DL Zeta: Becoming Fluent in the Language of Transition and Loss

D.L. Zeta | February 3, 2012


There is no denying things are changing as we move further into the new time on Planet Earth. Accelerated energies ask us to release the past and welcome new realities at a rate that doesn’t leave much time for grieving and good-byes. In times of rapid transformation, we daily face the potential loss of touchstones on which we have built our lives. We may find ourselves changing careers, leaving relationships, moving to new parts of the world and, in some cases, facing the deaths of loved ones.

All losses, large and small, take us on a journey within ourselves to the sad place where we mourn that which has passed from our lives. We may not always realize it, but at some level we are also grieving aspects of our own consciousness that lose relevance as we grow and expand. Beyond these changeovers in identity, we mourn the ultimate loss as we face the end of our present lifetime. The only way to pass through these rapid transitions without lapsing into emotional despondency is to become fluent in the language of transition and loss.

Relevancy, Vibrational Frequency and our Changing Landscape

We are seeing many souls choosing to leave the earth plane. We have already witnessed weather events transforming the environments where we grew up. More changes are underway. The physical world around us is reshaping itself. These changes reflect energetic transformations taking place within those who remain here.

Within our internal landscape, we are profoundly affected by the loss of connection with certain aspects of ourselves. The reason many aspects within our own consciousness will move out of our experience is that they will lose their relevance to the future that is unfolding within and around us.

Relevancy is an important concept we will be discussing in future times as it will determine much of the change we collectively experience.

Relevancy is a Function of Vibrational Resonance

Vibrational frequency is the doorway through which human consciousness moves beyond violence, suffering, poverty and illness. As we shift to high-vibrational frequencies, we gain the understanding that we no longer need certain frequencies that have habitually been part of our experience. In other words, denser frequencies lose their relevance so they are dropped from the menu of life potentials.

The other side of this is that as frequencies fall away, we lose parts of our reality and parts of ourselves. Friends and family members will exit our reality. Those who remain will find the only constant in their daily existence to be their connection with spirit. Earth changes will require constant inner adjustments in order to exist in a changing environment. Physical bodies will shed levels of density brought about by dense foods, thoughts and emotions. Eating light, gaining control of the mind and healing emotions will become essential to life in future times.

Become Fluent in the Language of Transition and Loss

A key to moving through present and upcoming transformational times is to become well versed in the language of transition and loss. This includes learning the steps of grieving and healing loss and holding the intention to release what needs to leave our experience. It is important to face sacred wounds that have been with us since childhood and heal them through the bright light of our love and awareness.

In coming times, we will time and again be asked to face the void of the unknown, to stand naked in a barren landscape devoid of all we’ve known. Loss is a shared passage in this part of the journey. Those who remain here do so because they have important work to do. The gifts of their soul are relevant to the transitions ahead. We hold the power to adjust our identities and align with new timelines that stretch before us. These timelines are specially coded to carry us into new times now unfolding.

Gratitude and Love are Doorways to Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

At every step of this passage, express gratitude for all who have shared the gift of their light with you. Express gratitude for those who stand by your side in this transformational time. Love the forces that cast light and darkness across your personal landscape, and bless the Earth that welcomes you daily into a world that is born anew.

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