Galactic Federation & Spiritual Hierarchy: Major Events Are About to Commence

Galactic Federation & Spiritual Hierarchy via Sheldan Nidle

Dratzo! We return! Much continues to happen across your world. The global movement toward freedom is strengthening each day, and even the military challenges experienced by many in their pursuit of justice can only temporarily delay the inevitable. A huge upwelling of consciousness has swept across your globe and is ready to advance in earnest upon the forces of the dark. We have watched this Light-energy gather strength throughout the past Gregorian year and remain steadfast in the face of the deplorable militarism resorted to by the dark. This freedom rally has presented each of you with the opportunity to show your deep disapproval of the dark’s agenda, with their determination to escape accountability for their illegal and pernicious schemes. Several governments and wealthy, interested parties joined with your Ascended Masters to drive the dark from your world, and now, many organizations, both private and public, have convened to work out the scope of this movement. Together with Agarthan and our support you are most assuredly approaching a grand success!

While all this is going on, the foundations for new governance and a new economic system have been laid. A grand coalition is forming out of its beginnings on your Internet and is now using its newfound abilities to structure an across-the-board solution to your myriad difficulties. It is paramount that you maintain your powerful focus, thus demonstrating to the dark that even its most elaborate of schemes cannot and will not be allowed to succeed. A new force has arisen! It is to be seen in the skies above you and in the growing intuitive wisdom of your collective hearts. It is known to your Ascended Masters as the energy of Love and Spirit, and when these two elements converge they form a most powerful instrument. It is this unfathomable energy that is powering all that you and Heaven are manifesting. A new reality is piercing through the rubble and decay of the old order, and this is sometimes hard for you to perceive on a daily basis as you live deep in the thick of this transformation.

It is also a challenge for you to sense the sheer immensity of what this energy is achieving. You are witnessing nothing less than the greatest coming-together in 13 millennia of your history. Far from the post-apocalyptic hell planned for you by the dark, it will be a new age of Light and full consciousness. The old-order juggernaut is collapsing in on itself and has not long to go, and still the dark is grabbing at straws to save itself. From deep within the dying structure, Light is gestating new life and preparing to give birth in an exuberant flurry of creativity. Indeed, this flurry can already be perceived at the grass-roots while the economy and its corrupt, sclerotic government twin are manifestly in their death twitches. Waiting to surge into the vacuum are new governance and new spiritually oriented abundance programs, designed to flesh out the collective urge for basic freedoms and personal sovereignty. Within this framework your Ascended Masters have set up a template to lead you to reunion with your Agarthan and Space families, and thereafter, the entire lineages of Heaven are to make themselves known to you.

This time is upon you now. This is the moment when the ‘sweetness of the soul’ known as full consciousness once more embraces you. Our mission is to take you to this moment and then swiftly train you in the requisite etiquette of this state of being. You will then be ready to take your place among the multitudes of physical Angels who are in service to the unfoldment of the divine plan. In this galaxy we have formed ourselves into a comity of star-nations called the Galactic Federation of Light. This sacred union has a specific task: to bring Light to this galaxy. This it has done. The next task is to bring Light to physicality, in concert with all the other Beings who form the grand lineages of Heaven and physicality. It is in this task that you are destined to shine! We are here to assist in your return to your true state and then to seek your counsel on how best to carry out this immense and consequential commission. You are in fact under the aegis of the divine edicts and decrees of Lord Surea! Much is expected of those to whom much is given.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We return, dear Souls, with news of what our various associates are accomplishing worldwide. The preliminary requirements for funding the St. Germaine global Trust are completed! We expect this disbursement momentarily. We have also asked if the steps to legally remove several governments are finished, and the reply was in the affirmative. As a result we are liaising with the Agarthans and the Galactic Federation to firm up a date for disclosure. The galactics, as per previous agreements, have positioned a number of ships to back up the governmental transitions, and the accompanying arrest procedures are being reviewed by the law enforcement agencies in these governments. The time has come for the long-anticipated first domino. Let this sacred moment deliver all that we have been patiently working toward!

As we step onto this sacred watershed, let us give Blessings to those who have so diligently used their resources and courage to give this world its long-overdue deliverance. You have lived under the tyrannical boot of the dark for 13 millennia, so use this Heaven-sent time to secure the reign of Light forever! We are simply servants of the Light and garner our knowledge from this sacred service. The dark has taught us well, and we intend to use this wisdom to free the myriad populations that exist throughout physicality. This will not be done by physical force but by the collective divine Will that we possess. As the Light expands it is reinforced and sustained by Heaven and the infinite Beings of the Light. You are to join these Blessed Ones in forming a vast collective that is to transform all of physicality!

This mission lies ahead for all of us once we have completed the return of this reality to full consciousness. It merely requires that we come together and use our inner focus to transform ourselves back into full consciousness, and here our space family will provide us with technology and mentoring as needed. This reality will undergo a transformation which will benefit the innumerable ecosystems that make up the immense bio-diversity that sustains life on Earth. This will be greatly augmented by the shift in consciousness and thus a new, truly alive reality will be born. These new ecosystems will extend to Inner Earth and to all parts of the surface world, making Gaia whole once more, and then bridges to the other water-worlds can be reinstated. This remodeled solar/star-nation is to be the responsibility of its fully conscious human and cetacean citizens!

Today, we talked about developments taking place on your world. The new reality being born necessitates your move into full consciousness. In becoming physical Angels for this new star-nation, you are preparing to be part of a vast enterprise which is to spread the Light throughout physicality! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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