Steve Beckow: Prepare For Disclosure – Could This Be The Turning Point?

We had 80,000 hits on the 2012 Scenario website yesterday. We expect over 100,000 today.

If you consider what’s happening from the point of view of the movement to push ET/UFO Disclosure forward, we live at a moment in history that is monumental, beyond any that I can think of at any other time in our past.

People are flocking to this website and the occasion should not be missed to lay before them what we are doing here, what we most fervently want to see happen. So for the person who has come to this website for the first time, let us state exactly what’s going on here.

We are disclosing the presence of extraterrestrials in large numbers around our planet, who have come here on a mission of peace and benefit to the entire globe. We have taken a stand that we will not tolerate silence and the covering-up of their presence any more and we are willing to stake all that we have and all that we are to remove that curtain of denial.

Extraterrestrials began visiting this planet in large numbers after we terrestrials began exploding nuclear bombs in World War II. Apart from killing our own selves in large numbers, we were also causing interdimensional damage with our weapons.

The Earth had come of age and was now handling serious weapons and the galactics came to rein us in.

They put a ban on the explosion of nuclear weapons in space.  They met with our world leaders and offered to help us advance technologically and explore space, if we would only agree to stop exploding nuclear bombs and turn to the ways of peace.

Not all extraterrestrials who visited this planet were friendly. Some service-to-self Greys and reptilians, who had been visiting the planet for centuries, had it in their minds to enslave us. They joined with the dark forces on Earth, whom we conveniently lump together under the name “Illuminati,” and began a program to dominate the world, reduce the population from 7 billion or so to 500 million, and enslave the survivors.

The friendly, service-to-others extraterrestrials, in space coalitions like the Galactic Federation, approached our governments but were rebuffed. They were aware of the program for world domination that the Illuminati and their off-planet masters had devised.

In addition they were aware of and served a Divine Plan for a worldwide transformational shift at the end of the cycle in Earth’s history that closes on winter solstice, Dec. 21, 2012. They set about to curb the dark forces and to prepare us for that global shift.

In this they were opposed by the shadow government and its military forces. But the friendly galactics, along with Earth’s own spiritual hierarchy of ascended masters and celestials, have drawn a line in the sand and stopped the Illuminati from winning in their program of enslavement.

We see around us Illuminati structures falling in the military, finance, media, education, medicine, religion and all other institutions that the Illuminati controlled. The galactics have informed us through channeled messages, which is their favored way of communicating with us (not our favored way), that they intend to bring in a global prosperity program once the Illuminati have been dislodged and prepare us for our global shift.

But the Illuminati have hidden the existence of the galactics and the galactics follow the universal laws which say that they cannot force themselves on us. So we’ve been in a stalemate as far as the Disclosure of the galactic presence around our planet has been concerned.

Now because lightworkers on the Internet, in discussion groups, and on conference circuits have said “no” to the continuation of the cover-up, it’s about to rapidly fall apart.  Lightworkers stand now one day away from a meeting between terrestrials and extraterrestrials aboard the mothership, the Neptune, the flagship of  President Grener of the Intergalactic Council.

As incredible as it sounds, this meeting has been brokered by an archangel, one known to us from his actions on behalf of our ancestors in the Bible and universally known for his other benevolent deeds, and that is Archangel Michael.

Though many raise their eyebrows that such a thing is possible, we lightworkers have now succeeded in bringing the matter of Disclosure to world attention. We’ve broken through the barriers to Disclosure. You who stand a day away from the meeting with extraterrestrials aboard their ships are the wayshowers and pathfinders of a new generation. You succeeded in doing what no other generation has been able to do so far – to break through the curtain of silence.

So I salute you and I ask that people visiting this site (The 2012 Scenario) not go away failing to see what you, what we all, are doing here. We’ve stood up to the dark forces. We’ve risked our lives, our fortunes, and our reputations to bring this matter of ET/UFO Disclosure before the public. We stand on the brink of succeeding in holding an epoch-making event, a rendezvous and meeting with people from other galactic civilizations.

Tomorrow history will be made and all of us here, those going and those holding the space for the rest of us, have had a hand in making it. The genie can never again be put back in the bottle. The secret is out. We are not alone in this universe. We share it with other human and non-human life forms, most ever more civilized and wiser than we are.

And we are about to open that new book and begin a new life as a global society. Nothing can stop us now. We’re bringing down the curtain on an old way of life and raising it on a new. Tomorrow the New Age starts and you have had a hand in starting it.

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  1. I anxiously hold my breath waiting for the good news of your journey. I have known this day would come and I pray it truly does happen. The time has come to end this charade of deceit and falsities. I send love and compassion to those that have stifled us I harbor no anger nor resentment. In fact I thank them for showing us what we are all capable of without love and light in our hearts. Travel bravely my brothers and sisters and tell them Nathan says hi and give them a BIG hug from my wife and I.

    Be well and Be aware

  2. Well it seems only the people from the West invited and third world is not even allowed in the back of the space ship.

    This unfair deal will never happen.

  3. This is the day I have been waiting for since I discovered we had family among the stars. It just so happens I’m off of work Saturday and Sunday and been sending messages to beloveds Grener and Michael. I fully intend on taking part in this journey on the Neptune tommorrow! 🙂

  4. I just found Steve’s website “accidentally” …of course 🙂 about 6 months ago. I have visited with “the others” several times during my dream time and we corresonded telepathically. Wen I wake in the mornings, I am never allowed to recall our “conversations” except for once I recall they spoke in a strange language and I asked if they knew English…to which the being spoke to me in same. All I can remember is being told that I will remember what transpired when the time is right for my part in it. Therefore, I did not ask to participate in tomorrow’s Neptune trip. I’ll just bide my time. I went out tonight and looked up into the beautiful, clear night and I can pick out all of the ships looking down at us! So many out there tonight…I filled with emotion as my heart cried out “AT LAST!” Dare to be different and speak your truth. We are, indeed, a Brave, New World upcoming! Keep on keeping on!! We’re gonna make it!!!!

    Love to All,

  5. how about a livestream transmission from onboard for all interested to tune in?

  6. Steve, Linda, et all! Patience is being called for now. After silently listening to the ‘beehive’ of chatter on the conference call this morning…I was amazed at the inability of the callers to hush when asked to. How would they react when aboard the Neptune!!! They were rude and self absorbed. Humanity must learn to be calm, to listen and use wisdom. Fortunately as Linda began the mute button was activated. The love pouring from Mother Mary, AAM and Grener caused swelling within my heart. Each spoke to us individually as family members. Each of us must not confuse this ‘joy ride’ with going to Disneyland. Our lives will be changed forever. We will not look at each other or Gaia in the same way again. Step by step we will grow toward Ascension fully knowing our true roles. This is a fascinating journey with many who came here to help us awaken. Grener knows how best this will work for this point in time. To question his reasons would not be in our best interest. We are the ‘guests’, remember?
    May I suggest that the first group be Steve, Linda, Blossom, Suzanne S, Suzie W. and Russ Michael. They would be non-biased and report to us with eloquence in truth. In other words, their writings would be accepted with Love.
    Just a thought Steve. Let the ‘homecoming’ begin! We are ALL ONE sharing separate personalitites. Vasu, Claudette ^jj^

  7. Im so sorry for steve! that man is really trying to do the best he can and trust the chaneller or the one she is channeling. In my opinion for a culture of many thousands of year experience coudnt think of all the so called problem a week ago? If steve wants to have evidence he could bring home, cant they send it to him? Im sorry but maybe i cant say this. Taking steve is 100% real in what he is doing etc, i misstrust linda or i misstrust the one she channels it looks more and more its the darkside from whatever is trying to let us believe les and less.
    We have been lyed for many eons and finally ‘people from the lovecouncil’ breaking there word over and over again? sorry for you steve and the people who work hard for this but step back steve or you will get very unhappy if u get played like this.

    Lots of real love from Holland

    PS: no more lies!! to many to long

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