The Four Essential Traits You Need To Become a Successful Manifestor

HJ: This is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful articles for anyone who wants to begin tapping into the power of manifestation successfully.  Quite simply, the traits listed below perfectly sum up the four key ingredients you need to tap into your full potential in this area.  If you have not been successful in your efforts to date, or only experiencing limited success, then you are somehow lacking in one of these four key areas.  In this way, you can use them as tools to asses your progress towards becoming a ‘power manifestor’.

There is only one key that we would add here that is quite important in an overarching sense for tapping into your truly unlimited manifestational abilities and that is that everything will be magnified 10-fold if you are following your intuition and working towards or embodying your life purpose, whatever it may look like at this very moment.  This is closely related to trait #1: being in the flow.  Being in the flow means that you are not lost, fighting or resisting the natural impetus of life, which is always towards your greatest value fulfillment — your life purpose.  This is a major hangup for many people trying to manifest — they are generally doing everything right, but they have lost touch with their life purpose and may be slightly ‘off the path’ — trying to manifest things that are not in accordance with the flow — their life purpose.

All we need to do is listen to our intuition, which will always direct us towards our life purpose — it’s just that many people have become disconnected from this inner voice.  If you need help discovering your life purpose, then read a few articles here to help you figure out what that might be for you, or at the very least, the direction you need to begin heading in, as that is all you really ever need to know at any given moment.  We suggest: How to Know When You Have Found Your Calling in Life: 10 Unmistakable Signs, 10 Ways to Discover Your Passion in Life (and Make it a Reality), and Awakening to Your True Potential: Understanding Who You Are and Why You Are Here

– Truth

Four Traits Of A ‘Power Manifestor’

By Bruce Muzik | Trans4mind | Bruce Muzik

I get a lot of questions from people about how to get actual real world results from the Law Of Attraction. It’s not so difficult to manifest an empty parking space or a beneficial coincidence, but it takes something more to manifest the bigger things like first class travel, houses, cars, jobs, relationships, health and material wealth.There are a small percentage of people who regularly and consistently manifest the big things. I call these people Power Manifestors.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the more I developed certain qualities within myself, the more powerful I became at manifesting the bigger things regularly and consistently. I’ve put together a list for you of some of the traits that helped me become a Power Manifestor. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but the four traits below are the most fundamental to making the Law Of Attraction work for you more often…

Here’s a powerful metaphor for you. Have you ever watched a river flow from the top of a mountain down to the sea? If you have, you’ll have noticed that the river always seems to take the path of least resistance to reach the sea. It will find the most effortless way to get down the mountain. You won’t find a river trying to flow uphill!

Your life can flow like a river too, always seeking the most effortless path to your destiny. When your life begins to flow, your problems that once seemed insurmountable, naturally work themselves out as your life leads you on the path of least resistance to success.

So, what is flow? The best definition I have ever heard is from a great book called ‘The Power Of Flow’ by Charlene Belitz and Meg Lundstrom: “Flow is the natural, effortless unfolding of our life in a way that moves us toward wholeness and harmony.”

Have you had times when your obstacles suddenly disappeared, one after another? When you felt you were in the right place at the right time and events in your life came together in a beneficial way? That’s when you were in the flow. So, what does flow have to do with the law of attraction or manifesting? EVERYTHING!

You see, until you find your flow, you will not be able to consistently work the Law Of Attraction to your advantage and will find yourself struggling to see real world results from your visualization efforts. Like many others, your manifesting will be limited to empty parking spaces…

How can you get into your flow? Power Manifestors regularly do activities that keep them in flow. One of the easiest ways to step into your flow is to do the things that bring you joy and do these things often. For example, I love taking a week off and riding my motorcycle somewhere exotic, like Africa or Central Europe, camping on the side of the road and living out of a backpack with just a few pairs of clothes and a laptop.

Whenever I go away on a trip like this (I make sure I get away at least once a month), magical things begin happening in my life. It’s almost as if the joy of the open road and the wind in my hair blows away any negativity I might have collected and my attraction abilities increase tenfold.

Here’s another example of a flow state. Have you ever had the experience of time speeding up or slowing down? That’s a good indicator that you are in a flow state. Take a moment and write down what you were doing when you had these experiences? Was it a hobby, a sport, an activity at work? Are you doing these activities as much as you would like to? If not, make a commitment to yourself to do these activities more often.

The more time you spend doing flow activities, the more your life steps into flow and the more you will be able to attract real results using the Law Of Attraction and visualization. I used visualization to help me first discover my flow. I imagined myself living an adventurous life, travelling around the world leading seminars that changed people’s lives. Well, the rest is history. The easiest way to visualize that I know of is to use the Relaxation For Manifestation CD.

Power Manifestors experience flow often and that’s why they seem to make manifesting look so easy. When your life is in flow, it’s almost as if whatever you touch turns to gold. Focus on doing the things that bring you joy and watch how much more you are able to attract…

I remember a time when I was beginning my seminar business, Designer Life. I had just quit my day job to follow my passion – teaching. I had severed my income and not only that, I had just bought a $500,000 house and I was $60,000 in personal debt. I had no money coming in and I needed a career break FAST or a financial disaster would be looming on the horizon.

Every day, I visualized myself leading sold out seminars all over the world. After two months, I had not seen any signs or opportunities that even hinted at leading international seminars. Fortunately, my 10 years of practice using the Law Of Attraction told me that if I kept on visualizing (using my Relaxation For Manifestation CD), an opportunity would show up.

My friends began saying things to me like, “Bruce, get a job or something.” I had a hard time convincing them that I knew what I was doing. Well, after four months of visualizing every day, an opportunity did show up… I was approached by a business school and asked to teach their students about how our mental conditioning can limit success. The talk went well. From that, I created three more speaking engagements and within the next year, I had lead 27 seminars in the USA, UK, Greece, New Zealand and South Africa.

I’m not telling my story to brag or impress you, but rather to illustrate a key to becoming a Power Manifestor: Make a habit of visualizing EVERY DAY and you’ll begin to attract and see opportunities to reach your goals effortlessly. If you are visualizing haphazardly, you’ll never make enough of an impact on your mind and you’ll struggle to attract the big things. Your daily visualization routine doesn’t have to take long; it just needs to be regular.

I made a 10 minute version of the Relaxation For Manifestation CD just for those times when there’s not enough time in your day to visualize. There really is no excuse not to make visualization a habit. Look at it this way. If you can’t find just 10 minutes in your day to do something that will totally transform your experience of life, how on earth do you expect to be successful?

You can visualize the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is sitting down each day trying to still your mind and stop it from wandering. The easy way is to go get the Relaxation For Manifestation CD. Put some headphones on and allow this program to guide you through your visualization for a quick and inspiring visualization session.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you’ve probably watched the movie, ‘The Secret’. If not, it’s about the Law Of Attraction. One of the strongest messages in the movie is that your thoughts become things i.e. that what you think about tends to come about.

From my own life experience and having led seminars to thousands of people each year, I have seen this principle proven time and time again. However, just thinking about your goals is not going to make them magically appear in front of you. You have to actually DO something to get a result. In fact, you have to take massive action if you want to accomplish anything worthwhile. Power Manifestors know this and they take incisive action instinctively.

Now, all this talk of ACTION may make you a little uneasy, especially if you’re under the false impression that the Law Of Attraction will somehow magically materialize anything you want, just by sitting at home visualizing. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it just ain’t gonna happen this way…

Without action, nothing happens. Even the word attrACTION contains the word action inside of it. The people who get the real results using the Law Of Attraction are the people who take positive action towards their goals combined with holding positive mental images of themselves reaching their goal.

Have you ever heard of the principle BE, DO, HAVE? Essentially, this principle explains that in order to HAVE something, you first need to DO something. In order to DO something, you first need to BE someone who DOES something. In other words, you need to BE a person of ACTION.

Real attraction (by ‘real’, I mean the kind of attraction that seems almost miraculous in nature) only happens after you have taken action. If you want to manifest the big things, spend some time visualizing every day and take action as soon as possible. Any action will do, even if your action does not produce a result to begin with. Just take some! Once you get into the backing up your intentions with action, you’ll be having what you created before long.

Your Self Image makes up the BE part of the BE, DO, HAVE principle. I’ve noticed that the most common reasons that people don’t take real action and reach their goals is that they:

– don’t BELIEVE in themselves, or
– they don’t believe they truly DESERVE to have their goal in their life, or
– they are scared to death of failing and looking stupid.

I could summarize the above reasons into one concept – self image. Your belief in yourself comes from the way that you see yourself. A person with an empowering self image will say things to themselves like “Even though I don’t know how, I know I can find a way,” whereas a person with a disempowering self image might say something like “I can’t do this,” or “Perhaps I’m just not meant to be successful.”In a nutshell, the way that you see yourself will determine what actions you allow yourself to take or not. Unless you see yourself as the kind of person worthy of having enormous wealth, vital health, gorgeous relationships and an inspired life… trust me, you’ll never take the action required to have those things.

I hate to bust your balls here, but the truth will set you free. You simply must have an empowering self image to take the kind of action required to be a Power Manifestor and manifest the things you want.

If you notice that you regularly procrastinate, or are stopped in your tracks by fear of failing, or scared of what others might think of you; chances are good that you do not believe in yourself enough to go out into the world and take the necessary action towards your goals.

I see so many people with big dreams and goals who eventually give up and settle for a mediocre, normal existence at best, instead of living an inspired life where every day opens the door to a new exciting adventure. They give up because they don’t have the confidence to take determined action, and so they never get any substantial results.

Now, if you can identify with anything I’ve said above, you’ll be comforted to know that most of the population on our planet have a disempowering self image and think negatively about themselves much of the time. That’s why so few people actually get to live the life of their dreams.

So, how can you create an empowering self image? Dr Maxwell Maltz, author of the best seller ‘Psycho Cybernetics‘, pioneered Self Image Psychology. He says that the quickest, easiest way to change your self image is to use visualization.

Here’s an exercise for you to try:
Invest a few minutes each day to IMAGINE yourself BEING confident, powerful, wealthy, healthy, or whatever else you want to be. Be sure to notice what you look like, feel like and sound like as the NEW YOU. Before long your mind will begin to see you as a confident, powerful, wealthy and healthy person too. After a while, you’ll begin doing things you previously never imagined possible.

Try it, it works… With just a few weeks of visualization practice, you’ll find that you naturally begin thinking more positively about yourself, feeling more courageous and attracting more positive experiences into your life.Before long, you’ll be driving that car you always dreamed of, or paying for your kids to go to private school, or sitting on a beach in paradise somewhere, or living whatever lifestyle you dream of.

The fastest way to build your empowering self image is to use the Relaxation For Manifestation CD to visualize yourself being the kind of person you want to be every day for 21 days. It works like gang busters.

So, are you really living to your full potential? Or are you still worrying about paying the bill at the end of the month? I’ve been there, drowning in debt, biting my nails because I had no idea where the rent money was coming from. I know how paralyzing that feeling is… I also know how wonderful my life became after I began using the Relaxation For Manifestation CD to help me re-program my mind for success.

If you want to begin manifesting the important things in life like peace of mind, financial abundance, fulfilling relationships and renewed health, then make sure you get on top of the four traits above and begin visualizing every day.

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  1. Interesting but I don’t think it makes sense to say “action” is required in order to make the law of attraction work for you.
    Doesn’t “Mind” come first in all of reality? If so, then it doesn’t seem to make any sense to say that the “physical reality” action needs to be made for things to work. It’s like saying the “physical” is what created your reality kind of.

    Also, if everything is made by thoughts, then there is a lot of things happening that I didn’t want that I don’t remember promoting with action I think.

    I think I agree that “action” is a helpful thing because “action” often keeps you focused away from doubted and fear sort of but it seems kind of “Less anything is possible” to say it’s the only way.
    Also, if action is required, then there are probably a lot of things that are often impossible with action or are too dangerous and less safe to do, like there is one thing I desire to happen but action would be pretty odd for it. D:

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