Cosmic Awareness: Jupiter to Become A Second Sun; Affect on Astrology


Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

QUESTIONER: Thank you, that was excellent. He will be very, very pleased and I think it does explain it for him. Very good, thank you. This one concerns the planet Jupiter becoming a second sun. Is there additional information on that?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This again is that which has been spoken of previously. This Awareness has spoken that on certain timelines; this event will be experienced by those who are here to
experience it. In a way this means that this event has already occurred for certain ones who are now living in a binary system instead of a single sun system. This Awareness would also say there
are other factors here that have much to do with the unfolding of energies that are being released in the cosmos, and that are building up to that experience this Awareness has spoken of
previously, that being the release of high spiritual energies along the Corridor of Light from the central sun of Alcyone.
This Awareness also would add now that the planet Nibiru is also part of this conjunction and it is important to understand it needs to be in a certain position when that event occurs on
December 21. Its inclusion in the configuration of the planets and stars will open the gates and create this corridor, and will also affect Jupiter. It is seen that even though processes are
underway that will create this secondary star in the solar system that it has not yet come completely together. Even though there are those who have a timeline of this experience, this is
outside the main timelines that will experience the event later on. Yet as this Awareness has said, and It is aware that it makes this Awareness sound like It does not know what It is talking about, that there are those who simply will never experience a solar system that is binary, where Jupiter will not erupt into a new star. Yet there are many who will experience it at the appropriate time frame and there are some who already are living in a reality whose timeline has had this experience. But generally speaking, it has not occurred for the majority of timelines and it remains to be seen as to who will experience it and who will not. The major plan that this Awareness can speak of concerning a majority of timelines, is to have this occur at the time when the Corridor of Light occurs or when that energy passes through the corridor, completing the process at the right time for the ignition of Jupiter so that it can become a secondary sun in the solar system. This completes this answer.

How Will This Affect Astrology?

QUESTIONER: Thank you. How is this going to affect the signs of astrology? If Jupiter becomes a second sun and the other sun disappears sort of and the moon is not seen, is that going to mean
that astrology will longer be applicable for the new Ascension?

COSMIC AWARENESS: Astrology is that which provides blueprints based on the position of stars and planets. There could indeed be an adaptation, if this was the event that the astrologers
experience, to bring Jupiter into a different position of prominence or a different definition of the powers of Jupiter. But generally it could still be that it holds the aspect that is held now by the
planet Jupiter, although it is now solar. Also Sol, the primary sun, will not disappear. Thus it would not lose its position of importance but there would be adaptation. This Awareness asks you
as an astrologer yourself, has this not always been so? Has not astrology adapted itself to new thinking, to new thought, and to new energies?

QUESTIONER: Yes it has, definitely.

COSMIC AWARENESS: This is indeed again another example where it will adapt itself but it will also adapt itself in accordance to the new higher state of consciousness that will be prevalent by
those who have ascended. In a manner of speaking, the universe is there to support the beliefs of individuals as they create their reality. Thus the planets and the planetary configurations that are so important to astrology are part of a belief system to give certain information to those who have an awareness to interpret this, to see this, to understand this – that it is truly a blueprint for each
and every individual that is stamped when the individual finally enters into physical reality. As a blueprint for the individual, and available all of that individual’s life, it can be consulted over
and over again to give understanding and awareness to the individual as he or she progress through the journey of their life towards the attainment of their goals, ultimately spiritual goals of
spiritual evolution and advancement. It would be correct to understand that as long as one does not reach spiritual enlightenment and Ascension that one will always need the blueprint to help
one navigate the very tricky field of one’s life, the journey of one’s life, but when one has achieved Ascension the need for this blueprint disappears.
Therefore one could understand that as a being reaches enlightenment, as a being reaches a high spiritual position of consciousness as they ascend, astrology as it is now known and practiced
would not be necessary for the individual, for they have come into their power as a creator being and are no longer simply the ball in the pinball game that is being bounced from flipper to flipper.
They are rather independent creative gods who do not need to work under the influence of the planets, for they create their situation and they move in the direction that is in alignment to higher
spiritual awareness, but this is a slightly different matter.

The adaptation that could occur if a soul is still on the journey of life seeking physical experiences, not having reached those higher levels of conscious awareness, will be such that Jupiter will be
embraced even if it is a sun. Is this clear?

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  1. George kavassilas has been saying the same thing 1 year ago. He said this on the veritas show,Kerry Cassidy and a few others on He was having a conflict with a god called yahweh who was in charge of this many other solar systems.George says that their are many civilisations vying for humans and he did urge everyone to say on earth until you recieve back your full consciousness first and to know all of who you are that is within you first, before following any other type of paridigm. He believes that they have duality too.only milder but they think they are truly right but ultimately they are in multidimensional and larger paradigms. we are being bombarded from all directions from STS and STO. Cosmic Awareness is right about staying centred. By going the organic way and not jump onto a spaceship before being fully AWAKEN.

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