St. Germaine: The New Era of Channeling

Saint Germaine via Ute

My dear Ones,

I AM St. Germain!

There are obviously several people who claim to channel my messages. This has also lead to the believe that some messages are not from me, because they differ in characteristic, color and emphasis.

However you all need to consider that each one of my channelers have themselves certain  characteristics, belief-systems and colors of feeling and understanding – a whole variety of individual expressions.
If there would be entities who would channel me exactly as to what my own personal characteristics are, these entities would have to let themselves completely  go and step aside, in order to let me in. It would require a full-trance medium to convey me exactly as I Am.

But this is not necessary. It is not necessary that each of those, who channel me, become such a full trance-medium, especially not at this time of planetary evolution, where it is about your own most profound characteristics and gifts to reveal themselves!

To act as a full-trance medium would mean for them to let go their own evolutionary process. And this is not something I wish to impose on you.

What I prefer is to collaborate with my channelers, whereby they fully participate in the process of channeling. All my channelers, I have chosen to speak for me, are expressing a part of my own Divine Consciousness and I choose accordingly a certain channeler to convey a message, they themselves vibrate harmoniously  with.

This channeling is the new form of transmission, as they participate with me on their own conscious level, you could say: in a form of partnership! The times of absolute “authority”, which is the sign of a 3dimensional consciousness, are over, as it is all about co-creational processes.

This must be so, as my channels are themselves conscious and mature spiritual beings, which enables them to convey my messages, wich express and make conscious sometimes to themselves what they already know in their deepest being, as they are awakening to their full nature.

Because of all these reasons I highly welcome the fact that there are souls who are willing to work with me. They, as I do, are expressions of many levels of consciousness in different dimensions and timelines, and when I meet with each of them, we, at that time, share the wisdom which is brought to the reader.

This is a form of new collaboration, a collaboration which is the sign of the new era of awakening and enlightenment.

All the channels, I have chosen, know me on a very intimate level, they know my energy and the service I Am here to provide for the sake of the awakening of humanity. In the same way I choose a channel according to their  own characteristics and preferences and I choose a channel for a certain message to reach a certain group of receivers  of the messages.

There is no message which is meant to serve all together, because everybody is on its personal journey on a different level of their evolutionary process.

And so I also choose my channels to reach a certain group of people, and they know, that we speak exactly to them because they simply resonate. And this is all what it is about.

We are all one great group-consciousness, in which each of us participates in their own characteristic way.

As long as the Source Consciousness is not realized, which is the Source of all arising characteristics of beings and things, we are to tolerate and celebrate the many varieties and differences and educate and support their growth and understanding who they really are: a Divine Creation and Multidimensional Beings. In that way the  Creator emerges as Himself in and as all beings.

I Am myself not an “Absolute” Entity, whose knowledge is likewise “absolute” and strictly to be followed. All what we, my channels and I convey, is an offering to those who resonate. It is always my intention and that of my channels (the reason why I chose them) to inspire you and lift you up, to support your ascension process.

The era of the new way of “channeling” has begun, my beloveds. This might be at first a challenge for some of you, as it provokes your own self-responsibility and the dawning of your own deepest self-understanding as a galactic being. And so it is also a sign of the growing spirit and maturity of humanity, at least of those who agreed in their life-contract to be part of the ascension process by supporting humanity’s ascension and that of your planetary Mother, Gaia.

This message is intended to awaken you, dearest ones, to your own inherent freedom of your Soul and to understand that humanity is – with all the varieties and differences –  One in the  Zero-Point Field of their Divine I AM Consciousness.

With love and high appreciation,

I AM St. Germain

Message conveyed by Ute

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