Cold Fusion at Home Depot?

Greg Scott, Conscious Life News, 02-1-03-2012

Andrea Rossi, the new father of cold fusion, which is actually a Low Energy Nuclear Reactor, hopes to have his E-cat air conditioning and thermal energy in millions of homes by the end of 2012 and is in talks with Home Depot for distribution, according to a recent interview on (download here).

“To work in this field you have to be absolutely non-reactive towards controversy,” said Rossi on the Ca$h Flow show with James Martinez.  According to Rossi it was the research of Pons and Fleischmann that sparked his passion for cold fusion.  He carried out thousands of failed attempts but “something like instinct” kept him going until he achieved his goal.

Rossi, a no-nonsense character adds, “This is the only thing that counts.  I absolutely do not care about all the meaningless noise that surrounds this kind of work.”

He expects the units to be available at Home Depot in the fall of 2012 at a price range of about $1,000 to $1,500, will last about 30 years, and can cut the price of household energy by about one-sixth.  The unit pays for itself within months.

Rossi encourages the existing workforce to be actively involved in E-cat installation.  The E-cat can be installed in parallel with existing heating systems and Rossi’s corporation will work with existing contractors that already maintain your residence.

To view video, click here.



Photo:  mcveja Flickr Photostream Creative Commons 2.0

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