Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 67

By Aisha North


The times they are a changing – in more ways than one. As we have already touched upon, your sense of time is certainly changing, and all for a good reason. The timelines have converged, and for the first time, humanity can choose to immerse themselves in an entirely new timeline, unfettered by the limitation of the old one. For many of you, the new timeline has already started to be apparent, and this will of course bring with it all sorts of challenges. It is not easy to diverge from the kind of rigorous timeline you all were set up with at birth. For us, there are no such problems, because we live in a world where the concept of time is a very fluent and malleable one, and as such we have all ample experience in floating around in the space and time continuum. For you, it is a very different matter. It will be like driving a new car, were all of the controls differ in some manner from the ones you are used to, but just as you can get used to a new car fairly quickly, so too will the new concept of time ease itself into your life.

At first, the only signals that something is new will be a strong feeling that you are at odds with the way other people regard time. To you, the length of a day or the date on the calendar will seem to be out of synch with the way you perceive them, and this will only escalate as the timelines starts to move apart. In other words, the new timeline was placed as to be almost simultaneous with the old, so the disruption between the two would be small enough to enable a human being to straddle both. But now, they will be literally pulled further apart, and only those who have chosen to attach themselves to the new one will be able to perceive it. It may sound strange, but you will soon see for yourselves just how much your lives will be touched by the fact that you have become part of this new timeline, and how it will separate you even further from those still holding on to the old. On the outside, much will seem to be the same, but your perception will alter radically, and you will see ever clearer just how much a hindrance the old timeline is for the rest of humanity. Remember, it is used to cement the feeling of helplessness, and to keep everyone trapped by the idea that they live a linear life, where birth and a certain death limits everything. As soon as you have left this old timeline behind, you will start to see just how limitless you are, and for you, time is no longer a hindrance, only an asset. This will bring about many other insights, but for now, let us just say that you will finally get to see just how little of your potential you have had access to up until now.

The diverging of the timelines will as we said impart a whole new reality on your life. It does not entail that you vanish from the surface of the earth, far from it, but you will indeed feel very distant from the so-called reality the rest of humanity still lingers in. Let us explain. As we said, there are now in effect to parallel worlds, one that contains all of those still unawakened, and one that has been set up to accomodate those that have decided to continue their ascension process. These two worlds may seem to be one on the surface, but as we have explained previously, other timelines are closely interwoven into each other, and the distance between them from a physical perspective is indeed minuscule. Therefore, you will feel that you are threading on the same ground as the rest of the people around you, but you are in effect not doing so. It is like the old world still lingers on in your field of vision, almost like a thin crust superimposed on the new world. This is because you cannot be transported to a brand new world in one fell swoop as many have expected to be, almost like the rapture described in your religious scriptures. This process is in fact almost the same, but the realities of it are nothing like the dramatic effect attributed to this by so many visionaries. It is much more of a gradual process, but rest asssured that once you have taken that step across the divide and into the new, that is where you will be at home from now on. The old world will still exist, and you will be able to switch back and forth between them for quite a while yet, until the increased vibration in your own field makes the process too uncomfortable.
We are well aware that for the majority of you, this going back and forth will be very important, as you are still very much linked to the old world in many ways, either by close friends and family or other such obligations, or in many other aspects such as financially. Please remember that these connection cannot and will not be severed abruptly, and you cannot expect to be released from each and every burden that you still carry with you that are caused by these old-world connections. However, it is time to prepare yourselves for the day that they will be severed, and also time to prepare yourselves from what will take it´s place once you have completed the transition period. Again, timing is everything, and we are well aware that for many, a total release from all of the old shackles cannot come soon enough, but this is a process that needs to be taken in increments and cannot be forced.

What does this separation process entail? Let us give you a few examples. This is as already stated a gradual process, and for many of you, the old world and all of it´s connotations will already seem to be like a kind of dream, or as something you watch in fascination on the television. The state of your planet will feel like a kind of drama, put together to amuse and to engage many of the baser instincts in mankind, a place where many suffer, and peace and prosperity for all seems to be very far off. You will find that you feel more and more detached from all of this, as if it does no longer concern you, but is only a show put on for the masses. This does not mean that you will be a cold person, unable to feel compassion with the rest of mankind, far from it. No, it will only mean that you have once and for all seen through the glare of the so-called reality and seen it for what it really is: just an illusion, a real-life drama enacted by millions of people unaware that they are mere players in an endless game of power and greed orchestrated by those hell bent on amusing themselves and enriching themselves by manipulating others. You will understand that this drama has been going on for eons, and now, the time has finally come to extract yourself from it. In other words, leave the stage over to those still willing to play in that game. For you, the life will finally become real, as from now on, it is you who decide the outcome, not the puppeteers hidden behind the stage pulling all of the strings.

To many, this will sound very callous, and they cannot fathom how mankind can prosper if you let go of the belief that you can save the rest of the world if you shine enough light on it. Again, remember that your light will indeed continue to shine on the rest of humanity, but it will do so ever stronger as you have detached yourself from the drama, and have found a place on higher ground from where you will be able to shine that light wider than before. You will in other words keep on doing the job you are here to do, namely to ensure that your light grows ever brighter, so that for those still trapped in the old drama, it will be more and more distinct, and if they choose to do so, they can use your light to pick their own way off that stage, rip off the manipulators strings and step into the same freedom as you live in.

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