DL Zeta: You are Multi-Dimensional, Existing Simultaneously Throughout the Universe

By DL Zeta | Celestial Vision

The energies of November through year’s end open a window for exploring new spiritual identities that will carry us seamlessly into the expanded future we have envisioned over the past decade. This re-envisioning of our destiny takes place as old ways of perceiving ourselves and the world we live in erode and fall away.

Accepting All Things are Possible in the Universe

November has served as a passage to help us revisit age-old questions of “Who am I? Why am I here?” Now more than ever these questions are crucial to our movement through upcoming transition times. Who we believe ourselves to be determines everything in our lives. Our beliefs serve as gatekeepers, determining much of what we “allow” into our experience. We are being asked now to expand our beliefs to embrace the idea that all things are possible in the universe. Limitations do not truly exist. Time does not really exist. These are just human constructs that help the conscious mind manage and process reality. These constructs are meant to serve as tools for navigating consciousness, not as self-imposed prisons that greatly limit our potentials.

You are a Vast, Multi-Dimensional Being

As we allow ourselves to move deeper into the energies of the new time, we encounter expanded timelines where each person holds a deeper awareness of their spiritual identity. As part of this deeper awareness, each of us will come to perceive our multi-dimensional nature. During this time, we will have dreams, experiences and visions that prove to us beyond a shadow of doubt that we are much more than the limited physical beings we’re able to perceive with our physical senses.


You Exist Simultaneously throughout the Universe

Because time and other limitations don’t really exist, souls are able to incarnate simultaneously into numerous timeframes and dimensions. As we move further into the awakening process, we gain awareness of other aspects of our selves simultaneously existing throughout the universe. Some of these aspects are incarnated into physical reality in other timeframes – both past and future – and some aspects reside in other locations in the universe serving as soul guides, spirit helpers and originators of new realities. As we accept that our other aspects exist, we develop the potential for communication and sharing with these aspects.

We Are Not Limited to the Confines of our Conscious Mind

An unenlightened conscious mind likes to think of itself as separate, autonomous, and authoritarian. The other side of the coin is that it can feel also feel isolated, alone and overwhelmed by questions and experiences it is unable to understand. When our conscious self expands its identity to include these other aspects, it is able to begin communicating with them, sharing information, talents, skills and wisdom. In this unified state, we are able to burn through the perception that we are small and alone and limited to the confines of our conscious mind. The acceptance that we are “many” allows us to adopt the spiritual identity of a vast, multi-dimensional being empowered by an atmosphere of love, cooperation and mutual assistance with our other “selves.”

An Expanded Spiritual Identity is an Ascension Milestone

A major milestone on the road to ascension is awakening to an expanded, multi-dimensional identity. When we accept that we’re vast, empowered beings, we are able to recognize others who are still struggling in silence and isolation. When we find inner unification, we naturally want to serve and assist those who are ready to step free of the condition of separation.

It’s impossible to experience true oneness with others when we are still experiencing the condition of separation within ourselves. When we adopt the identity of a multi-dimensional, unified being, we are empowered to serve and assist our “selves” and all others in a spirit of love, unity, cooperation and compassion.

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