Emmanuel Dagher: December 2012 Energetic Forecast

By Emmanuel Dagher | MagnifiedManifesting.com

Blessings miraculous friend,

Can you feel the global unity vortex building? We’ve officially passed through the doorway to higher consciousness and our collective paradigm is mirroring it right back to us at lightning speed. Although getting here definitely had its ups and downs (and still feels quite challenging at times), soon we’ll be able to unpack our belongings and finally get the opportunity to settle into our very new realities. What’s coming up for us energetically on the near horizon will feel inspiring, supportive, and new, yet with a hint of familiarity that will awaken within us a sense that we are finally home. This sense of being at home within ourselves and our surroundings has been something many of us have yearned to experience for lifetimes, so these new energies aligning with us and bringing us closer to this feeling are sure to be welcomed with open arms.

We’re definitely on the verge of an epic homecoming. The sense I personally get about it all is that it seems as if a thousand-year-old drought is finally coming to an end, and everything that had once been barren and dry will become replenished and lush again. A big part of our global revival is a direct result of our collective consciousness moving out of lack mentality and back into our hearts where abundance mentality resides.


If we are noticing feelings of being scattered, exhausted, irritated, emotional, angry, or off balance in any way right now, it’s just our mind integrating with our very new realities. When the mind feels it is ‘losing’ something, it works overtime to do everything in its power to hold on to what it thinks it’s losing. Right now, more than ever, is an excellent time to set the intention daily to truly remind ourselves that we are far greater than just our thought patterns, mind and experiences. We are spiritual and infinite beings having a physical experience, rather than physical beings having a spiritual experience.

Because we are going through so many daily changes and shifts, it’s easy for the mind to go into fight or flight mode, because it doesn’t really know what to do. So, it’s important to continue being gentle with ourselves through our integration process so that we can remain fluid and flexible with the changes happening all around us. I know this suggestion can feel like a tall order to ask for, especially with the combination of the Full Solar Eclipse that occurred in mid November, the Full Moon/Partial Eclipse at the end of November, the heightened Solar Storms ejecting massive amounts of light into our planet, the December 12th energy portal, and of course the December 22nd Solstice. Should I keep going? <smile>

There’s so much going on all at the same time and it can feel overwhelming, being drenched with so much energy all at once. However, we are very resilient and we called this experience forth fully knowing we could handle bringing forth our new heart-centered realities. It’s quite heroic if you think about it and leaves me in awe and humility every time I contemplate and realize what we’ve been able to achieve already in such a short amount of time (speaking in non-linear time.) We’ve made such huge strides forward in our personal and global consciousness, even though at times it can get clouded with all the outside noises and distractions.

So, now more than ever it’s imperative we rest when we feel guided to, and really be good to ourselves and others through this transitional time. Choosing to be gentle with ourselves will most definitely make it easier for us to navigate through all the changes occurring in our lives and all around us. There’s just no denying the fact that our very new realities are unfolding divinely.

The 2012 Phenomenon

To get a clear perspective of where we find ourselves today, let’s take a moment to reflect back to two years ago, then to this time last year. Have things changed for us or have they stayed the same? Are we still the same exact person we were with the same awareness level, or are we different? For the most part, if we are being honest with ourselves, we’ve probably noticed that we’ve become a more refined and authentic version of who we used to be. At times it may not feel that way, because we find ourselves a bit more sensitive than we used to be, but this is definitely part of us becoming more refined to knowing what is, or is not, in alignment with who we really are.

As we look back at the year 2012, it’s clear that it has truly been the year that catapulted global awakening from being just an idea to an actual reality. There’s a divine emergence snowballing from our personal lives to areas of wellness, community, education, nutrition, leadership, technology, monetary systems, religion, climate, sustainability and more, and this is happening faster than ever. This emergence will continue to expand much more as we move forward.

Letting Go of Misconceptions

There’s a great misconception out there that at the end of 2012 the world will physically end. It’s easy to really buy into this way of thinking, because again the mind has a tendency of going to the worst case scenarios when it can’t really wrap itself around a certain idea, experience or concept. Any focus on the doom and gloom scenario is simply unnecessary and moves us out of our true power. There will be no physical ‘end’ in the way many fear-based theories have proclaimed would happen.

What’s Really Happening? The Divine Alignment

What’s really happening is that since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, which planted a powerful seed to higher ways of being, this has come to full fruition with the pinnacle being the date December 21st, 2012. On this day an astrological alignment also known as The Galactic Alignment will serve as a powerful doorway for humanity to step into higher states of consciousness. It has nothing to do with fear-based projections that the world is ending. It has everything to do with ushering in a new way of being and living where we as a collective group can start operating from our hearts in everything that we do.

This Divine Alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years, and was what the ancient Maya were using as reference with the end-date of their Long Count Calendar. That’s where many‘end of time’ theories began, having nothing to do with what the Mayans were actually saying, rather launching false fear-based ideas that could maybe make a few extra dollars for a select few.

Scientifically speaking, the Galactic Alignment is simply the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes, and because everything is energy, everything in the Universe will feel the impact of this Galactic Alignment.

Spiritually speaking, this once in a lifetime Divine alignment is going to serve as a powerful doorway for humanity to step into allowing higher states of consciousness to unfold. The energy we intentionally co-create on this special day will integrate into our collective experience gently over the next few years in a manner similar to the 1987 Harmonic Convergence that took place. That’s why it’s so important to bring awareness to this day, not because we’re going to see anything crazy or out of the ordinary, but rather so that we can use the energy of this day to gather millions around the world with a similar vision of love and unity so that we can make it our ultimate reality even more quickly.


So, it’s important to release the attachments we may be holding onto that something drastic is going to happen overnight on this specific day, or that something outside of ourselves is going to fix or save us. This day simply serves as a day where we can choose to create a turning point in our global being-ness moving us into a higher state of consciousness. This is what we and our ancestors have been working towards and holding the space for all these years, and now it’s here.

*A Special Note

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  • Usher in the new age of love, peace, & unity on our planet.

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Miraculously yours,


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