Ancient Hand Gesture (Mudra) for Improving Concentration and Activating Self-Healing

hand gesture mudra

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Trimukha Mudra – Three Faced Mudra (Hand Gesture)

Trimukha Mudra is a powerful, classical mudra that is performed with both hands in the configuration above.  Simply join the tips of the middle, ring and little finger as shown.  It is advised that you sit in a normal meditative posture — a comfortable seated position with the spine as straight as possible without straining. Position the hands in front of and just below the third chakra — even with the navel.

Suggested practice time is 10 minutes, as needed.


Benefits of Trimukha Mudra

Trimukah Mudra has long been recognized for the following benefits:

  • Enhances/Supports spiritual advancement and achievement
  • Improves concentration, focus and memory
  • Relieves or lessens headaches
  • Activates and promotes the body’s innate self0healing mechanisms

How it Works

Mudras stimulate meridian points and connect specific energy pathways that run the length of the body and have terminals in the hands and fingers.  They connect highly specific points, creating energy circuits that funnel/redirect Qi/Prana in a way that activates various innate abilities of the mind-body-spirit triad.  There are many classical mudras listed in ancient Vedic texts, but new ones can be developed by those with high levels of intuitive development/awareness.

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  1. I know of other ways of implimenting calm and a prof of the Body Brain is working, and the fact that you dont need to be focused while you walk.

    Take the indeksfinger, and the thumb, make a slow circle with both fingers(the OK sign), do it while walking or sitting qiuet, it calms the bodybrain and you real brain.

    The second is to stopp the internal dialouge, both fingers or Rool with your eyes, either clockwise or anti clockwise, to the inner dialouge is silenced.

    Try it.


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