Selacia: Ascension And The 12/21 Solstice

By Selacia |

With the 12/21 Solstice almost here, it’s vital that you connect with a lightness of being and remain in your heart. A lightness of being, after all, is required to maintain a high frequency.

The process of ascension you have heard so much about is directly related to frequency. In the days ahead of Solstice, and on 12/21 itself, you want to have the highest frequency possible in order to access a multidimensional state allowing for great spiritual openings.

With everything going on in the world, you may feel challenged to remain positive – yet this is what you inner being is calling you to do.

Moments Crucial to What Happens Next

Your inner wise self knows that these moments are crucial to what happens next on Earth. This wise part of you can see beyond the negativity and violence the world presents. It knows beyond a doubt that you and humanity are in a grand process of spiritual emergence, leading to a brand-new start for the Earth.

Today’s chaotic world is presenting a fast-moving canvas of happenings, prophecies, and uncertainty. It’s easy to get caught up in the media’s daily commenting about events, and to lose sight of the bigger picture of why you are here. That purpose is nothing less than enlightenment and humanity’s ascension, people moving out of a very dark time.

There is still darkness during the process of ascension, but remember that the world shifting out of centuries of fear and dysfunction must bring to light what is unworkable. A society that has been indoctrinated in violence will express violence until people learn how to love. Likewise, a society that addresses mental dysfunctions with band-aid medicines instead of real solutions will see explosions of violence like you have seen in key cities recently.

Remember Love is at Our Core

There is violence in this world, not because we must have violence or because it’s our true nature to hurt one another. It exists because of our longtime fear-based conditioning and a society that has become dysfunctional.

We must not give up on ourselves or one another – we must remember that love is at our core. That love, as it becomes the dominant force on Earth, will create miracles – people and beings unable to coexist harmoniously before finding common bonds. We must trust this and give our life energy to this in order to birth our new world more quickly.

Frequency Checklist

Since frequency is so important to your ascension, here’s a checklist of things to understand about getting into a higher frequency and staying there more of the time.

Ascension and frequency – Ascension is a progression of spiritual growth during which a person raises his or her frequency of thought and emotion. Lower levels of frequency involve fear; higher levels involve love. Example: being kind to yourself or others comes from love, so this action raises frequency.

Staying in a higher frequency – There is no automatic maintenance of high frequency. You maintain your own higher frequency through your consciousness and actions. This takes ongoing effort and remaining present.

Ascension in groups – There is a misconception in some circles that large groups of people will automatically ascend on a certain day such as Solstice. In fact, there is no automatic ascension. It is a process and it is individual. To be alive now and on a conscious path of awakening, you have been involved in the ascension process for some time. Even though you have made great progress to get to this point, you must stay awake and manage your energies in the now to hold and maintain a high frequency.

Ascension and outside forces – Ascension is a natural process of energetic unfolding for the planet and all of its life forms. That includes you! The source of the ascension process is internal, meaning it occurs within you as you raise your awareness and express that higher awareness in the world. Some people have a misconception that ascension happens for either large groups, select groups, or the entire planet upon the arrival of extraterrestrials or some other outside force. This is based on fantasy and the idea that people need to be rescued from themselves. As a divine changemaker, alive now to move out of victimhood and into an empowered way of being, you know that you are in charge of your own ascension and spiritual growth. No outside force or off-planet intelligent being can do it for you.

Banish worry for higher frequency – When you worry, you are broadcasting fear and reducing your frequency. Banish your worry with the following process. Next time you are concerned about something future-oriented, ask three questions within: “Is this something I can solve right now? Is this something worthy of my attention today? What is a better use of my time than this worrisome focus?”


For Your Attention Now

Of all the moments so far this life, the ones left in 2012 are among the most important ones for checking in with yourself and updating your energy for where you want to be headed.

Prepare your energy now ahead of Solstice with a brief daily focused heart-centered contemplation about your ideal world. Let your heart and your inner knowing remind you of why you came to Earth, and how you want to live with others on the planet.

Trust that your intentions and energies do matter in what happens on Solstice and beyond!

Copyright 2012 by Selacia –

(Note:  for more information about your role as a divine changemaker, please visit To be with us for the 12/21 Solstice global meditation event, please register here. Additional insights about these unique times are found in Earth’s Pivotal Years, your must-have book for living now. You are most welcome to publish these articles on your website, blog, and social media – as long as you provide the source – Selacia –http://www.Selacia.com Thank you for sharing these articles and for your connection and feedback over the years. May light shine on you and your path!)

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