Aisha North: The Incredible Potential of 2013

HJ: The year 2013 is upon us and what wonderful potential it holds!  After the major energetic boost/shift that was/is the Ascension, we now collectively find ourselves on the precipice of a new year filled with nearly unlimited possibility.  It is my conviction that this will be an immense year for humanity, perhaps even more so than 2012.  Now firmly in the energies of the Age of Aquarius, humanity has immense energetic support to rise to the occasion and transform the old control structures of the past millennia into the life and consciousness promoting systems of the future.

Many are disappointed and frustrated that the heralded changes were not more dramatic, but we still have every opportunity to create those changes in the coming months and years.  We cannot expect systems entrenched into human consciousness to simply vaporize over night — we must actively create the alternatives we wish to energize and experience.  The old structure of society is broken and outdated and is ready to be replaced with dreams of those forward thinking, conscious individuals who have a great vision for the transformation of humanity.

Will you simply choose to be disappointed and disillusioned for the rest of your life?  This mindset is counterproductive to achievement and the creation of abundance.  It is time to step into our roles as true creator beings, which have always been accessible, regardless of the so-called promises of Ascension.  We have two options here: to continue to buy into the old systems that have been in place for millennia  holding humanity back from higher awareness and achievement or we can rise to the occasion and actively co-create a new reality that provides sustenance and abundance on every level for all present on the planet at this time.  It is a tall order, yes, but collectively we can achieve it.

– Truth

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 244)

This time, the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one will be fraught with many emotions. After all, not many of you have had the chance, or even the wish, to even consider the fact that after the fabled year of 2012 there comes another one marked as 2013. For some, the very fact that everything, including your calendar, will seem to continue as if nothing has happened at all will be a source for great disappointment. But for others, the anticipation for what this new year has in store will be great indeed. For now, you will indeed enter unchartered territory. For never before have mankind been standing before an era like this, where you enter a new year equipped with an arsenal of energies like you do today.

So you stand on the threshold of greatness dear ones, and even if some of you still feel rather let down by the action, or rather non-action, of this last week, let us just remind you that nothing could be further from the truth. For what has transpired during these days in the aftermath of 12.12.12. and 12.21.12. is nothing if not life altering, not only for you as individuals, but also for this world as a whole. For you will exit this year as citizens of the multiverse, not as mere citizens of your world, or even your country. We are aware that for many, this will seem to be less than apparent, but we also know that some of you have already started to travel this new world that has literally started to open up before you, and this will continue to expand beyond any horizon you might care to try to describe.

We know that this will indeed sound like just another dose of lofty words, served up to placate you all, but let us just say that for those still trapped within the confines of this at times more than challenging tunnel of love, know that these walls will soon start to fade away and you will get a taste of real freedom that comes along with it. In other words, this connection to All there is will become more and more apparent as these tunnel-like walls starts to dissipate, and we know that there are some out there who can already testify to this fact. So we tell you to be discerning in these last few days surrounding the shift from this year to the next, and by that we mean that it is important to keep your focus on those parts of your existence where you can already sense that the change has taken place.


For some, that will be easy, as that part of them has already started to grow in intensity. For others, it will be a hard task to fulfill, as the parts of them still stuck in yesteryear will seem to be overpoweringly so. But we know that if you too give yourselves the permission to do so, you will be able to connect with that spark within that has been lit during these last few days. And even if your mind and your physical body will try to divert your focus away from that inner glow, you should not let that deter you from reaching in and connecting with it. For it is indeed important that you do so, lest you should let your own inner judge convince you that you did not pass the test you have been served with as this year starts to fade away. For you have not failed any test dear ones, not in any way. For you are here, and you are about to enter the first year in the new count, when you will truly find your voice, and make that voice heard loud and clear.

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  1. Yeah, they got the words right. A great disappointment. That’s what this is.

    They still talk the big words. The facts are that it is going to very gradual and s l o w. That’s what always was. But they kept talking about the imminent big never seen before changes that never manifested. You (off world- higher density confederation entities) are a big disappointment. Really, how hard is it to say things how they really are and not fill us with fake hopes.

    Bashar is the most reliable info. He talks about 1st contact in 2025 or sth. Yeah, that’s pretty old. We will wait for the rest to pick up.

    I wish they had never talk so big. I wish they weren’t so naive.

    I wish there was justice.

    • It is saddening to hear that even threw such a magnificent shift people still cling to there egos…bashing the light because they themselves havent prospered in the way their physical egos allowed them to believe

      The only disappointment here is that many as creator beings who have learned and grown so much remain skeptical and asleep themselves…all is one you claim this to be the greatest disappointment and such an awful thing that your physical ascension hasnt come right away and new world didn’t begin on 12-22-12 when fact is youve only disappointed yourself due to ego and with such thoughts we are no better than the powers that be and the life weve been enslaved in for eons…

      We have come along way brothers and we still have an even longer path ahead but a path riddled with light and no longer darkness…do away with such 3rd dimensional emotions such as hate, EGO, and disappointment for we have fulfilled the “BIG WORDS” and promises made up to this point…

      We are destined for greatness and power for we are god beings ourselves…allow love to fill your hearts and lives for this is our path now…

      Live with light and love forever

      Your brother

      • Wesley,

        Don’t get me wrong but frankly, your comments just sound to me like a new version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

        Basically no one dares to admit the evidence: nothing compared to what was announced for so much time did occur: the “dark cabal” is still in place, there was no massive arrests, there are still far too many pathetic a.. holes on this planet and so on.

        The old trick of the two crooks in the famous Andersen’s tale is still working nice! As we are told that those who did not perceive any change on 21.12.12 are still in the dark and messing up with their ego, then of course none of the channels and supporters of the 2012 big thing will admit something went wrong…

      • I’m 27. Since i was 21-22 years old i became very interested in this new age stuff, the afterlife, the meaning of life. In time i found this is the only thing worth researching. I learned a lot, i learned to create my own reality. I learned to be positive and see the creator in all beings. I learned that to judge is to judge the self. I learned a lot/

        I feel i am not of this world. I’m for sure not a 3rd density being. I came here to help. And i found out that people don’t want to wake up. They are content with their materialistic lives. I have lost hope. They don’t want to wake up.

        For me this harvest was supposed to be what it was told to be. Each one goes to the world his vibration corresponds. Instead we are still here, there is a cabal, there is enslavement (i’m still a slave, so are you btw), we are still surrounded by people who drug us down to materialism and pettiness.

        The elections are going to be a disaster in my country, again. Economy not improving any soon. I came here to help, not to be let dragged down to this because people keep being asleep.

        The galactics promised big and abrupt changes. When that didn’t turn out this way, they told us that was what we created.

        It’s a huge disappointment. I ‘ve decided that life is going to be s l o w. I will grow very old to see anything i expected to see in 2012. I may as well turn to materialism as well and start acquiring cars and guitars like the rest of the people do, and become ignorant and happy. I tried to live like materials didn’t matter all those years. But they do. If you have no house and no money, no galactic ship will offer you a home. We are on our own.

        I have no hope and no strength to save anybody. I will be focused on playing music. That’s something i like and i will stop caring about what others do. It’s the only way to survive in this world.

  2. I, too, feel a great change.

    On the 21-12-2012, I felt very uplifted, filled with joy and happiness.

    Now, even though the world on 22-12-2012 was still the same, I do feel different. More powerful. More balanced. More in control, in unity.

    I feel that it is up to us now, our power begins here. We are all Gods and now our power is unfolding.

    Yes, 2013 will be a great year. Any maybe, once we get empowered and uplifted (by ourselves and not by some ET’s, “Saviors” or “Gods” – but by our very selves – maybde then we will reach the New Earth, the New Age, the 5D.

    Because we will create it, not wait for anyone/anything else to create it for us.

    Cheer up, people! You are more powerful than you think. Let’s start using that power!

    David 8

  3. This issue isn’t that we were disappointed, or that we don’t have choice going forward about what we think or do. The issue is that we put way too much stock in a bunch of disembodied voices speaking through human mouths. While many of us have some vague notion we are ourselves were galactics, we think all kinds of odd things about ourselves that turn out to be false (i.e. I’ve done everything required of me, I’m ready to ascend now!”)

    Do we REALLY know who (or what) we are dealing with? No. The ephemeral galactics never show their faces and have no skin in the game that we can verify in any concrete way. I’m not really sure what we need them for, since disclosure remains a Maybe Someday event. Based strictly on their past veracity, I’m not holding my breath.

  4. To be honest, you lighworkers sound like brainwashed cult members that believe every new age crap posted on the internet. Don’t you know that new age was created by the cabal? You are not much different from religious fanatics.

    I will however keep an open mind. Let’s see some results from your great plans of economic/social/political reforms, or major widespread shifts in consciouaness that you keep talking about ad nauseam. Even the smallest but irrefutable evidence could awaken millions or maybe billions of people. Keep pressuring you angels, aliens, and gods for disclosure and proof.

  5. And to help raise the consciousness they allowed Fukushima while two month before, Sheldon and SaluSA were assuring everything was OK, Fukushima went and passed followed by a 3 weeks silence in Channeling then, to improve the rise of consciousness they advised Japan to blank out the infos so two years after, we lknbow that there is more than one meltdown there oh Thank you so much Salusa Sheldon Sannda and all the light workers ….. WAKE UP!

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