at the vibration and frequency of your lessons and healing journey. Within this space you attract the situations and people who have two missions.

The first is to connect with you at the energetic level of your healing. The second mission is to hold this energy until your healing is complete. While you may blame others for blocking the flow of energy in your life, they are merely part of your healing journey, holding energy for you to complete your healing cycle. This is their commitment to you and they will do whatever they can to maintain it, until your healing is complete.

The soul contract you embody is one of healing and transformation. Its accomplishment is the greatest journey you have ever undertaken, the single purpose of this and of all lifetimes. This is your life purpose and the life purpose of all of humanity.

When you allow healing to occur you clear the energetic space that others hold for you and release you and them from that energetic frequency. But without your conscious recognition of this contract, the desire and intention to heal and the action required for healing to occur, you feel stuck and you are, for you are in an energetic space that will not be released until you complete the healing you have promised to do.

Healing is a promise between each of you and Source, it is a soul commitment to return the earth’s energy to its highest frequency of unconditional love. Each of you has made this promise and each of you will return to human form until it is completed. There is no time limit, no punishment for not completing it, and no judgment as to how well you do. But there is a commitment to shift your frequency out of the energetic space of healing and into a higher vibration, which you will unconsciously allow until you complete the healing you have committed to. And everyone in your soul group participates in the fulfillment of your promise.

All of your life path is aligned with healing and you cannot move into a higher vibration until the healing is completed. Knowing your healing promise allows you to move into a higher vibration once you forgive, release yourself and everyone from the energetic space of healing and set an intention for your life beyond healing. Do you want to experience love, joy, abundance or peace? Those are available outside of the energetic healing space. Do you want to have more fulfilling, harmonious and joyful relationships? Those are also available outside of the energetic healing space. Once you allow healing to occur, you are free to move beyond a healing purpose and into one of your intention and choosing and create your own heaven on earth that will be fulfilled in your reality, as well as for the earth.

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