HJ: There is an art to tapping into your intuition that once mastered allows you to receive unlimited guidance, inspiration and creative ability in your life.  It is not terribly difficult to do either.  It simply requires you to deeply and completely trust yourself.

We have been taught by our scientifically oriented society to trust only the physical/material world — that which can be seen and felt.  The inner realms of the mind, we are told, are suspect because science doesn’t yet understand them fully and so doesn’t really acknowledge their validity and in the case of intuition, accuracy.  However, the truth is that this inner guidance — your intuition — is the guiding voice of your soul, constantly urging you towards the expression of you highest form of existence.  Following your intuition is liberating, as you learn to trust that you are indeed being guided and can do no wrong if you stay true to your inner messages.  It is only when we forget this, or in the case of science, learn to ignore and doubt it, that we go awry.

The article below will help you reconnect with and tap into your intuition.  There are quite a few powerful and highly effective techniques presented that provide a shortcut to gaining a high degree of mastery over this essential inner wisdom.  Read, learn, grow and express your highest self.

– Truth

The Art of Intuition

From Ananda.org

First, let’s talk about the importance of high energy. Just as the flow of electricity in a wire creates a magnetic field, so too our thoughts produce a flow of energy that creates a magnetic field. The strength and quality of this energy determines the clarity as well as the kinds of answers we receive. If I want to write a piece of music, for example, I try to tune in to a musical feeling, and then with great energy ask the superconscious for a melody. In this way I’ve been able to compose hundreds of pieces of music quite quickly and easily.

Remember the superconscious mind is solution-oriented. You, too, must be solution-oriented to draw guidance, and you must have the courage to ask. Try to free your mind from the static of doubt, and strongly hold the thought, “There is an answer, and it will come to me if I seek in the right way.” This is what Jesus meant when he said, “Pray believing.” When we energetically offer our thoughts to the superconscious level with confidence that the answer will be there, true guidance readily comes.

Another important point is to always pose questions to the superconscious in a positive way. Don’t say as though anticipating a failure, “Why don’t I get an answer?” This negative kind of approach actually tends to paralyze the flow of intuition. Rather say with expectancy, “The answer is…,” and you’ll find that the solution will be there. When there is confidence, patience, and positive determination the right answer will come in time.

Even with the best efforts, however, we don’t always get a clear answer. What can we do then? Start by becoming inwardly calm, and trying to get yourself out of the way. Strongly hold the thought that you don’t have any preferences about which answer you’re going to receive. If you want to get true guidance, it’s important that there be no attachment to a particular response or any desire to influence the outcome.

Then pose various options, and see which feels right. Try to visualize the alternatives as distinctly as possible, because if your thoughts aren’t clear, then you won’t get a clear answer either. Put a great deal of will power into visualizing the different options, and one will emerge with strong positive energy around it.

In this process it’s important to be as impartial as possible. When you hold up alternatives to the superconscious mind, don’t put your bet secretly on one choice over another. When the answer comes, even if it’s not the “horse” you bet on, have the courage to follow it. After receiving inner guidance, many people will reject the outcome, saying, “I didn’t want that one.” Over time this attitude will constrict the flow of guidance you receive.

There was a cartoon of somebody calling up to heaven, “Is anybody up there?” A voice thundered down from the clouds, “Yes, my child, I am here.” Then the person asked, “What should I do with my life?” The answer came, “I want you to live an honest and chaste life.” The person paused, and then asked, “Is anybody else up there?”

So after offering up various alternatives, consult your heart to feel which one of them seems best. Go with that, but keep checking to make sure your guidance continues to feels right. In the beginning you may often make mistakes in recognizing true guidance, but keep trying and listening, and gradually you’ll come to know what your intuition is telling you.

Unfortunately people sometimes adopt an attitude of presumption or inflexibility about what they feel is higher guidance. Before we can hope to be rightly guided, it’s important to be humble and open to the possibility of being wrong. When you can accept other ways of doing things, you’re much more likely to be guided correctly than if you’re convinced that your way absolutely has to be right. There’s always the possibility that the solution is far greater in scope than what may have occurred to you…

If you’ve been trying to draw guidance, but can’t get clarity on a point because you’re upset or have become too close to the problem, that’s the time to say to yourself, “I’m not getting the answer by worrying about it, so let me do other things for now. When I’m calm and a bit more detached, I’ll take this problem off the shelf and deal with it.” True intuition can never come when we’re in a state of emotional turmoil.

When you’re having trouble getting guidance, it’s important to realize that sometimes it isn’t the right time to receive an answer. Other events may have to be resolved before clarity will come in that area. When this occurs it’s helpful to keep bringing the question to the superconscious mind, but without any expectations. Have confidence that the answer will come to you at the right time…

Another important point is being open to what others have to say. Ask your friends for guidance, especially those you trust who’ve proved their sense of good judgment over time…

In your openness to input from others, however, don’t lose your own center or the sense of what’s right for you. If you repeatedly say to everyone, “What do you think? Gee, I don’t know what to do,” you may end up doing nothing. As somebody said once, “Don’t be so open-minded that your brains spill out.” If we behave like weather vanes, going with any breeze that comes along, we’ll never find true guidance.

Remember that working with intuition isn’t just a Monday afternoon kind of thing — it’s all-week round and all-year round. If we ask for guidance only when we’re in a crisis, the chances are slim that we’ll be able to draw clear answers. It could happen, but most often it’s the people who are always open to higher guidance that readily receive it.

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  1. Thanks for this article, I learned some more from reading it. For me, trusting my intuition is a life long learning process. Some things which I find helpful too, are for example, noting down the intuitive guidance and then being very aware where following this leads, this can give validation and also giving thanks for intuitive guidance.

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