Cosmic Awareness: A Message of Hope in the End Times

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

That this Awareness is today available and It brings you a message of hope for these times. A message of Divine hope. For it is time to realize that each and every being is a creation of the God force, the Divine energy, that which infuses all, that which is part of everything, and everything is part of that which is God. But, this concept is ancient in nature and that the song played at the beginning of today’s session is one that indeed provokes the inner memory of one’s true connection to the Godhead, to the Divine Spirit, that infuses all and that is all. That each and every being on this planet is part of that Divine energy, sparked by the God essence. That at this time of great separation, of manipulated thought and beliefs, it is time again to remember the Divine truths of your being. To remember that each God-spark, that is each and every individual, will indeed find their way home, at the point of their departure from this physical reality.

That there comes now an event of great magnitude. That being the shift in consciousness from that which has been the consciousness of humanity that has developed over the eons through control and manipulation, so that the majority have indeed forgotten who they are and what they are. That each within oneself has the innate memory buried and submerged, as it might be, of their God essence and of a deep and presiding truth that burns within. The inner knowledge that all will return home when it is time. For no spirit has ever come into the physical that will not eventually depart the physical, the third-dimensional reality, and return back into the fabric of spirit and the heart of God.

That the attempts over the eons to bring mankind to a point of complete and total separation and isolation is an experiment in consciousness that was undertaken so that God Itself could experience that which is the separation, and those who have come onto this planet at this time and all times previously, have always entered into this field of consciousness knowing within themselves that they would return back once again into the bosom of the God force that contains them. And that, at this time in particular, it is indeed the time to awaken to the inner knowing of this truth. For nothing else matters. But it is through the heart itself that the knowledge and knowing can be awakened and indeed used to spark one into the journey home. That this occurs for each and every human being when they reach that time of dissolution of the physical experience. The spirit leaves the body and the body returns back to the earth. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

But the spirit is not extinguished. Rather, the spirit survives and does have the option of returning once again into that which is the fabric of the soul and the essence of the Divine. That there are those who have attempted to separate themselves from this Divine order. There are those who do not return back to fifth-dimensional consciousness and hide out in that, rather, which is fourth-dimensional consciousness, outside the framework they think of God Itself. But, this is the greatest illusion of all.

For none are separated from that which is the essence and the knowing of God. And although they may not return into the loop of recapitulation, that process of re-examining and reviewing one’s life to see if it had merit, to see if they had fulfilled their contracts and their intentions before entering into life. Still, eventually, even those souls who hide out in the fourth dimension must return, even if millennia have passed, back into the fabric of God Itself.

This illusion that they are separate and thus more powerful is indeed part of that allegory of the fallen angels. Indeed, the sojourn on planet Earth, especially during these times, is that story as well. That the experiment was for the purpose of allowing a separation from that which was the God force, the essence of God. A perceived impression of separation. For, as this Awareness has spoken, the truth is that none ever leave the knowing and the body of God.

And that in this illusion is that which is the deception that is perpetrated upon the human race in this state of third-dimensional consciousness, perpetuated by those who seek to stay outside of the flow of Divine order and Divine consciousness. They who have escaped: the Orions, the reptilians, the Zeta Reticulans, who have dominated this planet for hundreds of thousands of years, have created this false reality that they have come to control so effectively. But in this false reality, within the heart of each and every human being, lies the secret that all are truly part of the Divine order, part of God’s consciousness. Even though this may be buried under many, many layers of forgetfulness, may be submerged at depths beyond recognition, still it remains so. And that all have that knowingness within, that one day they will indeed return home. For this is God’s promise. It has always been the promise of God and will always remain so.

Therefore, in these times, where great change in consciousness will occur, where great upheaval and destruction, perhaps, indeed, envelope many who are still asleep. Still they all know that they too will return back into the fabric of the Godhead, back into the fabric of the soul.

Thus, it is, that this Awareness asks for each and every individual who hears these words or reads these words, that they remember indeed who they really are. And that they come to a place of acceptance that their lives will not be extinguished in the greater sense of life, being that which is their eternal being, their eternal lives. That many are afraid of the events that are about to unfold. Many refuse to accept that the status quo of reality could ever be affected so. But, this Awareness says, the experiment has been completed. That those who are the fallen angels are called home once again. And that there are a variety of ways that all can return, each and every individual can return. One can do so in ignorance, in fear, in apathy. One can do so in trepidation and confusion and denial.

These ways will only see the individuals who have not opened to the inner truth, allowing it to come to consciousness, bearing the journey in the most difficult way. Having to go through experiences that are frightening indeed. For those who truly cannot understand their greater truth, their greater being.

Then there are those who are awakened already to the truth of their being and yet still find it hard to accept that this shift in consciousness is God’s expression of love and the greatest opportunity given to find once again the inner spark and the inner knowing of oneself, one’s true Self.

In the speech, the inaugural speech, by Nelson Mandela, he said, indeed, that the greatest fear that most have is not their darkness, but their light. And that they are, and each is, powerful beyond imagination. This Awareness calls all now to imagine this power, this strength, this capacity. It asks all now to open to the grand and great light of the Divine, and Its great love for all.

In this place of acceptance and opening, one will feel the resonance of the Divine, especially during those times of great change and upheaval. That there are indeed many options of how to proceed. But, for those who wish to proceed with calmness and wisdom, with heart and courage, that which is required is simple: open one’s heart, open your heart to the love and the light of the Divine. That, at this time, this Awareness offers a promise of great hope to one and all. That as the events progress forward from this time onwards, that which is God’s love, that which is God’s love, light, is being made available to one and all. And that one can truly begin now the process of tuning in and opening to that light and to that love.

Furthermore, it is God’s promise that at this time and during the greatest times of shift and change, that time when the very essence of God sweeps through the cosmos, down the corridor from the central Sun and overwhelms the planet, that there will be with this, great calmness. A calmness that will go beyond the events unfolding for those who, indeed, open their heart and receive that which is the love of God, the light of God, the knowing of God. For each and every being is an aspect of that which is the God essence, the God Divine in all. That this time of calmness will indeed make it possible for those who are ready to ascend to do this with great peace of heart and joy of spirit. And that the unfolding events, no matter which timeline, will be such that one will complete the transition easily and successfully.


That this is not the ending of everything. It is but the new beginning. Remember this now, especially now in these times, when change is upon you. When that which was known as the reality of one’s being, one’s life, is revealed to be illusionary.  Do not fear the dark night. Do not fear the brilliance of God’s light and love. For you are that light. You are that love. And this Awareness speaks it as so.

Thank you very much, Awareness. That was a very timely message for us.

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  1. A beautiful message,
    I myself often wonder if I’m truly ready, I still find that I have doubts.

    One of my questions though, is; will children ascend? With this I ask if humans between the age 0 and 18 will ascend.
    It’s been bothering me for some time, mostly because I’m in this age group.
    I do really want to ascend.

    I’ve at times felt extremely calm when I’ve been walking through the nearby forest. But, I haven’t experienced any other kind of things.
    If someone, anyone could bring peace to my mind, please, don’t hesitate to do so.
    Much love, Kei.

    • Hi Kei!
      We all have our doubts. I do aswell.
      But there is no doubt in my mind that you for some reason would miss ascending at this time.Just the fact that you want to, assures that you will if you ask me.
      Everyone, including you, are on their unique journey to full conciousness.
      And remember, just by being aware of this shift makes you a frontrunner.
      The majority of the people who have chosen to ascend are still unaware of this.

      I also believe that the younger you are, the easier it will be for you to ascend.
      Because the younger you are, the less “mind programming” you will have to process, undo.

      And one last thing. Remember that YOU are the god of you own reality.
      Don’t let what others say and think dominate you.
      YOU alone create your reality.
      YOU alone make the decision/choice if you want to ascend or not.
      And it’s obvious to me wich choice you’ve made.
      Let it be obvious to you aswell.

      Much love, Jonathan 🙂

      • Thank you.
        You’ve alleviated most of my doubts, in a way, all that I needed was some outside reassurance. I’m actively trying to raise my vibration as much as I possibly can, in these exciting times.
        I’d like for you to know that you helped me with that, and succesfully made my day too!
        Thank you so much for your reply, and I wish you much success and love in your own ascension.

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