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How to See the Good, Even in Your Most Challenging Situations

HJ: It’s tempting to think and believe that life is happening to you, when the reality is that it’s dynamically interacting with you. That means there is a silver lining even in the…


13 Highly Effective Ways to Teach Yourself to Be More Confident

HJ: Every time we are faced with a decision, we can affirm confidence, inspiration, passion and adventure or fear, insecurity, doubt and distrust.  Ultimately it is these day to day decisions that shape…


How to Make Good Decisions Even When You’re Feeling Stuck and Not Sure What To Do

HJ: We’ve all been there… stuck between a rock and hard place — our backs forced against the wall… needing to make a big decision with life-changing implications and despite countless hours of…

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Here’s How to Never Regret Another Day (Or Moment) of Your Life

HJ: We regret things only because we don’t understand or see the lesson they have to teach us.  Until we embrace that lesson, our regrets will continue to haunt us and cause unnecessary…


How to Get Crystal Clear Clarity on Your Life Purpose

HJ: The subject of vision has continually reared its head in my life over the last few weeks.  Not one to ignore a ‘sign from the universe’, I have been meditating and reflecting…


How to Transform Any Crisis, Loss or Change Into An Opportunity For Personal Growth

HJ: Crisis, Loss and change are some of our biggest opportunities for personal growth and spiritual advancement.  Dr. Ronald Alexander walks you through the process of learning how to leverage the potential of these…


Why Motivation Doesn’t Work and How to Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To Anyways

HJ: Trying to stay motivated is like trying to keep a bucket with a hole in it filled with water.  It’s basically futile because it doesn’t address the root of the problem, which…


Turning Problems Into Opportunities: How to See the Potential For Growth in Every Situation

HJ: One of the fundamental concepts that anyone on the spiritual path must understand is that you will see in the world, yourself and others whatever is that you choose to focus on….


How To Eliminate the Hidden Fears Keeping You From Reaching Your Highest Potential

HJ: Until we face and work through them, we all have hidden — yet still consciously accessible — fears that in some way are keeping us from being happier/healthier/more successful/ or reaching our…


How to Break Through Your Inner Limitations and Realize Your Full Potential

HJ: You are the only one keeping yourself from realizing your full potential.  As soon as you wish to transcend your limitations, you can do so.  It really is as simple as that….

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