How to Create True Prosperity in Your Life No Matter What The Economy is Doing

HJ: First and foremost, prosperity is a mindset.  The biggest stumbling block for most people is continually searching outside themselves for prosperity.  In this situation, one is constantly at the behest of external factors which are not under their control (at least as they perceive it), such as the state of the economy.  This will make one feel powerless and have them chasing fleeting opportunity instead of attracting it to themselves by their very nature.  One must look inward and discover why there is a lack of prosperity in ones life — or rather, why there is a perceived lack of prosperity, for indeed no such state exists outside the mind of man, as James Allen points out below.

This may sound very esoteric and abstract to some.  It is absolutely practical, but it requires one to begin the process of self-inquiry — in laymans terms, to get real with themselves… to examine the contents of their own mind — their beliefs, mental patterns, world view and whatever else shapes their perception of reality.  Quite frankly, most of us have picked up quite a bit of ‘cultural garbage’ (beliefs and mental programming( along the way and have never sorted through and discarded what does not serve our highest good.  This is the first step towards true propserity and often times this alone is enough to get people on an abundant path that keeps giving and giving for an entire lifetime.  Frequently there is just one or two limiting beliefs that are keeping us from accessing the natural abundance that is our birth right and that we can attract to us, at will, from within.  Once we begin the process of eliminating and replacing these limiting beliefs with expansive, prosperity-affirming patterning, we can begin to see true abundance pouring into our life in every aspect — finances, relationships, health and so on.

For anyone interested in learning the mechanics of how this works and how to use it to create the life of your dreams, I highly suggest the book The Nature of Personal Reality by Seth/Jane Roberts.  It is a gem for those who truly want the best in life.

– Truth

By James Allen

It is granted only to the heart that abounds with integrity, trust, generosity and love to realise true prosperity. The heart that is not possessed of these qualities cannot know prosperity, for prosperity is not an outward possession, but an inward realisation.

Nature Gives All

The greedy man may become a millionaire, but he will always be wretched, and mean, and poor, and will even consider himself outwardly poor so long as there is a man in the world who is richer than himself, whilst the upright, the open-handed and loving will realise a full and rich prosperity, even though their outward possessions may be small…

When we contemplate the fact that the universe is abounding in all good things, material as well as spiritual, and compare it with man’s blind eagerness to secure a few gold coins, or a few acres of dirt, it is then that we realise how dark and ignorant selfishness is; it is then that we know that self-seeking is self-destruction.

Nature gives all, without reservation, and loses nothing; man, grasping all, loses everything. If you would realise true prosperity, do not settle down, as many have done, into the belief that if you do right, everything will go wrong. Do not allow the word ‘competition’ to shake your faith in the supremacy of righteousness.

I care not what men may say about the ‘laws of competition’, for do I not know the unchangeable Law, which shall one day put them all to rout, and which puts them to rout even now in the heart and life of the righteous man? And knowing this Law I can contemplate all dishonesty with undisturbed repose, for I know where certain destruction awaits it. Under all circumstances, do that which you believe to be right, and trust the Law; trust the Divine Power, and it will never desert you, and you will always be protected

By such a trust, all your losses will be converted into gains, and all curses which threaten will be transmuted into blessings. Never let go of integrity, generosity, and love, for these, coupled with energy, will lift you into the truly prosperous state.

Do not believe the world when it tells you that you must always attend to ‘number one’ first, and to others afterwards…. To consider one’s self before all others is to cramp and warp and hinder every noble and divine impulse.

Let your soul expand, let your heart reach out to others in loving and generous warmth, and great and lasting will be your joy, and all prosperity will come to you. Those who have wandered from the highway of righteousness guard themselves against competition; those who always pursue the right need not to trouble about such defence. This is no empty statement. There are men who, by the power of integrity and faith, have defied all competition, and who, without swerving in the least from their methods, when competed with, have risen steadily into prosperity, whilst those who tried to undermine them have fallen back defeated.

Be Doubly Protected

To possess those inward qualities which constitute goodness is to be armoured against all the powers of evil, and to be doubly protected in every time of trial; and to build oneself up in those qualities is to build up a success which cannot be shaken, and to enter into a prosperity which will endure forever. The Path To Prosperity, Sterling Paperbacks

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