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Awareness, I have a question tonight concerning miasms. This morning I woke up thinking about the different aches and pains that we have in our bodies at this time. The word “miasm” came to mind. When I questioned what “miasm” meant, I got the information that a miasm was like a shadow imprint on a template that we bring through from various lifetimes, and it is that shadow of diseases and injuries that we get in our body during those times. It seems to me as we are approaching a nexus point, and all our timelines are converging, that these miasms are appearing in order to be cleared from our template as we go through the eye of the needle, in that sense. Can you please differentiate for me or explain to me where there is a difference between the clearing of the miasm and the light body process.

That which you refer to as a “miasm” is indeed part of the light body process. That, at this time in particular, the energetics of all other lifetimes are somewhat playing out in this last or final lifetime before the shift in consciousness occurs. That this is in reference more to lifetimes where traumatic events happened, such as a brutal death. Such as a disease. Such as the plague or tuberculosis. That the miasms are shadow imprints that are embedded in the cellular memory level of the body and as such are also the shadow of those memories held in the light body template for the purpose as you correctly stated being dealt with and eliminated from the energetic field, from the body, the mental field, the emotional field, the etheric field. And that this is very much involved with the light body process.

Therefore, it is not simply that in the light body process one is shifting to a crystalline-based body, but also that that which has been of previous nature, that which has affected in other lifetimes, the individual, the focus individual, has been involved in the death of that individual, are those shadows that are appearing that you are referring to: miasms. And that at this time, it is important to clear these miasms, to clear those time track associations that are brought into this physical consciousness, this life at this time. That it is part of ridding the energetic body of all influences and baggage that may have accumulated over the many lifetimes the soul has had, that it is choosing now to finally rid itself of so that the individual that is having the life experience, the spiritual aspect of the soul that is having the physical experience, can reach a higher state of purity, of body, mind, heart and soul. And that this is essential for the ascension process, for that which governs the ascension process is the degree of clarity one achieves on all levels. It is not obtained simply by stating that one will ascend or that one will reach high levels, for they have decided this to be so without doing any work to make it so.

That the ascension process does not only involve the one lifetime that is current on this plane of existence, but the many lifetimes that the soul has sent focused personalities into, and that at this time, the particular focus personality that is the individual who is interested in ascension, more than interested, committed to ascension, has come to this planet to experience ascension, the raising of consciousness from that which is the asleep state of the physical personality, to a clear state, an enlightened state, and that the many lifetimes that have been experienced that are relevant to this lifetime, for this Awareness would state that not all lifetimes are relative to the focus personality, or relevant indeed to that same focus personality, but those that have indeed something to do with the present lifetime are those that will express the miasms that are being felt in the body.

Therefore, often, the strange aches and pains one has were areas where in other lifetimes wounds occurred, or there was an injury that precipitated and led to death. That illnesses, especially of the nature described, plague and tuberculosis, are also the miasms of the aches and pains that are experienced in the physical body. But, a disease such as tuberculosis, may appear as the shadow of that miasm in the lung region, a tightness in the lung region. That miasms of the digestive tract suggest in other lifetimes, problems with digestion to the point that they created serious ramifications in those lifetimes. But, if it were only that one had stomach problems in another lifetime, this would not be significant enough to cause the miasm to appear in this lifetime. It would have had to be something of a major nature.

For example, if one was poisoned in another lifetime and that poison collected in the organs and led to death, this may be a miasm of pain in the stomach. Equally, a ruptured appendix in another lifetime, which led directly to death, may also have a shadow formed in the appendix of the focus personality. Sharp pain, for example, in that region. That sometimes this can become strong enough that one actually thinks that they have a condition that is relevant in this lifetime, real in this lifetime. But as the light process goes on, as these various lifetimes are cleared and the miasms or that which is the shadow of that former illness, disease, injury or rupture, plays itself out in the physical body of the present personality, of the present focus personality, that they indeed show up, are dealt with and thus released.

There are many who are experiencing random aches and pains in regions they have never experienced before, having lung and throat and heart issues such as the palpitations this Awareness has talked about previously, that are indeed miasms or shadow formations that is meant to be played out. While it is always appropriate to check out any or all physical ailments that are stressful or disturbing to one, for one would be remiss to simply say that the miasm is happening, do not go to the doctor if one is having major heart stress, for example, or heart palpitations, if one understands that this is perhaps something more serious. And even if it is not, this Awareness must, from the position of responsibility to those entities in third dimensionality, suggest that going to the doctor may be indeed the very thing one does and needs to do to alleviate fear in this matter. But, if upon doing so, or even if one does not go to the doctor, but already understands that these conditions are not of a life-threatening nature and it is simply a fearful state due to the experience itself, and if one chooses then to go deeper, that one can often arrive at an understanding of what is occurring. And that the miasms, as they are being experienced, can indeed become gateways to the various lifetimes where an event may have occurred that is associated with the present day experiencing of pain in that area.

For example, many have had situations in the past where they have been warriors, where they have been involved in military conflict and war, and have died on the battle field, often brutally. That many who have had past life experiences either simultaneous through their own means or through past life regression therapy, often will find themselves in situations where they view again a past life such as being a warrior, such as dying in battle. That they may have, for example, received an axe blow to the neck and shoulder area. That this seems gruesome and it indeed is a gruesome and imaginative way to die, but that it is long past, it is no longer relevant in the sense of an oppression in one’s life that causes an individual to stay focused on this life, but what may occur is the shadow duplication of the pain experienced in that region. This is, of course, the miasmatic experience, the miasm of that experience in the present body. Thus, one may suffer aches and pains or a tightness locking up, causing tension in that area of the neck, shoulder, or in other areas where other blows were experienced.

What is relevant about this experience, this second-hand, secondary experience, is that it allows, upon reflection and understanding, a release of any energies that were left over when the individual received that blow, experienced that illness, experienced an event that was traumatic and damaging at the time. It is so that when a spirit is released, when the soul is released from a physical form, and returns back to the soul fabric at the fifth-dimensional level, there is a review of the life before that which this Awareness calls the Spiritual Council of Elders or the Council of Spiritual Elders. That these are beings who are the high self and oversoul of the individual, going twelfth strata up in consciousness. The purpose of such a review is not to punish, but rather to allow the returning soul to completely review the life that was experienced, the death that was experienced. Whether or not the individual achieved the soul purpose that had been planned for the individual, when that aspect of soul entered into physicality, entered into a life. During that life, events occurred and in their occurrence a psychic imprint is made, that this is part of the Akashic records, part of the soul’s memory. That those incidents that had pertinency to the crossing over that somehow reflected a failing, a mistake, an injustice, an event that was imprinted on the psyche at the time of death, are those that are carried over and branded, if you will, into the soul memory, the returning soul memory. They are added to the pool of leading consciousness that is the group soul, the long soul, the greater soul, from which each soul aspects emanates. That they are pooled together and they do create this pool of remembered experiences that are held in the soul, that are held in the light body of the aspect of the soul that descends into physicality, that chooses to have a physical experience.

That these aches and pains, although they may have physical sources, also very much are the miasms that are being discussed here that are the memories of the soul of previous lifetimes, aspects that the soul had sent out, that are connected with the focus personality. This is very complex. This Awareness will not go into that discussion at this time, but be it as it may, this Awareness does say that these miasms are specific in nature for the purpose of being released in this lifetime so that aspect of the soul that is having the physical experience that includes a spiritual evolutionary process, reaching a point of clarity and purity to a high enough degree that it can ascend in full awareness bringing back the energy of the body, being able to transfigure the body, transmogrify the body, that this can indeed only be achieved if one has ridded oneself of those energetic miasms that are brought into play in this lifetime.

That what you have asked is very important to the clearing process of the body as it seeks higher states of consciousness. That the body, mind, heart and soul must be free of that which could be considered contamination of other lifetimes, for often when one passes in such a manner and finds oneself on the other side, there is an immediate surge of energy around the event of one’s death that often stays trapped. This is the contamination, if you will, that this Awareness is referring to. It is a contamination of the purity of the energy of spirit and, although a spirit does absorb it back in, it is also part of the process of release that happens when the focus personality of the soul returns into a physical body, especially at this time.

Thus, it is imperative to allow the body to release these miasms, these shadow memories that are held in the body so that the body can reach that level of high clarity and focus and purity that would allow it to undergo the transfiguration process, that would allow it to be dematerialized from a physical body into an energy pattern that can be stored and reassembled whenever that which is the focus consciousness wishes to do so. That this is at the highest level and it is not to say that one must reach this complete clarification of all miasms. The complete release of all miasmatic experiences and energy signatures in the body. But the more that can be released, the more that one opens to the light body and the light body process, the higher one indeed will be able to go in the process of ascension, reaching that which is the highest level, the transfiguration, transmogrification, of the physical body and the sidestepping of the traditional release from physicality through the death experience. That many who are experiencing these aches and pains, the heart palpitations, the issues with throat, are indeed experiencing the release of those miasms, and it is an interesting process indeed. But, it becomes even more fascinating when one begins to understand that these aches and pains, these various conditions, have a much deeper reason for having a purpose, if you will, in the individual’s life. That ultimately, one goes through the light body process to create such purity, to bring the crystallization process into effect, to reach a place of consciousness that is free of the tendrils of any contamination from any other life experience by the soul as it sent out its many expressions of self, its many focus personalities. To understand this and to know this and to accept this will help individuals who are perplexed and troubled, confused and behindered, set back, unable to move forward, because they have no understanding of the process that is occurring. This Awareness hopes that this explanation of miasms, of the residual energetic shadow signatures of other past lives, pains, aches, conditions, etc., will help many at this time to go to those lifetimes, to actively release them, and to clean up their body at this energetic level.

Thank you. Can this also mean that the miasms are actually responsible for what is known as psychosomatic conditions?

There is a connection, but they are not the cause of psychosomatic conditions. For often, one will have a psychosomatic reaction involving a present life trauma, where the psyche of the individual has been pushed to a point where they cannot cope with their lives, that they must shut down a part of their being, if you will. A classic example is when one has received a shock and is scared so badly, that they have witnessed something so horrendous, that they cannot talk about it. They literally cannot talk about it, for they lose their ability to talk. That this is a psychosomatic situation. But, that when one is able to finally go into the trauma and release it, that it will then free up one’s speech again and the individual will often then be able to speak. What you are referring to is the situations of psychosomatic illnesses that may have been carried over into death and thus create this shadow condition of memory at the cellular, spiritual level. That revisits an individual in another lifetime. Of course, when this Awareness says it revisits another individual in another lifetime or an individual in another lifetime, it is of course referring to the focus personality of the soul that is having a life that is connected directly to other lives that are pertinent to this lifetime. Thus, if in another lifetime, an individual develops a psychosomatic illness or condition, and did not deal with it in the other lifetime, it could reproduce itself in this lifetime, even to the degree of being born mute as a way of dealing with that previous situation. But this is a random example.

That each example is different. Generally speaking, a miasm does not cause a psychosomatic situation, but it may be associated with one, and if one figures out the original cause that created a psychosomatic reaction and is able to release it, then often that the situation that is being reflected in the present life, can also be treated, healed and released. This of course does not necessarily refer to genetic illnesses, where there is a genetic cause and a physical cause in this lifetime due to a genetic disorder. But even the genetic disorders often have much to do with past lives, and are brought on as a way of dealing with the karma of that lifetime. But this is again a slightly different matter. Does this answer your question?

Yes. Thank you. It does. Also, I was wondering if you can give any advice about how to support the low self when these miasms are brought forward, because I find that my lower self initially started to panic.

That it is important to deal with the lower self, because the lower self is that which is responsible for the miasm, which is that which would allow those shadow signatures of those experiences of past lives that are in the cellular, psychic level of the body or the level of psyche, that it is the low self that, of course, then plays this through the body electric, plays this through the organs, the muscles, the tissues, the blood, the cells, and therefore, when the low self, because it is following the soul’s agenda, does release these aches and pains, that it needs also to be part of the solution and part of the understanding of what the miasms are about. When they overwhelm the low self because it must bring these through, it can go into a type of stress itself over the situation, can go to overwhelm and, even though it is responsible for the body, miasms take a priority, if you will, for in their need to be expressed and released, they are part of the light body process that overshadows all else. That the low self thus creates a pool of these memories, these miasms, and as it allows them into the body, as the aches and pains, palpitations and other conditions, it often feels out of control, for normally, the low self is very much in control of the physical, the body itself, and the interaction and interchange in physical reality of the body physical as it moves through the sea of experience that is third dimensionality.

But with miasms, as it is part of a soul purpose to rid the soul itself, if you will, through the focus personality, of all of those miasms of past lives that the soul contains, thus it overrides if you will, and it causes, as this Awareness has stated, the low self to become stressed out. It would be appropriate and helpful for the individual who has contact with their low self to speak of these issues with the low self, to ask the low self assistance in releasing memories so that the individual can indeed review situations and release any and all energies around those experiences which are playing themselves out in a secondary manner in the body itself. Thus, for example, if one had a focused life once where one was diagnosed with tuberculosis, went to a sanitarium where they were bereft of their family and friends, and died in that sanitarium, lonely and miserable and in pain and discomfort, that the miasm as a secondary re-living, if you will, of that lifetime, may find that there are certain emotional energies around the lungs and throat, that there may be the physical symptoms, but they are not actual, they are reflected of that of which was the original condition. There may be mental anguish and doubts and thoughts regarding one’s health with their lungs or some emotional psychological reaction.

That the body is experiencing this, the low self is in overwhelm and it needs to be able to deal with it. Thus the middle self, that which is the consciousness of each focus personality, can go to the low self, ask for the cellular memories around this situation, may see, for example, this life as a tuberculosis patient in a sanitarium, the fear they went through, the loneliness, the heartache and pain, the mental anguish and in an act of release, one can say they release that lifetime and all of that which was the energetics, the energetic contamination, if you will, that they carried over when they passed in that lifetime. One does not need to go deeply into this experience in a personal way. This means one does not need to strongly identify and lose sight of the observation of the life. One can observe the life, one indeed is recommended to put up a barrier or protection of light around oneself, when one is going into such deeper experiences. But to allow the release is that which is most essential here and that the low self will assist in that process when it is requested. When one has reached that place of acceptance and understanding, where one forgives that life, then one will release that which is the energetic that remains in the cellular, psychic level of that of the personality and one will start to release those aches and pains, those conditions that are stressing the low self, stressing the mind and the heart and even the soul of the individual.

Thank you. I find it helpful if I tell my lower self that it’s just a shadow, just something that is passing through, and that seems to be a concept that is acceptable.

That is indeed a wise way to do this. To speak to the low self, to support it, to assure it, to help it understand it is but a shadow memory passing through, and that once released, once understood and identified, that the low self can release it’s stress over this situation, and it will pass easier. At this time, many of the Lightworkers are going through the light body process, are having these experiences. Understanding that it is part of the change of their DNA towards a more crystalline-based body. But, this Awareness also suggests that it is the purpose at this time, as all timelines are coming together for each and every individual, that the nexus point, the gathering point, is being reached, that to proceed, it is indeed worthwhile to not only express to the low self that these are shadow experiences that are passing through, but also to ask the low self for its assistance in helping with those situations that are even more pressing, that may be causing genuine angst and fear in the individual.


That first and foremost, to remind the low self that it is indeed this shadow situation that is playing itself out, is essential but if one indeed feels there are deeper issues at hand, one can use the low self to assist one in retrieving these memories, to observing them from a impersonal level and dealing with them. Also, one can use a regression approach, regression therapy approach, and if one is indeed experiencing very traumatic situations and they find that they feel unsafe and uncertain about dealing with these situations on their own, that they go to one who works with regression therapy or past life therapy and who would then help and assist. It is suggested that those consulted be of a high enough nature that they understand how to help the persons stay out of personality when they go into such a condition, do such work. But that as one does this work, either on one’s own or with the assistance of a guide or therapist, that they will find they are having major releases, which are at this time essential. Mostly, individuals can do this work on their own, however.

Thank you for that. I was also wondering if the focus personality also clears miasms from their soul group, or is it just the lifetime for that focus personality it has been involved with?

It is just the lifetime that are indeed relevant to the individual, that focus personality itself. That there are lines that connect a focus personality with the many lives, but not with all the lives of the soul group. There is enough at hand to deal with just dealing with the dozens and dozens of personal life connections with other focus personalities that are aspects of the soul, that had physical experiences. That ultimately, however, as one releases and allows the shifting action to occur, the shifting of the energies from all other lifetimes that are relevant to the focus personality and their present lifetime, it also has a deep and powerful affect on the group soul. And if others of the group soul are also engaging in this release process, then the group soul itself will be cleansed and cleared and reach that state of purity that this Awareness has expressed.

Thank you. So that means that every individual is responsible for clearing out their own miasms.

This is correct, but this Awareness will qualify here. When one does so with conscious awareness, that the results are much more dramatic and powerful, and it is this that needs to be achieved if one wishes to reach the highest level of the ascension process. That the body itself, the focused personality itself, will still be clearing up miasms even if the individual does not understand the concept, has never heard of this concept before, and this Awareness guarantees that most have never heard of this concept previously. That this does not mean that the miasms are not being cleared, for there is an automatic process that is occurring for most, that being the process of experiencing the aches and pains and the various conditions one will be experiencing, such as the heart palpitation or trouble with the digestion or the lungs. And that if this is a true miasm, a shadow experience, and not a real medical condition that must be treated, then it will pass by itself, once that energy is experienced, and the body is creating healing through this release process, that occurs simply by experiencing the miasm going through it. That even without understanding or comprehension, the body and the low self are dealing with this. It is just that when it becomes extreme, when it is a powerful set of miasms, the low self can stress out. The low self can go into overwhelm. And thus it is to the focused personality’s advantage, also the middle self personality and identity, that one is better served by understanding what is happening and consciously dealing with it, versus unconsciously, as is the case for most who are experiencing the light body miasms. Does this answer your question?

Yes. Thank you. But I also wanted clarity on whether one focus personality can take on the miasms of another focus personality, if that other focus personality decides not to do that. Is it necessary for the soul group for another focus personality to take on that?

This cannot occur, for if there is no agreement, then the focus personality cannot simply take on another’s miasms. It cannot take them on, there needs to be agreement amongst the focus personalities. Otherwise, one is simply being a martyr and it is not necessarily beneficial. However, if there are other reasons why one focused personality is having trouble dealing with situations, then another can step in and assist the process, even somewhat taking it on, but not taking it on to the degree that the other focus personality is absolved, for it must be remembered that a miasm results as …that miasms occur as a result of past life experiences, present life experiences, that need to be released by that focused personality, not by another, even for the sake of the soul group. There is another process that can be used for the soul group, but this is again a different matter and in terms of the explanation this Awareness is giving about miasms and the shadow experience, that in this case, one cannot take on for another what is theirs to deal with. Is this clear?

Yes. Thank you. That clears it up very nicely.

At this stage, I don’t have any more questions regarding this, and I thank you very much for your information that you have given to us that we will now share with the readers.

That this Awareness is pleased to have spoken about this matter and hope that the introduction of this concept of miasms of the light body process, of the cleansing and clearing of the body from past life influences, past life miasms, will prove beneficial to those who read these words, who take on this information.

Yes. Thank you. I’m sure it will give many people a lot to think about. Thank you Awareness.

That this Awareness is now complete. That it sends its light and its love and its blessings to one and all. That it is done in beauty, and in beauty it is done.

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  1. Miasms:

    (Vibrational Dissonance -Karma – Karmic Imprint -Miasmic Body)

    Miasm (Miasma): An influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt. From Greek: Defilement (to make unclean or impure: as a : to corrupt the purity or perfection of), from miainein: to pollute. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

    Miasms are anti-particle Sho-na static light radiation fields within the PCM Kathara Core Density Template, that manifest as corresponding Sho-na static field distortions within each successive level of the Density Multi-dimensional Anatomy.

    Miasms – “Frozen Light” Etheric Sho-na Crystals.

    Miasms are “Frozen Light” reverse polarity-charge units within the Level-3 Kathara Grid (Diodic Grid) that form as a result of “Free Will” choices made by incarnates that involve using the personal energies in ways incongruent with the natural Laws of the Unified Field Physics and the Primal Order of the KRISTOS TEMPLATE” (Krist Code).

    Miasms that have been formed through the intentional use of Black Hole External Merkaba Technology are called Sho-na Transposition Fields.

    (Kathara 2-3 Foundations Manual – Page 18)

    Miasms are morphogenetic crystallizations of Partika (electro-tonal units of consciousness that form the base for anti-particles), cause by a collection of lower-vibrating thought patterns (thoughts create morphogenetic templates within the morphogenetic field of the body and consciousness).

    Miasms manifest within the particle structure of the Hova Bodies as electrically charged anti-particles, which block the natural functions of the Hova Body merger, Merkaba Vehicle formation and Dimensional Ascension.

    The build up of Miasmic Crystals within the morphogenetic field, DNA, physical body and consciousness, which accretes from one lifetime to another, impedes the natural evolutionary process, blocking the process of Soul and Over-soul integration.

    The Miasmic Body (collective of Miasmic Crystals within the morphogenetic field) is frequently called the Karmic Imprint, its contents becomes holographically projected into the body, mind and 3-dimensional life experience through the inherent natural laws of multi-dimensional manifestation.

    These distortions are known as Miasms and the repeated ‘outplay’ of the miasmic distortion is called “Karma”.

    (The Tangible Structure of the Soul – Page 31,32)

    The condition frequently referred to as Karma is, like Divine Right Order, a tangible, specific organization of energy relationships.

    Unlike Divine Right Order, Karma represents dis-harmonious interrelationships of energy within the context of the Primal Order that creates dimensionality.

    Karma can be viewed as CHAOTIC, incoherent energetic disorganization, whereas Divine Right Order represents coherent energetic organization.

    (The Kathara Bio-spiritual Healing System Course -Page 179)

    Miasms are twists of energy that have reverse mathematics compared to what they should have – and they block energy and create separation and polarization instead of allowing energy to flow harmoniously.

    Miasms are in our scalar templates , our shields, like burned light bulbs. They are anti-particle build-ups in the particle field created by reversals in the scalar template and they will change what you are trying to manifest with your thought process.

    Karma isn’t something that you are born with in the way that you picked it up last time you died and took it here – it’s literally an immediate connection, just like our connection to God. It isn’t something that happened once upon a time when we were created – it’s here every moment -the Karmic imprint comes through every moment.

    As more we work with the mathematics contained in the Veca Codes, the more we are able to clear the stuff we already have and restore the original mathematical imprints.

    (Keys for Mastering Ascension Module Handbook)

    The Miasmic/Karmic imprint MUST be transmuted for Hova Body merger, Higher Identity embodiment and Dimensional Ascension to take place.

    Transmutation of the Miasmic Body is achieved by reversing the polarity charge of its crystallizations, merging its anti-particles/Partika with its corresponding particles/Particum (electro-tonal units of consciousness that form the base for particles), within the morphogenetic field and DNA, which dissolves the Miasmic Crystals through morphogenetic and inter-cellular fusion.

    Through fusion and reciprocal fission within the next dimensional harmonic, the Miasmic content and its corresponding body mass are transmuted into inter-dimensional light/sound/electromagnetic/scalar wave spectra, progressively freeing distortions from the Hova Bodies, to allow building the Merkaba Vehicle and the process of Dimensional Ascension to commence.

    (See: Monadic Reversal)

    Reversal of Miasmic Polarity to dissolve Miasmic Crystals can be achieved in various ways:

    1)The conventional method is to “walk the karma and make appropriate choices in this life time”, which serves to heal the karmic issue (dissolve the associated Miasmic imprint) as the projection manifest in the 3-dimensional life.

    Unfortunately, the buildup of the Miasmic body in most humans is so convoluted that the issues upon which “better choices” could be made are rarely clear or identifiable; most often the Miasmic Body becomes reinforced and expand in the present life, as the same disharmonic response patterns are repeated, due to the pull of the Miasmic imprint on the mental and emotional bodies.

    2)A second method of dissolving the Miasmic imprint is to combine its disharmonic holographic projection with its corresponding harmonic projection in visualization practices.

    In this method, the disharmonic content of a present-life drama is tracked back to its original incarnational point of creation, then visualize as if the opposite, harmonic action was taken in the past.

    This constitutes healing the present by changing the morphogenetic program of the past, as it is stored in the DNA.

    3)The fastest, most gentle way of dissolving the Miasmic Imprint is dealing with the imprint as energy, with energy, using Keylontic Science technique to reverse the polarity of the Miasmic anti-particles.

    Once the polarity is reversed, through which the crystallizations dissolve, the re-ordered energy is redirected into the DNA.

    The Miasmic Body can be cleared in ONE LIFETIME, without one having to “walk through the Karma of the past”, if the dynamics of Miasmic release through Keylontic manipulation on the morphogenetic field is understood.

    (The Tangible Structure of the Soul – Page 31,32)

    (See: Disease)

  2. Excellent message and thank you for sharing this information with us.

    I have certainly suffered from heart palpitations, headaches (head pressure) and unenexplained anxiety for the last 2 years. Now I know it was ascension symptons or as Cosmic Awareness says, the clearing of miasms and development of the light body.

    I have noticed though, that since 11/11/12, all ascension symptons have ended. (hopefully for good 🙂

  3. I knew that the process of activiating my ascenion was related to why I was dealing with some serious increases in physical pain through out 2011 and 2012, I’m not about to try and vouch one way or the other for 2010 but I wouldn’t be suprised. I what I didn’t know were the details involved, thank you for this information.

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