Jeshua Ben Joseph: The Times of War and Struggle are Drawing To a Close

Jeshua Ben Joseph through John Smallman October 2, 2011

Waiting creates anxiety: “Will what is waited for arrive?  Will it be late?  Was it early? Did we miss it?”  So don’t wait!  Get on with living, and pay attention to each moment as it occurs, accepting it and working with it, so that you learn the lessons it brings easily and quickly.

You all have lessons to learn before the grand awakening, and they are being presented rapidly and clearly so that you may deal with them and move on.  As you do so, you will feel an increasing sense of lightness and well-being as though a heavy weight had been lifted from your shoulders; and your zest for life will intensify as tiredness and depression fall away.

The way to awakening – the path Home – is now brightly illuminated, for you are moving out of the dark places of gloom and fear as you hold my hand and walk with me towards the Light.  I have always been with you and ready to help you, but frequently you became distracted, slipped your hand from mine and turned away.  Now, however, you are no longer doing that, and so we can make faster and more direct progress towards our divine destination – the one you have been seeking for eons, and at which our arrival is divinely assured.

There are many traveling with us because it is to be a grand homecoming, and there are many more who will greet us most warmly on our arrival at the end of our long and demanding journey.

Deep within you, you know that you are all members of a great and joyful crowd returning triumphantly together to an eternal celebration, and it is this knowledge that is giving you the ceaseless motivation to complete the journey.  There have indeed been times when it seemed that you had set yourselves an impossible task; nevertheless, you sought my help and the help of myriad other wonderful guides and teachers who have ensured that you had all the help and encouragement you needed to complete the journey.

As you approach the journey’s end, you will find our numbers swelling as more and more choose to awaken and return Home; and as our numbers grow so does our enthusiasm and determination.  We are unstoppable because we see the Light of Heaven beckoning us onwards, and it is irresistible!

You have been on this journey for a long time, and at first you had great difficulty in deciding which way to go, and so you made many changes of direction as you sought guidance, received it, and then often rejected it and lost your way.  Now you are firmly established on the right path and you cannot and will not be misguided or diverted, for you can see the lights leading to your destination.

This is a time of great significance because never before have so many embraced and put into practice the loving attitudes that demonstrate unequivocally that all are one.  And as this mighty demonstration continues and intensifies it becomes more and more difficult, in fact impossible, for anyone to deny that humanity is casting off its belief in conflict and separation, and is reaffirming its state of oneness, of unity, and thereby recognizing that the thoughts, words, and actions of each one do indeed affect all.

Therefore, for peace to reign, all must be peaceful.  Peace cannot be imposed by act of will or by force of arms; it must be willingly embraced and willingly maintained by each for all.  And awareness of this is growing and strengthening all across the planet, in spite of the contrary views that are being maintained, albeit with great difficulty, in a few areas of the world.

The times of war and struggle are rapidly drawing to a close as the desire for universal peace intensifies and the insanity of violence and armed conflict becomes apparent to all.  Peace will roll in as arms are laid down, and intelligent, compassionate, and respectful negotiations take place between all belligerent parties.  Peace will prevail because you all desire it. It is to be a great evolutionary step forward for humanity.

Your loving brother, Jesus

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