HJ: It’s 2013.  Time to stop beating around the bush and drill down into some serious esoteric material with substance.  While amateur changelings and messages certainly have their spot in the grand scheme of things as a gateway to the higher spiritual information coming through that is not quite as ‘palatable’, to put it mildly, they just aren’t going to cut it anymore.  The fact is, if you are serious about truly developing higher spiritual awareness and consciousness, you better be prepared to encounter things that will challenge everything you think you know about existence, life in this universe and reality.  If you are in your comfort zone, that should be a huge red flag UNTIL you become totally comfortable with and begin to embrace change as your way of life.  Even then, you will be tested and challenged, but you will be better equipped to deal with it.

From this point forward, I will be digging through the archives of many respected sources, one of which being Cosmic Awareness, and beginning to post some of the loftier material that has come through over the last 50+ years.  I have been reluctant to do so up until this point, but the energy feels more supportive of this endeavor now.  Those who criticize Cosmic Awareness messages without having spent serious time studying the underlying philosophy that is espoused, which is not its own, but rather interpretations of the true nature, laws and workings of the universe, do not truly understand what is being said and are basing their judgements off of far too little information.  This is not something to be judged at face value.

All sources of truly timeless, accurate spiritual information are saying the exact same thing in different ways.  The One Truth has been described by various religions, sages, masters, gurus, avatars, ET’s… the list goes on.  The fact is that the One Truth allows for all individual truths and experiences and so it is.  It is all encompassing.

There is a lot of ground covered in this message from Cosmic Awareness and I know many of you will find to be of great value.  There will be more to come.

Cosmic Awareness via Paul Shockley | Cosmic Awareness

This Awareness suggests that many entities view life and death as sequential, with lives creating new lives and themselves fading into death as a kind of cause and effect chain of events. There is also the established scientific view that the cells, blood, flesh, bones, organs, and all bodily substances constantly die and renew so that within a seven year cycle there isn’t one single cell within an individual that is the same as was there prior to the seven year cycle, which suggests a physical recreation occurs for better or worse at least every seven years during the life span of one’s physical incarnation. Others see life as a cycle in which one is born, grows or weakens but eventually dies and then is reborn to begin the cycle again.

Such a view sees a cycle of repetitious reincarnations as likened to being on a wheel of life and death, birth and rebirth as cycles and lifetimes repeat endlessly until one manages somehow to extract oneself from that wheel.


This Awareness suggests there are also the daily cycles which the cells of one’s body live and die, rest and restore their energies through the metabolism of cycles through degrees of bardo states: sleep, meditation, cellular death and rebirth into the awakened state you call reality. These daily cycles are miniature replicas of the life/death cycle but without the full and simultaneous participation of all the parts of the body causing the extreme event of a total bodily death happening all at one time. The greater participation of the body parts in the decay process…the closer the entity moves toward physical death.

This Awareness suggests that in the case of accidents and injury where vital organs are damaged, the healthy body can be disengaged from vital and spiritual energies resulting in physical death. But it is truly necessary for entities wishing to understand their full potential, that they realize the physical body is the product of vibratory creation and that it evolved more from mental energies than from material substances.

These mental energies emerge out of the consciousness that permeates the universe as “the Word” or “Creative Force of God”. The seeds and eggs that create the offspring are created within the individual parents and evolve also from the mental energies of their consciousness that they have been given. Thus, the cycle of life and death is controlled and operated by consciousness which plays out its dance in its own animated creations, leading to reproductions of its own productions.

In realizing the Universe, as well as each part, is made up of spirit, or antimatter and matter, in varying degrees of mixture, and that at the one extreme there is almost no matter, and at the other extreme there is almost no spirit or vitality, one can understand that throughout the areas between these extremes are the many degrees of spiritual and material mixtures that make up the realms of living beings and material substances.

One also can understand that the doorways known as birth, death and rebirth are like cosmological black holes through which entities travel in passing through from the spirit or vital side, to the material or physical side, or visa versa. But these doorways come in various degrees and in a variety of forms. Passing through a doorway in death need not necessarily be total or even physical, but may be emotional, spiritual, mental, or astral, and in such cases, and may only be partial in nature. Each passage can affect the total being of an entity to some degree on all levels: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and astral, in some mixture or flux of these levels.

For example, an emotional loss as in the death of an important relationship may affect the mind, astral, spiritual and physical body, as well as the emotions. Physical life and death are often the more dramatic, and can be looked at as extreme passages through the doorways between the black holes in consciousness that allow one to pass through from one plane or realm to another. But awakening or falling asleep make use of similar, though less extreme, doorways or holes in consciousness that allow entities to shift from realm to realm more on the psychic levels, with less extreme effects on the physical level.

An ego death is another variation occurring more on psychic and emotional levels, having only a subtle effect on the physical body itself. This Awareness indicates it is for this reason that the Apostle Paul referring to his meditations said, “I die daily”, for by meditating on the spirit, he entered more into the spiritual realm and away from the material world. The death he spoke of, being diminished by degree, was not a finality of the body, but of psychological attachment to the physical realm, and served to strengthen his spiritual attachments. Likewise entities throughout their lives vacillate between life and death by their material and spiritual balance.

Dieting on foods that have little or no life force diminishes the spiritual intake of the body; dieting on thoughts and attitudes that have little hope and life-giving encouragement diminish one’s vital energies; as dieting on relationships and associations that deny spiritual energies diminish the
spiritual energies of one’s body. There are also environmental toxins, radiations, and such influences that can diminish one’s vital or life energies.

But when these spiritual, or life giving energies, are excessively denied from one’s physical body, the life force weakens, and the body becomes debilitated from lack of vital energy, and may yield up any remaining spirit and decay in death. The vibrations that fill the Universe are found in everything and in each thing that is; the vibrations being unique to that thing. Thus, each plant, each mineral, each life form, no matter how large or small, each heavenly body or group of heavenly bodies, has its own unique frequency or vibration. All the sub-parts or particles and sub-particles of any of these things, will have their own unique subfrequency or subvibration, which resonates under the greater general
vibration of the thing in the same way that a musical note resonates overtones to its sound.

Because of this uniqueness, each thing in the universe, be it mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, cultural, or otherwise, can be manipulated or altered by forces that hook, tag, attune or otherwise attach to its unique frequency, restoring it to its original condition, or distorting its condition to change it to become something else. For this reason, people’s vibrations, words, attitudes, actions, and behavior can change the nature of a thing; as also can the manipulation of vibrations through the use of electronics, radionics, radiation, sound, color, light, chemicals, shapes, movement, foods, minerals, vitamins, plants and herbs, soil, weather, water, and just about any other thing.

Those who are most sensitive and who understand this principle can make use of mental vibrations, images, chants, prayer, or other refined vibrations to bring about the desired results; others who are more materialistic may use tangible things: drugs, chemicals, electronic devices, machines, physical manipulation, herbs, and other material things to bring about the desired change. Still, another who wants to be truly thorough might draw from a variety of spiritual, emotional, mental, cultural, and physical areas to affect the desired changes.

This allows alterations, restorations, continuations or other modifications to a vibration to preserve or change it in the way open and acceptable to the one who would affect the change.

A doctor of one discipline would attempt to make changes in accordance with the method he or she is most familiar with, while a doctor of another discipline would use another approach. Likewise, an engineer, a chemist, a demolitions expert, a politician, a social worker, a member of the clergy, a soldier, a fireman, a physicist, a secretary, a judge, a teacher or a beggar would each have their own distinct way of approaching a particular situation each dealing with it in a different manner according to their own unique disciplines. The vibrations of one’s discipline, mixing with the vibrations of a particular situation, will be different for each individual and bring about different results even though their basic intentions may be the same.

The entity who understands the alchemy of mixing various vibrations will watch as one watching an experiment, to see which vibrations when mixed together bring about the proper results in any given situation, and will keep that special formula working so long as it is desirable, and so long as it continues to bring about the proper results. Mixing vibrations of people, places, things, weather, sounds color, attitudes, cultures, and so forth, can yield precise results just as surely as can the mixing of chemical vibrations. But the average person, being busy trying to create a more comfortable living, without guidance from another, will seldom develop enough attentiveness to recognize which people work best together, what attitudes are most helpful, what places, cultures, colors, weather, sound and so forth work best for a particular purpose or project.

This has been done in the development of the science of chemistry, electronics, and other systems that create formulas and patterns for particular purposes and goals. In the future, these vibratory mixtures and combinations that occur socially and in business affairs will be given greater attention for more harmonious results. Astrology does include within its discipline a system of recognizing vibratory or energy compatibility between signs and aspects shared by entities having different birth data, for astrology as used today on your earth plane is descended from a highly advanced and ancient extraterrestrial science.

The recognition of astrological cycles and accompanying sequential events will be the subject of future discussions, but it is important at this time to realize that the patterns of these cycles, the polarities between spirit or antimatter and matter, and the mixture of vibrations create the life and death cycles or sequential patterns in which everything lives and dies, whether it be a stone, a sound, an idea, an activity, a being, a planet, a galaxy, or a universe. Each thing has its own season, its own time to live, and its time to die, but in each death, each thing continues as something transformed into another vibratory flux, another mixture and pattern of energies and consciousness.

Every death is a birth, and every birth is a death, the movement is but a shift of polarities, a feeling of change in the matter and antimatter flux to its equal and opposite balance. For some, the shift is subtle and slow, for others it is sudden and quick. Some are nearly dead for years before the passing over; to that same degree, they may be that much more alive on the next realm. Others who are suddenly taken may require considerable time on the next realm to adjust to the new realities of their passing over.

All entities, in every realm, alive to one, dead to the other, or in between, experience the Life Force, the Creative Power of the Living Word of God, the Cosmic Vibration or Universal Frequencies, for that is All There Is.

Death itself cannot deny such realities, but only shifts one from this vibration to that, from this realm to another, from this reality to a different one.

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