Archangel Uriel: Celebrate Your Failures

Uriel via Jennifer Hoffman

Is it possible that the greatest reasons to celebrate are in the form of what you
would call a failure, those things that did not end as you expected or become the
fulfillment of a hope or desire? How can you be happy about something that causes
you sorrow and whose outcome means that you must re-create a part of your journey
or find another path for your life because the one you have been on is finished?
That which you call a failure is actually an expression of your soul’s healing
if you understand its true meaning and value.

The meaning of a failure can be found in alignment because what you cannot create
what you are not aligned with. In the past you may have been able to create a version
of it but as you increase your vibrations you will notice that your failures come
more quickly and with greater intensity. This is because you are being guided to
follow the path of alignment, that which is aligned with your energy, your soul’s
desire for your highest good and greatest energetic expression. When you intend
to be powerful, anything that is not an expression of that power is removed from
your field of potential.


The value of failure is disconnection from energies that do not serve you, from
karmic cycles and the repetition of past behaviors. All that you know emanates from
your past, other lifetimes, your karmic history and cellular memory. The highest
expressions of your energy represent the path of the unknown and it will unfold
with your intention. As you fail at one thing and release it with detachment, joy
and forgiveness, you allow a higher expression of your energy to come forward and
become part of your reality.


Every failure is confirmation that your energy is no longer at that level and within
those possibilities. There are higher potentials and energies available to you and
you will invite them to become your reality when you can bless your failures and
release them, knowing that this is how your soul advises you that you are no longer
able to create at that level. It is also an invitation to expand your awareness
of yourself, your dreams, desires and to embrace a higher potential. So celebrate
your failures, be grateful for them because they are showing you that all is well,
you are on the path of transformation and that another reality is waiting for you
to create it.


Uriel channeled  by Jennifer Hoffman

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