Are You Focusing on ‘What is Wrong’ or ‘What is Right’ With Your Life?

By Truth | The Healers Journal

One of the biggest challenges I see people facing that keeps them from expressing their full potential and manifesting what they truly desire is constantly focusing on ‘what is wrong with their life’ or ‘what is lacking in their life’ without realizing they are doing so.  After all, it seems to make perfect sense:  identify those areas of yourself which are lacking or in need of improvement so that you can develop the skills, experience or knowledge necessary to overcome whatever perceived personal deficiency there is.

While this appears to be logical and supportive of greater personal development, in reality it is a trap that actually causes one to create further lack and difficulty in their lives and one that many highly conscious individuals fall into.  If left unacknowledged, it can eventually lead to frustration, depression and other maladaptive beliefs and emotions.

Thankfully, it is quite easily fixed.  More often than not, it simply takes someone pointing out the essence of what is occurring to snap people out of this ‘bad thinking habit’.

What We Focus On Is What We Create

I think this excerpt from the Seth/Jane Roberts book The Nature of Personal Reality, does a wonderful job of eloquently summarizing the problem in a way that gets right to the heart of the matter:

Individuals can go from psychologist to psychologist, from self-therapy to self-therapy, always with the same question: “What is wrong?” The question itself becomes a format through which experience is seen, and itself represents one of the main reasons for all limitations, physical, psychic or spiritual.

At one point or another the individual ceased concentrating upon what was right in certain personal areas, and began to focus upon and magnify specific “lacks.” With all good intentions, then, various solutions are looked for, but all based upon the premise that something is wrong.

If such a practice is continued, the concentration upon negatives can gradually bleed out into other previously unblemished areas of experience.

The essence of what is being described here is this: If you focus on what is lacking in your life, even if the intention is to change it for the better, you are still focusing on what you are lacking and so that is what you will create and continue to find in your life.  It is a self-perpetuating cycle.

Instead, if you switch to focusing on, as Seth puts it, ‘What is Right’ in your life, you will develop those qualities and hence find more and more things that are right in your life as you continue to create them.

It is all a matter of your focus and perception — it always is and always will be.

This concept is based on the divine Law of Attraction, which can be simply stated as follows: What you focus on, is what you create.

Don’t Get Lost in the Details

Another trap I see newly awakened individuals falling into is getting lost in the details.  In the above example, it is easy to see how the behavior of focusing on what is lacking or needs to be fixed can be justified.  You perceive something to be off that needs fixing.  For example, you determine that you are not earning enough money to live the life you want, and so you decide to go about fixing this by figuring out ways to earn more money.  This is akin to getting lost in the details.  When we step back and view the situation in more general terms, we clearly see that regardless of the specific details of the issue, the general pattern is focusing on what is lacking — in this case, you are focusing on the lack of money in your life as a motivation for your action.

How to Change Your Thought Patterns

Try this out for a day:  Detach slightly from your thoughts and observe them objectively as they arise.  Let them flow as normal.  When any new thought comes up, step back from the details/specifics of the thought and observe if the thought its focusing on ‘what is wrong’ or ‘what is right’.  In this way, you can get an accurate handle on your personal perceptive pattern.  If you notice that you are more focused on what is lacking, needs fixing or is ‘wrong’, then you may want to switch to focusing on ‘what is right’.  The first step in doing so is to identify your current thinking pattern and detach from it, as described above.

With some basic mindfulness (observing your thoughts objectively as they arise instead of identifying with them), you can easily detach from dysfunctional thinking patterns that do not serve your highest good.

When practicing the above technique, not all thoughts that you observe will be focused on ‘what is right’ or ‘what is wrong’, so do not try to pigeon hole everything that comes up into those categories.  However, you will definitely notice that certain thoughts are focused on ‘what is wrong or right’ and those are the ones you want to watch out for.

Creating What You Want in Life: Abundance, Happiness, Success, Fulfillment

As you begin to switch from focusing on ‘what is wrong’ with your life to ‘what is right’ with it, your entire personal perception will shift.  You will find yourself beginning to manifest more of the positive qualities you are now focusing on and overcoming any challenges or perceived lack rather effortlessly.

To continue with the example from above, if you would like to create more money, then you should focus on those areas of your life in which you already are experiencing abundance and begin to cultivate gratitude for what you have.  This gets you focused on abundance and therefore this is what you will then create in your life.

The problem is for most of us, this is not our default state.  For whatever reason, we tend to be trapped in the focusing on ‘what is wrong’ pattern.  However, now you can identify it and replace it with more constructive thinking habits.

As you will begin to adopt and integrate these new patterns, you will find yourself presented with more opportunity and experiencing greater synchronicities and serendipity in your life, all signs of living in what is commonly known as ‘the flow’.  We live in an abundant, loving, conscious universe that responds directly to the thoughts and emotions we broadcast.  When you begin focusing on ‘what is right’ in your life, you are living in much greater alignment with the true nature of reality.

You can create whatever you desire and they key to doing so is in bringing your thoughts into alignment.

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