How Manifestation Works at a Core Level: How to Use Your Higher Spiritual Abilities to Create What You Need

HJ: Manifestation is an artform and one that requires the lens of perception to turn inward rather than outward.  A true manifestation happens in perfect divine timing, meaning that the demands and constraints…


Unlocking the Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Understanding the Meaning and Benefits of Mystical Symbols

HJ: The philosophy and science behind sacred geometry is absolutely fascinating and few have explained it as simply and beautifully as David Weitzman does in this illuminating piece.  Sacred Geometry permeates literally everything…


Understanding the Energy of Food: How to Receive Greater Health and Nutrition From Everything You Eat

HJ: Plants, which eventually become our food, as living, breathing things, have an aura — just as we do. This aura can be considered the energetic signature of a given food or plant and…

Why Most People Fail to See The Aura and How to Learn to See It

HJ: Learning to see the Aura is like riding a bike — it takes skill and practice that is developed through trial and error. It may be a bit more frustrating and slightly…


How to Balance the Human Energy Field With Assemblage Point Therapy

HJ: Just like all protons have a cloud of electrons which encircle them, so too does the human body have an energy field surrounding it.  After all, the body is composed at a…


Going Beyond the Chakras: Understanding the Five Koshas and Their Role in Health, Healing and Higher Consciousness

HJ: The Koshas give us a complete template for the expression of consciousness in physical form.  Developed thousands of years ago by the master Swami’s, Mystics, Seers and Rishi’s of ancient Hindu culture…


How to Activate Your Higher Nature: Understanding the Interplay of Sacred Geometry, DNA and Cymatics

HJ: The sister sciences of sacred geometry and cymatics hold the keys to unlocking many aspects of higher consciousness and by succession, our DNA as well.  Their widespread use throughout history in the…


The 11 Keys to Manifesting Your Highest Potential

HJ: We all have a destiny, but that does not mean that our life is predetermined.  Our destiny is essentially our highest potential — our highest expression of ourself in a given lifetime….


50 Profound Quotes That Will Inspire You to Live With Greater Passion

HJ: Profound quotes have a way of cutting through all the extraneous material in our life and getting right to the core of the matter.  They literally grab us by the collar and…


Understanding Where We Are in The Grand Cycles of Time That Govern the Rise and Fall of Consciousness in the Universe

HJ: When looking at the grand cycles of time that we exist in, it becomes very easy to determine where we are collectively headed, especially in terms of consciousness.  It is not widely…

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