Sananda: The One Who Serves – Be the One


February 8, 2012

I am One Who Serves in the Great White Brotherhood of Light and I am here to help you understand that you are here for a reason. Not so much only this group, but the many groups meeting as we speak even now across the planet. But for you, each one to come to a group to begin to understand more fully who you are, even though you may be in the awakening process already and may be ready to move into the next step of your expression. And what is that step you might ask, what is that part of the plan that you might be finding yourself drawn to? And we would say to you that you must begin to look around yourselves, look for those things which are being prepared for you to begin to push you along on the mission that you came here for. Each one is here in a different capacity. Each one is here to provide in their own way for the plan that is in the works now and each one of you is being prepared and readied for that next portion, that next part to play here. Each one of you has been here many times before with many lifetimes here on this planet and many existences long before this planet. You have been on many missions. The Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, all of this is familiar to you. It is not something that is unknown, it is very familiar and it is being readied again for you to be a part of when you are ready.


But first you must continue to meet and prepare for those things which you have set upon your path, continuing your journey here upon this planet and this evolution to culminate that which you created, that which you started long ago. You, each one are in that process now, ready to complete that which you came here to do. We are watching here from our vantage point.


We of the Great White Brotherhood of Light are watching you, watching and waiting for the time when you are ready to make that next move. You are being prepared and being readied and when you have fully prepared yourself and are ready, then you will be moving into that next level of your expression, that one that will take you to the highest part of yourself into the heavens of your own being, and you will once again be with those of your Brethren and various factions of Brotherhoods on the ships and on and within the Earth. All of this is ahead for you and you must each be assured within your self that you are ready for this, that this is a part that you are willing to play. For no one will be forced into anything ever. It must be your free choice. It must be you to say, “yes I am ready to move into that next expression, that next understanding of who I am and what I am here to do”. That is my message as One Who Serves. There is another who wishes to speak. Shanty Peace Be with you. Be the ONE.

I am Sananda.
I come to be with you at this time so that you can begin to understand that you are valued, not above anyone else but valued for who you are to a point where you can begin to understand that you are in a position of knowing once again who you are and what you have come here to do. You are being prepared and readied for that which is to come and is fast approaching now as we find it and as you are being prepared and readied, you are being guided into positions where you can be of service and assist those who are needing that assistance, that help from you. As you are guided into these positions and readied for this, you will be given those opportunities to assist, to help, to awaken those around you and to bring the light once again to them as a candle light in the darkness. As that light begins to spread, it will begin to encompass and illuminate many around you and many will be drawn to that light. This is what it is about. This is your next step that you are moving toward.


You each one have come here to play a part, a grand part of the plan for this planet and as you play your part and make yourselves known within this plan, you are being readied to continue on in the Oneness, the Oneness within your own being that you are experiencing for yourself, the expression within yourself to know once again that you are the ONE. Not in terms of being ego oriented or anything of this nature, but being the ONE. Being the expression of yourself, that is a part of all of the expression of all of the selves, that you are all ONE and part of the ONE. As you continue to be that which you are and that which you came here to be, there is a knowing that is growing within you and within all those around you and as that knowing continues to grow around you, it will attract others that will have this knowing within them. That this knowing is I AM. I AM much more than what I have believed I have been. I AM that which I AM. I AM that expression that is the ONE. And as you have this expression and as you know this within yourself than those are drawn to you and begin to understand that they are also the ONE and part of the ONENESS. And as this occurs, they will reach out and on and on and on as a geometric progression, as each part of the expression on this planet will begin to awaken to the next expression beyond it and to the next one and the next.


This is how it works, and as you are moving into this year 2012, you are being prepared to awaken to your own ascension process and that this 3 dimensional understanding is something that has been pulled over your eyes just as in the movie the Matrix, that you are finding this expression within yourself and knowing beyond who you are and what you are about.


Please understand that the time is growing short. Time is coming into play here in this 3 dimensional level and you still find yourselves dealing in this time frame and we, as we work with you, are also working within this timeframe. And this time system, this time level is now changing and moving to a new understanding of what is to come and as you are becoming a part of this, you are ready to move to the next level and are experiencing that expression within yourself that is preparing you for this. That is my message as Sananda. Peace and love be with each one of you as we continue to prepare for the celebration to come.

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  1. Estou lendo muitas confusões, mentiras e fraudes em canalizações, Tais fraudes como mensagens de viagens prometidas, arrebatamentos em 11.11.11, fraudes em piramides financeiras, cobrança de 200 dólares por canalização…
    Isto me deixa doente e enojado, estamos nos afastando da luz, estes elementos que fazem isto para proveito próprio são seres das trevas. Não tenho medo de escrever isto, sou trabalhador da luz há mais de 30 anos, e assisto abismado o que esta acontecendo.
    Que o criador tenha pena desta almas!

    Membro da Grande Fraternidade Branca

    Luz de Yauhushua

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