20 Powerful Questions to Help You Find Work You Love and Discover Your Personal Inspiration

HJ: When we are children we dream of doing the work we love because of sheer passion and inherent interest.  As we age, we often times trade these childhood dreams for a paycheck, instead choosing work based on security, pay, or some other ‘rational’ or practical indicator.  Society and often parents, friends and family can exert enormous pressure on us to forego our inspiration and pick something ‘more traditional’, safe and acceptable.  However, anytime the above reasons are the motivation for a decision, the results tend to be mediocre at best and we often find ourselves in an existential crisis, not following our dreams and inspiration, not doing the work we love — the work we came here to do.  If you are not happy with where you find yourself in terms of work — if you feel burdened by showing up at the office everyday, or perhaps it’s more subtle — the work you do you are not passionate about, but it pays well and you find it generally acceptable — then you are likely not doing work you truly love — work that is aligned with your higher life purpose.

Work that you love is the kind of thing you can’t wait to get started on every day — work that motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning — work that you are passionate about and fills your life with meaning and purpose — work that truly does not feel like work at all.  Everyone has ‘work’ like this — a few different potentials that they can fulfill where they  they experience what I just described.  However, the paths that lead there are not necessarily safe and linear, but again, what ever is in life?  That being said, financial security and abundance always awaits those who reach their destination and find themselves in a role that is aligned with their core life purpose.  The universe effortlessly supports those who embrace their ‘destiny’ — manifestation becomes effortless as long as one is not engaged in self-sabotage.

You absolutely can achieve this for yourself, in this lifetime.  If you are unsure which direction you need to head in, unsure what your true passions are, or maybe you know or have inkling, but need a little more clarity, then this article is for you.  The 20 powerful questions below will absolutely help you find work you love and ultimately discover your passion in life.  You will get clarity immediately but the larger answers you are looking for may take a bit longer to appear — maybe a few hours, maybe a few days, maybe a few weeks.  Do not rush the process.  These are questions to be contemplated and explored, accompanied with deep introspection.  You get what you give.  That being said, you may get your answers instantly as well.  Profound awareness and inspiration is just as likely to show up.

– Truth 

Finding Work You Will Love

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.ED | Psych Central | Lynn Robinson

We’ve all heard the admonition “Do what you love and the money will follow.” I’ve never heard anyone disagree with that thought, but frankly, I know a lot of people who are making money doing what they don’t love!

This isn’t unusual, and you may be saying to yourself right now, “Wait a minute! I have to make a living. I don’t have the luxury of ‘doing what I love.’”

But what if you had a choice? What if you could find a way to discover something you’d actually love doing that would also create a very nice income? Sound good? Let me help you get there with these questions that have helped countless people discover work they love. Write down your answers and prepare to be surprised!

  • What are your gifts?
  • What life achievements or accomplishments have made you feel proud?
  • What abilities do you have that people praise?
  • What tasks or skills come easily to you? Make a list of things you do well.
  • What were you good at as a child?
  • If someone were to give your eulogy, what contributions would they say you have made to the world?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you do that makes you lose track of time?
  • If you had enough money to take a year off, what would you do with your free time?
  • Is there something you want to devote your life to?
  • How can you help others by doing what you enjoy?
  • If you could make one contribution to the world before you die, what would it be?
  • What do you want to teach others?
  • What excites or angers you most about our world?

What are your values?  

  • What matters most to you? Consider values like: autonomy, humanity, creativity, kindness, power, wealth, spirituality knowledge, leadership, community, beauty, and intellectual pursuits.
  • Who do you admire?  What is it about their life that you appreciate?  What values do you think they hold?

What’s fun for you?  

  • What are twenty, fifty or one hundred things you love to do? Make a list.
  • How would you spend your ideal day?
  • Do you enjoy doing things by yourself, with a partner or with a team?
  • What kind of setting do you like to be in?  Are you an outdoor person or more comfortable behind a desk?  Consider your surroundings when imagining your fun, ideal life.

Look carefully at your answers and see if you can spot any themes that emerged, or “aha!” moments that surprised you. And keep in mind that the answer to “What’s my life’s purpose and how can I make a living at it” may not come overnight.  Patience, after all, really is a virtue. I like what Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich,” had to say about it: “Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

Good luck with your search! And please remember, this little quiz is hugely important. After all, you’re looking for the life you were born to live.

Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed., is a leading expert on the topic of intuition. Through her work as an intuitive counselor she’s helped thousands of people discover their life passion and achieve their goals. Voted “Best Psychic” by Boston Magazine, she’s also a bestselling author whose latest book is Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity. She’s also the author of LISTEN: Trusting Your Inner Voice in Times of Crisis and Trust Your Gut. She writes a free, highly popular Intuition Newsletter. To learn more about her books and intuitive readings, visit http://LynnRobinson.com
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