Cosmic Awareness: A Powerful 12-12-12 Meditation for Ascension

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

Very good, that is good. I have one more question to ask. With regard to 12-12-12, are there any particular steps or meditations that the members could do on that particular day?

There is an addition to a previous meditation presented by this Awareness that It could recommend, the addition being to the Meditation of the Hidden Chamber of the Heart, the God chamber. In that meditation this Awareness suggested that individuals see themselves proceeding down a vortex to the heart chamber. First to the heart, seeing a door in the wall of the heart and passing through the door, entering into the heart and into the chamber of the heart. That this Awareness then suggested that in the chamber there would be a throne and that the individuals could seat themselves on the throne and receive the energies of the Divine, for this chamber of God in the heart is that which is the Spark of God, the Divine energy of God. That the addition this Awareness would recommend is that as they sit on the throne they can then bring this Divine energy into them and begin to visualize it spiraling out of their crown chakra, and that it spirals upwards in a clockwisedirection, spinning up and out until it reaches a level where it spills out and over the edge of the top of the vortex, and then continues circling around the perimeter of that which is the Torus shape, like a doughnut, the outside of the doughnut and the hole in the middle; and that it wraps around and around and around the perimeter of this shape, defining its outside edge and then coming down into the

bottom again, entering another vortex, spinning inwards this time and spinning up to the individual on the throne, entering through the base chakra and coming together in the heart chakra region of the individual.
That the individual can repeat this action of spiraling the energies upward and outward along the surface of the Torus back down into the lower vortex and back up into the individual. The Torus is a sacred form and is the form that surrounds all planets. This Awareness spoke of it a moment ago as the magnetosphere, the shape that was formed of the magnetic flows of energy around planet Earth, but individuals also have this energetic flow. It is part of their auric field. One can meditate on it and indeed energize it through this meditation. That when one feels complete one can cease the activity and indeed end the meditation, but it is an addition to a standing meditation that many will find very empowering at this time, of strengthening their auric field, of increasing their vibration and their Light Body. It is indeed part of a Light Body process that will enhance the formation of the Light Body itself. This is the addition to the Meditation of the Hidden Chamber of God that this Awareness does offer now at this time and says will be beneficial for the times ahead.
Thank you so much for that. It’s very much appreciated.

That this is a meditation that will be very useful during the period you asked about, December 12 until the 21st, a nine-day period, a time of sacred measure. The nine being that number of completion and wholeness, holiness, and that the nine-day period is extremely important as that which will bring it all together, that which is the Ascension process, that which is the Shift of Mother Earth, the Shift in human consciousness as well. That this Awareness says to one and all that the reason this particular experience of Ascension is so incredibly important is because it is not simply about individual Ascension, an event that has occurred several times throughout the history of civilization, but rather of planetary Ascension as well ashuman Ascension by many at a similar point in time, at the same time. That this has never occurred before.
That planets have ascended but they have not normally ascended with the masses who would participate in this event or who are part of a mass Ascension movement, that this is unique. It is also unique that so many will be ascending, for the traditional template was for one or two over a longer period of time, these ones being acknowledged as enlightened, ascended beings, avatars; beings such as Jesus the Christed one, Buddha or Krishna. But this is the first time that many are making this journey in tandem with one another, in connection to many and to the higher Divine forces and to the planet itself. That for those who read this newsletter at this time, be aware of course that you are part of that which is an outstanding event, even in the eyes of God.
Indeed, thank you. Does the Interpreter wish to go on with general questions or would you like to do a closing message? How would you like to proceed? The Interpreter is ready to conclude for today. There is no closing message, it was just given.

Thank you very much, it was excellent again, always excellent.

The Law of Gratitude is that sense of satisfaction where energies which have been
given receive a certain reward. Energies which have been given move out on that
curved and unequal line and when extended far enough can only return to its
source bearing gifts. Thank you

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