How to Differentiate Between Your Own Energy and the Various Energies You Are Exposed to Everyday

HJ: It took me nearly 25 years to realize that I am empathic and am constantly picking up on the energy of other people as well as cosmic/planetary energies and those inharmonious ones emitted by most electronics as well.  I would be feeling just fine and content, only to suddenly be jarred with emotions that reeked of judgement, fear, anxiety and so on as I entered crowds of people or sometimes even just small gatherings of 1 or 2 individuals.  Initially I suspected that I was the source of these energies, as I had no context in which to realize that they could actually be coming from sources outside of myself.  This lead to many dysfunctional beliefs and patterns that I am only now working through.  I now have to make a very clear, conscious effort to identify the energies of others in nearly every situation I am in lest I assume they are my own.

If you resonated with this story in any way, it is likely that you too are highly empathic.  Undoubtedly most healers and light workers are.  However, that being said, I must offer a major caveat here in order to keep those who might take this concept too far from a potential misunderstanding.  While indeed energy is projected onto us from other beings, we must learn to distinguish between what is truly ours and truly that of another.  You see, the trap here is that we can begin to believe that any ‘negative’ or unwanted emotion is not coming from ourselves, which will greatly hinder forward spiritual development and progress.  By denying our own feelings, whether or not they live up to our beliefs and ideas about what is ‘good’ and ‘right’ or our own self image, we are keeping ourselves from doing the necessary spiritual work required to get at the root of those thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Indeed this is their only role — to help us identify their source — what is causing them — and pull out the roots of the dysfunctional beliefs from which they stem.  If we constantly blame any unwanted thought or emotion on another person — externalization — then we miss the genuine opportunities to heal ourselves as well.  Yes, there are cases where these energies are truly not ours, but we must learn to distinguish between them. 

How do we do this, you ask? The first step is as follows: ‘Know Thyself’.  By beginning the process of self-inquiry and learning to understand who you truly are beneath the layers of conditioning and distorted beliefs, you can begin to understand your natural state and rhythms.  When you know these well, it quickly becomes obvious what is the energy of yourself or another.  As we grow and develop spiritually, we also begin to fall into a more calm, centered state, which becomes our baseline.  Therefore when we fall out of it, we can much more easily begin to identify what the cause is.  Did we enter a crowded room?  Did we pass by a strong electromagnetic field? Or did we have some kind of thought that threw us off balance?

There is no magic bullet.  Simply begin the process of healing the self and the abilities will manifest in time.  That being said, the article below is an excellent guide to initially help you identify what forms and patterns the energies that are truly not your own take, thereby helping you to identify them when the time comes.  A priceless skill indeed.

– Truth

Is What I’m Feeling All ‘Mine’?

By Max | In5d

As an energetic and sensitive being, you can be sure that your emotions, perspectives, and physical ailments are not usually ‘all yours’. You are constantly processing and responding to information that you receive from all of the frequencies in and around you, as well as those from mass consciousness or from the “oneness” of which we are all part and connected. For light workers, empaths, or others of higher frequency, that impact is even greater than it is for the rest of the population.

In order to determine how the environment may affect a higher frequency individual, it is important to factor in the real-time energies of the immediate location, relationships, technologies and toxins—as well as the “pulls” from weather patterns, seismic activity, and other global and cosmic events. As a result, we have compiled the list below of points to consider when you try to determine how much of what you are feeling at any given moment might be magnified or even caused by outside forces.

The list is NOT meant to make you run off into the wilderness and isolate forever. It is simply meant to help you determine how much the frequencies around you may be bombarding your daily moods, physical health, thoughts, and motivation. With that awareness, you can then separate, differentiate, and enhance YOUR OWN energies, power, priorities and desires, rather than reflect those that simply color the backdrop of your life. In other words, you’ll be better able to hear, see, and focus on what YOU WANT, and not the noise or conflict around you.

1. Is a densely populated city or crowded building flooding you with the energies from other people?

While some higher frequency individuals thrive in a busy city, apartment, hospital, or work campus, sooner or later many find that those settings can be exhausting and overwhelming—especially if the individual is not taking steps to insulate from, or rid, the energies being absorbed. Mood swings, fatigue, or physical symptoms may be exacerbated or even caused by what you “pick up” in the crowded conditions and highly charged locations. For this reason, it is very important for higher frequency individuals in urban settings to surround themselves as much as possible with happy, healthy, inspired, and positive people, as well as to spend time alone and in water or nature to rebalance.

2. Do you live near fault lines or other regions of more intense seismic activity and/or weather patterns?

It is quite common for higher frequency people, much like wildlife, to “sense” an earthquake, major storm, or unusual pattern from Mother Nature. Research has proven that solar activity like solar storms or flares, as well as lunar and planetary positioning, can affect our emotions, physical bodies, and collective behavior– just as they impact the weather, seismic activity, tides, and technologies on earth. Every cell of our bodies is surrounded by magnetic forces that respond to the changes of rhythm which happen in and around our area of the solar system, and are then reflected by earth’s activities. As a result, higher frequency individuals often report fatigue, headaches, rashes, or sadness right before a local earthquake or storm or even a larger event in a nearby region. Mapping the correlations will help you determine which types of events you are sensing, how you perceive them, and how far in advance your signals appear. After a while, you may find that your own body is the most accurate meteorologist, seismologist, and astronomer out there!

3. Do you find that some days you can walk into a store, mall, or other location feeling one way and leave not too long afterward feeling dramatically opposite or different– for no “real” or apparent reason?

It is a well-documented phenomenon that higher frequency people can visit the same place at various times and experience a dramatic and notable shift in mood or emotion each time, but often in a different way or direction than their previous visit(s). In other words, they can walk into a store feeling very happy and leave feeling very sad, and at other times experience the opposite shift. In general, if the overall ambience of a location stays relatively constant, but your moods often do not when you are immersed in it, you are likely “picking up” the frequencies of the people who are working, shopping, or otherwise spending time there with you. So, don’t be surprised if you enter a store feeling just fine and start to feel very angry—only to find that it is the cashier or a customer in the front of the store who is enraged or upset. It’s always comforting, validating, and fascinating to know that it’s not “all you.”

4. Does spending time in specific areas of a home, store, building, or mode of transportation consistently trigger fatigue, nausea, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, gastric distress, anxiety, or panic attacks while you are there, or soon after?

If so, those areas may be zones of high EMF (electromagnetic frequency). Each person has his or her own threshold for different types of EMF exposure, and it can be helpful to test the EMF of the places or technologies that you use most. Affordable EMF detector units and smart phone applications are readily available to help you assess. Everything from microwaves, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and hair dryers to computers, cell phones, certain light fixtures and bulbs, outside electrical grids and meters, security check points, diagnostic imaging machines, and most modes of motorized transportation have frequencies that can be taxing–and can lower your threshold for other physical and emotional stressors. Once you know which areas or items are your triggers, you can better avoid, insulate, prepare, or compensate for your exposure to them.


5. Are chemicals, exhaust fumes, mold, dust, or other toxins overly prevalent in the air, water, fabrics, or work space where you spend your time?

Fortunately, the higher frequency body is extremely resilient and can prove very adaptive. However, if your immune system appears perpetually compromised and you are experiencing constant congestion, chest/lung pain, sore throats, headaches, dry skin, nausea, dizziness, and/or severe mood swings, it might be appropriate to examine the environment where you spend your time to see if an environmental toxin is taking a toll on your system, and significantly lowering your tolerance overall There are many affordable kits and services that can be purchased to test for air quality, water quality, mold, etc. Of course, we live in an active and dynamic world that is filled with chemicals and pollutants– and “life in a sterile bubble” is neither desirable nor practical. With that said, your body can and will try to tell you when a toxin is in a concentration, proximity, or quantity that is enough to push you past your threshold for optimal wellness. Once that irritant is removed or addressed, you will feel remarkably better mentally and physically and your tolerance for other toxins and triggers in your life will increase dramatically.

6. Are you getting enough natural light?

Many people, especially those of higher frequency, are more prone to sadness, anger, or depression during times of the year when daylight is limited. During such seasons, you can find relief by maximizing your exposure to daylight and/or exploring other ways to supplement beneficial light exposure, such as using light box kits and certain types of bulbs– assuming their EMF levels resonate with your system (as described in #4).

7. Have you identified any of your “soul relationships” with people on this plane, such as soul mates, a twin flame, or others with whom you share a deep energetic connection?

It is quite common for higher frequency people to feel the emotions, symptoms, or mindsets of people in their “soul” circle, even if they are not currently in contact or otherwise communicating with them. Because soul relationships involve a sharing and supporting of each other’s frequencies, you may find that you either reflect what the other party is going through—or experience the exact opposite because you are taking turns sharing the pool of energies and experiences. Severing relationship ties does not always sever the energetic connection. However, if you find the energetic connection is consistently more burdensome than invigorating, you can weaken that pull over time by continuing to distance yourself and by moving forward with your life and with other relationships in positive ways. Eventually, even if you remain aware of the connection, you will not be debilitated by it.

8. Are you living with an Indigo, Crystal, or other higher frequency individual whose energies are strengthening even more?

When higher frequency children and adults go through their growing or awakening process, they can often magnify and/or disrupt the frequencies around them. Especially when higher frequency people focus or shift their powerful energies into higher gear, they may find that technologies in their vicinity freeze, malfunction, or crash more often; that weather patterns in their immediate vicinity can change almost mysteriously; and that the friends, family members, and colleagues in their vicinity have more bouts of headaches, fatigue, or mood swings. The good news is that those heightening frequencies are contagious, and higher frequency individuals can consciously and unconsciously use them to help, heal, and awaken those people around them. It just may take a bit for the people around them to acclimate!

9. Do you sense an invisible presence or energies around you that may be watching and/or interfering with your experiences?

Although research has shown that NOT everyone has guardian entities or angels around them at all times, higher frequency individuals do seem to have such energies around them quite often, if not consistently. These “guides” may not always make life easy for you, but they are meant to protect you and make sure that you are on your best path. If the energies feel negative, it is likely because they are frustrated by your making the same mistakes or not reading the signs that they are providing. Human infants and cats can actually “see” the entities when they are around you. The cat or small child will likely stare just behind you or beside you—as if fixated on the fascinating being that our own filters don’t usually permit us to see. When you sense that the entities are with you, take extra notice of what is happening to you, around you, and for you. The guides with you are likely trying to affect time lines and outcomes, which will ultimately be positive for you and your mission here.

Although being extra sensitive and of higher frequency can feel like a curse sometimes, you are a powerful and Divine energy who is capable of insulating, ridding, and/or transforming the frequencies around you that are potentially taxing. The more that you are aware of the energies in your world and your body’s various responses to them, the more you can make the most of this human experience!

Max, “The Healer’s Healer,” is an acclaimed Medical Intuitive, Psychic Coach, and Energy Healer. Max, Lana, and LOC Group ( enjoy helping others embrace, enhance, and enjoy their own frequencies, talents, and triumphs.

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  1. Thank you very much for this, I’m a telepath (muscle testing says non-empathic, but even if that isn’t acurate I’m dealing with my own senstivities) and I’m not always sure when the thoughts I’m over hearing are or aren’t my own, however it’s amazing to me how much I’ve run into what might be similar situations. One particular thing I’ve run into is that spending time around certain people for extended periods of time has created chronic physical pain even when I do sheild myself and it takes several days of isolation for my body to recover.

    It’s not always easy to tell what’s going on when you are enduring near constant exposure to another persons lower frequencies.

  2. Yes I also feel like you have described – every time different. I am a single child -I think that is also the reason why I feel the energies more from child on. I also live in a building with 8 apartements and for me it would be better to live in a detached house. If it would be a skyscraper with lots of people it also would be better I think.

    The reason is that I need fine and high energies just for me, but with people living arround me i can never fully be really myself and be open like I know it is necessary. I also work create my own products at home and this issue to me is even more imporatant.

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