HJ: The time it takes for your thoughts to manifest into physical form is rapidly decreasing — known as the time to manifestation, this is the delay between the inception of a thought and its appearance in created form in your life.  Commonly known as manifestation, whether you believe it or not, this principle of universal law is working in your life day in and day out.  Why not become conscious of the process and learn to master it?  Who out of us would not enjoy having the ability to draw to oneself those things in life which they desire and need?

This is not some new-age principle, although it may seem to be at first glance.  Although the new-age movement has largely embraced the concept of manifestation, in reality, it is a fundamental construct — or law — of existence in this universe as an aspect of consciousness.  It is a large part of how reality works and is created at the most fundamental of levels.  As you have likely been told many times before, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience.  Our spiritual role is one of learning and the development of consciousness.  This is accomplished by the experiencing of events/challenges/circumstance/relationships, etc. that helps us learn the lessons we have chosen for ourselves in this lifetime.  The soul accomplishes this through the law of attraction — by creating and attracting these circumstances into our lives, which serve the aforementioned purpose.  Science is only beginning to fundamentally understand how this works, but as shown in the recent article we ran about quantum physics and energetics, we are at least starting to acknowledge our thoughts affect matter.  This is, at a very basic level, beginning to explain how the manifestation process works.

To bring it to a more practical level, Emmanuel addresses how the concept of manifestation is increasing in our lives as the post-ascension consciousness and energetics unfold.  Learning to work with the process consciously is of utmost importance at this time, as it has profound implications for your personal — and the larger collective — reality.  Indeed manifestation operates on both these levels and understanding where we currently are in both cases will help you to better navigate the shifting sea of energies in which we exist at this time.

– Truth

Energy Forecast – Growing Our Miraculous Manifestations

By Emmanuel Dagher | Emmanuel Dagher

Blessings my beautiful friend,

It’s such an honor to connect with you again. Have you noticed the shift that took place in these past few weeks within and all around us? Ever since the days leading up to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse back on April 25th, something has changed. Many people are feeling guided more than ever to reinvent themselves in a way that is aligned with a higher vision they have of themselves.

A big part of the reinvention happening includes letting go of everything in our lives that no longer contributes to our highest vision. This also includes letting go of the relationships that we allowed to stifle us in any way. Many of us have a tendency to give everyone we meet the benefit of the doubt, however when we begin to allow this to cloud us from the clarity of our intuition, it’s most definitely time to release and let go. Going against our intuition is the biggest reason why so many are not experiencing the well-being they know is possible.

Letting go of relationships that no longer serve our greatest good does not mean that we love these beings any less, it just means we are no longer contributing to the stories they have created motivated by fear, lack and separation.

In fact, letting go of these types of relationships has the potential to empower the people we release out of their stories, and into an awakening awareness of their omnipotent selves. So if you are feeling enough is enough, now is the time to give yourself permission to surround yourself with people, places and things that support you in living your highest vision.

Growing Our Miraculous Manifestations

The shift we are experiencing right now will be turned up another notch when we move through the Full Solar Eclipse that takes place on May 9/10th depending on your location.

The spiritual significance of a Solar Eclipse gives us the opportunity to strengthen our internal power and to magnify our love quotient. This can show up as giving ourselves permission to fully speak our truth and express ourselves freely in a more confident way. It also shows up as recommitting to loving and nurturing ourselves. Some wonderful ways we can ground more of these energies into our lives is through meditation, chanting, gratitude, being of service, or some type of physical activity such as dance or exercise.

The core purpose of an Eclipse is to provide us with a reminder of full acceptance of All That Is and to anchor in a more light way of being. We are asked to no longer sweat the small stuff, instead to focus our awareness on the gifts and blessings in our lives, so that we can begin to create even more of them.

The recent Partial Lunar Eclipse, Solar Flares and upcoming Solar Eclipse are creating a powerful space for us to begin witnessing the manifestations of growth from the seeds we’ve been planting and sowing for a while. These manifestations can be anything from the budding beginnings of new relationships, to career opportunities, ideas for new projects and physical or emotional healing – to name just a few.

If it’s something we’ve desired deeply for a while, now is the time to be mindful of how the Universe presents our desired manifestations to us. They are as close to us as our next breath.

Craving Physicality

A part of us right now is craving a deeper connection with the physical aspect of our experience. Even those who tend to stay more in the emotional or mental aspects of themselves are having more of a desire to connect in a physical way.

If we’re feeling guided to be more present in our body, this is the perfect time to do so. Some of the ways we can be more present in our body is through aerobic exercises such as dance, speed walking, swimming or any other movement that feels good to us. Yoga or any similar activity also helps us to connect with our bodies. Through physical movement, we are able to reconnect with all other aspects of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves physically is one of the most spiritual things we can do.

Another aspect of embracing the physical part of our experience is to open ourselves to physical contact and intimacy. Many of those walking a spiritual path tend to isolate themselves from others as a result of past experiences, or simply because they are dedicated to focusing on their own well-being and spiritual growth.

However, a big part of experiencing optimum health in our physical body, is allowing ourselves to get close to another being in an intimate way. This type of connection releases emotional energies and physical chemicals in the body and this release supports and creates a healthier physical experience.

So let’s take good care this month by giving ourselves permission to say “YES!” to our desired manifestations, being mindful of how they show up and recognizing that the physical aspect of our lives is simply an extension of the spiritual.

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