Jeshua Ben Joseph: When Judgment is Set Aside, Appropriate Responses Can Be Determined

Channeled by John Smallman

January 22, 2012

As you watch the dramatic evolutionary changes in people’s behavior occurring all over the world, you cannot be unaware of the effects that those changes are causing.

For some decades now, many of you have been seeking peace, hoping for peace, praying for peace, and because of that, your own attitudes and behaviors have become far more peaceful. This has made space available for you to withdraw from spontaneous judgment in your dealings with others, and this encouraged them to do likewise.

When judgment is set aside or avoided, actions and situations may be observed dispassionately, allowing an appropriate response to be determined which is suitable to the occasion or circumstances.

Many of the problems and issues that demand your attention and resolution have largely been caused by inappropriate and instinctive reactions due to misunderstanding of another’s intent, frequently involving different languages, dialects, and cultures. This has been aggravated by the accelerating pace of life over the last hundred years, which has resulted in an apparent shortage of time in which to fully assess the consequences of actions that seemingly need to be taken without delay.

As increasing numbers of you learn to move into your place of inner peace, fewer of these aggressively spontaneous and unwise responses occur, leading to a big reduction in the number of confrontational situations that previously might well have caused conflict.

In spite of the fast and demanding pace of modern life, many are now learning to take time out, thus reducing their stress levels, and allowing them to discover that many of the “shoulds” that were driving them can be safely let go of without causing disaster. This of course places them more securely into their place of peace from which all their needs and issues can be dealt with far more easily, as the pressure under which they have been living eases considerably.

People operating from their place of inner peace – the center of themselves through which God’s Love flows abundantly – are peaceful, kind, and compassionate, and the influence that they have on others is enormously beneficial to all. They spread an energy that is calming, accepting, and welcoming to all around them that others find freeing and uplifting, and which contributes to a general sense of well-being.

All of you bearers of the Light – anyone who reads or hears of this here, or elsewhere, and resonates with it – are sharing and extending this energy to all with whom you interact, even if you are unaware of it. And this is why you are here at this point in humanity’s evolution. Humanity is evolving spiritually, as divinely planned, very rapidly indeed now in preparation for its awakening, and what you are doing to enable and assist this process would amaze you if you could see it. Every one of you has an essential role to play in bringing this stage of the divine plan to fruition, and each one of you is doing it magnificently. Without you it could not be done!

Nevertheless, because it is God’s Will, it cannot in any way fail to be brought to an utterly successful conclusion, which is why the essential tasks that you have undertaken cannot defeat you. You will complete them perfectly, regardless of any doubts or anxieties you may have about your abilities to do so, because you are divinely supported in every moment.

Move forwards along your paths with total confidence in the knowledge that you will be shown in each moment exactly what is required of you, and that all the assistance you need to enable you to take the next step will be provided precisely when you need it. You are all divinely loved, honored, and cherished for who you are – God’s beloved children – and for the tasks that you have undertaken with such dedication and enthusiasm. You are on your way Home to receive your honors, and to revel in the ensuing celebrations.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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