HJ:  Disease and illness is predisposed by a susceptibility to such conditions.  One becomes susceptible when they have issues they still need to work through at the spiritual/soul level.  While it is true that diseases can be caused by virus, bacteria, fungus and so on, one must be susceptible to such organisms in order for them to have any effect.  What then causes such susceptibility?  Unresolved spiritual issues from this and other lifetimes.  That is a big pill to swallow for most people because not only does it fly in the face of accepted mainstream disease theory, but it also requires one to acknowledge that the spiritual realm is indeed the source of all that is.  Once these underlying spiritual issues are healed completely, we are then freed from the cycle of disease and illness.

This is not to say physical health should be ignored or is unimportant.  Quite the contrary.  The way we treat our bodies physically is a reflection of our own self worth and confidence.  Those who do not respect themselves and are in the greatest need of healing tend to disrespect the body through the consumption of lower vibrational, processed, toxic foods.  And so one can then see that indeed there is a spiritual issue at the root cause of these eating habits which would then predispose one to the diseases that eating in such a way cause.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, it is only natural that those interested and committed to healing of the mind-body-spirit triad would naturally adopt a clean, whole, organic diet.  Someone who respects and love themselves and is on the path of healing would not continue to poison their body with such toxic, processed foods and would also not be as susceptible to disease, which is further reinforced by the healthier diet.  This explains why even those who have impeccable dietary habits and generally excellent physical health can still get cancer or the flu and so on.  Although they have achieved a great deal of healing in many aspects, they may still have unresolved underlying spiritual issues that leave a sliver of susceptibility to illness and disease.

Instead of fighting illness and disease, we can, as Cosmic Awareness suggests, learn to embrace it for what it really is: a chance for us to go deeper spiritually and reach new levels of healing and understanding of ourselves and the universe.  How often we get sick is also an indicator of how far we have come in our healing.  The more frequently we get sick, the more work we have left to do, or, it means that we are stuck on a certain lesson or issue and are having trouble transcending and resolving it.  If one rarely gets sick it is an indication that one is living in greater alignment.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

QUESTIONER: Yes thank you Awareness. Also, many have been experiencing physical ailments, illnesses, conditions that have gotten worse. I think many were expecting that physical disabilities and conditions would suddenly be changed when the Ascension wave came through. Do you have
a message for those?

The Mystery of Miasms

COSMIC AWARENESS: Many are experiencing situations of ill health and illness. Those who have had such an experience are detoxifying at a very deep level of the body. Much baggage has been stored in their personal lives through the life journey, and there is also the baggage from other lifetimes. For many this focus life has been an opportunity to take out the garbage so to speak, and to deal with all of the accumulation of the negative energies and forces in this lifetime, as well as other lifetimes.
It was with intent that this way was chosen, for it was understood before the spirit descended into physicality, the magnitude of the event that would be the wave of Divine Consciousness that would sweep through, and the opportunity for Ascension that would be made available. As a result they jumped into this situation with full inner knowing of what they were doing. For many, they have been experiencing aches and pains and certain physical conditions over the last several months, even years. They have been experiencing emotional upheaval as well, emotional miasms as well as physical and even mental miasms.

All of these mental, emotional and physical miasms were chosen by the descending spirit entering into this physical life at this time, for it was known that it would be the greatest opportunity at this time to finally rid the soul of the lingering negativity and unsuccessful life experiences that may have created karmic experiences that needed expunging, and releasing. Many who have experienced physical conditions: extreme illness, and extreme aches or pains are at this time in a position of high opportunity to deal with the traumatic energies of past lives, as well as those of this life that were created through the various life traumas that entities have gone through in the journey of their lives.

Ed’s note: A miasm is caused by a mis-integration (or dis-integration) of all of the parts of us, particularly the  disconnection of spiritual and physical. This misalignment creates a gap where a susceptibility can reside and this  is the miasm. The susceptibility is created as the reflection of the gap, or what we need to do to heal. That’s why  some of us suffer mentally, some emotionally, and some on a more spiritual level. When we can bridge the gap,  reclaim our total selves and integrate them, the gap ceases to exist and so then does the susceptibility, the  genetic or social predisposition to succumb to certain diseases.

Illness is an Opportunity to Cleanse Yourself

Being sick is a wonderful way to release many of these miasms, many of these stored repressed memories, both from this lifetime and from other lifetimes. While it is generally held, unfortunately, that illness is not good and that one must battle a cold or flu, it is the body’s way of
ridding itself of viral attacks, bacteria and energies that are not conducive to good health. The body has the capacity to destroy viruses, often through fever, or through the white blood cells attacking the viral agents and destroying them, but in the process creating great discomfort. However it is
the body’s way of getting rid of these bacterial and viral infections and it has that capacity. If one understands this completely and understands that when one is ill, it is a great opportunity to go with the flow and realize the body is releasing those negative energies this Awareness has spoken of that have been stored in the body. It is a wonderful time to reflect on the aches and pains, the general ill health and to ask, “What does this represent? What do these miasms mean?” Often when one is in fever, many dreams and visionary experiences happen. One can look deeply into them, and even direct them by putting to the low self that it is your wish and desire to understand at a deep level what the aches and pains are about, what past-life experiences may be attached, and why it is of usefulness to release present body traumas that are held and repressed.

In the weakened state you are often between tight control of a conscious mind and unconsciousness, and in that in-between state one can find great clarity and understanding. One of course must take care of the body, drink much fluid, have chicken soup, pamper yourself, rest and take care of
your body, but also use it as an opportunity to do inner work. Often when one is sound and healthy one is stuck in a consciousness that does not always allow you to do inner work, but in this in between state there is a drop of resistance to doing inner work which many have, and it is thus a
high opportunity to do this work.
One would also be encouraged to see the cold, the flu and the ill health as the body releasing not only the toxicity that is there because the virus has attacked the body, but also the opportunity to finally release the miasms and the energies that they contain that the body is experiencing. Thus,
thank the body, the low self for this wonderful work it is doing. Thank the High Self for helping to get to the bottom of many of those issues one has held for so long, either directly in this present life situation, or through the past lives that are energetically hooked into the individual for the
purpose of being cleared in this lifetime.
Illness is a very uncomfortable experience, but it is a most rewarding experience as well if one truly uses it for the opportunity it actually is: if one uses it to do inner work and release.
QUESTIONER: I’m also thinking that with the influx of so much more energy coming into the planet, that the cells are also changing quite rapidly and the body is adjusting to new energies.
The Body is Adjusting to the New Energies

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness agrees with you on this matter. There is also the change of the body. Many are feeling discomfort, but it has not progressed into full-blown illness. For others it may well be this that is involved as well. Therefore, it adds another string to the bow: the
realization that the body is in flux, the body is shifting, changing, recreating itself, and that for some this is a difficult and uncomfortable process that they are experiencing, but it is as you indicated correctly. It is part of the shift, part of the change, part of the reformation or reforming of
the body.
This Awareness reminds all, that when a child is growing, they go through what is known as growth spurts and it is often a very painful achy process, and yet how many now remember the pain they experienced growing when they went through a growth spurt? It brought them into a new body condition, different than the body before the growth spurt, but after a period of time it is hard to remember the pain that was involved when one was growing up.
It is similar in this way. Many are going through a painful period, physically, emotionally and mentally, and it is hard when one is in the middle of such pain to project forward that it will soon be done. One tends to become focused and immersed in pain, and it is thus difficult when one is in
such a position to reflect and remember that this is part of the growing up process of the soul and that it too will pass, and that once one is through it and past it, it will not be remembered, for one will be in the new body, the reformed body, the recreated body, and in that new state, all old
illness and past pain will be forgotten.

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