Jeshua ben Joseph: Many Events Are Set to Unfold

Jeshua ben Joseph via John Smallman

January 1, 2012

2012 will be a year of changes and surprises, some unsettling, but many uplifting and inspiring. As the year progresses, many events are set to unfold which will demonstrate very clearly that a large number of people are successfully and effectively releasing themselves from the bondage of fear and from the unloving attitudes fear encourages. Humanity cannot and will not now slip back into the old ways that led to repression, conflict, and war. You are on a magnificent evolutionary path, motivated by love and compassion for all beings, and you will not be turned back or diverted from it.

Needless to say, there are still many who favor the old ways and hope to continue using them to prevent humanity from making changes that are essential for your spiritual evolution, but they will not succeed. Their power and influence are declining rapidly, much to their surprise and dismay. They are in a state of confusion, are unable, and will remain unable, to resolve their many points of disagreement, making it impossible for them to continue holding the reins of power with which they have controlled so many for so long. Their disarray will lead to their collapse, and people of honor and integrity will move into positions of leadership to contain and resolve the many damaging crises that have been causing so much suffering worldwide.

Attitudes are changing all over the world as realization dawns on more and more of you that the old ways of threat, bluff, confrontation, and dishonesty in attempting to repair and heal damaged relationships are totally ineffective. This has always been the case, but now people are finally saying “There must be a better way!”, and they are discovering that indeed there is – open honest discussion which includes full disclosure of the needs and desires of all parties with absolutely no hidden agendas. When discussions take place in this kind of atmosphere, with all working compassionately and empathetically together, there are truly no insoluble problems anywhere on the planet,

A time of great opportunity for all on earth to move into life-styles with which they resonate completely is approaching, because the loving attitudes that so many of you have now adopted make it inconceivable that anyone would be coerced into doing work which is unsuited to them. Additionally, abilities, skills, talents, and competencies will no longer be judged competitively, so there will be no authoritarian hierarchical organizations where respect and honor is paid to the position held. Instead all will be equally honored and respected, regardless of job title or qualification, solely for who they are – beloved children of God, and sisters and brothers to each other.

The divisiveness of the old ways is ending. All on the planet deserve loving acceptance and respect without judgment or evaluation of their skills, their position in the community or organization, their race, their culture, their beliefs, or their life-styles. And because you are releasing your old unloving and divisive attitudes this will occur easily and spontaneously, as all sense of threat or disapproval disappears, to be replaced by fascination and a desire to understand and, when appropriate, engage with unfamiliar cultures and beliefs, instead of avoiding them.

These changes will inspire amazing creative ventures in which all who feel attracted to them can take part. All will be encouraged and assisted to develop skills and competencies in any field that appeals to them, and there will be mentors available to guide and inspire all to uncover and develop skills and talents which previously had lain hidden within them. A new age full of amazing and brilliant creative ideas and concepts is dawning, in which all will be able to participate effectively and competently, and this will give rise to unprecedented happiness and satisfaction everywhere on the planet.

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