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Archangel Uriel: Surviving The Calm Before The Storm

  By AuroRa Le. June 18, 2012. AuroRa Le   ● The tiniest light can illuminate a room and it takes but a scant few torchbearers to blaze the the way for an entire…

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Archangel Uriel: Heal Your Energetic Space

Archangel Uriel via Jennifer Hoffman April 16, 2012 http://enlighteninglife.com/heal-your-energetic-space Each of you lives in an energetic space that is at the vibration and frequency of your lessons and healing journey. Within this space you…

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Archangel Uriel: One Light Can Change the World

Channeled by Jennifer Hoffman January 30, 2012 www.urielheals.com Any limitation that you feel blocks your path is an expression of a memory you carry deep within your physical, emotional and energetic bodies of…

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Archangel Uriel: Celebrate Your Failures

Uriel via Jennifer Hoffman www.urielheals.com Is it possible that the greatest reasons to celebrate are in the form of what you would call a failure, those things that did not end as you…

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