November 2012 Energy Forecast – Clearing the Chords

Energy Forecast ~ Clearing the Chords


November 2012

Hello beautiful friend,

What an honor it is for me to reconnect with you again. We have a great deal to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!

During October, the Sun became moderately active again, emitting solar waves that created geomagnetic storms in our Earth’s magnetosphere. For those living in the higher parts of the Northern Hemisphere, you had the opportunity to witness a stunning array of Auroras that lit up the night skies.

Although the recent solar activity wasn’t technically an X-class (which is considered to be the most potent), the effects on our emotional, physical and global bodies most definitely felt like it was. At this point, many of us have come to realize that everything is energy. So with this awareness, we know that when there’s some type of energy shift that occurs (ie: geomagnetic storms, etc…) everything and everyone is affected by it on some level.

How did the solar activity in October affect us? On a global level, the Earth experienced potent purges and movements allowing Her to align into a sacred space that can easily support the rapidly evolving consciousness of the collective. It’s not always butterflies and rainbows, as we’ve seen these past few weeks with the weather patterns and Earth movements, however it is all part of a Divine process that’s ushering us into a higher global state of consciousness. Since we are all interconnected, we as a collective, along with the Earth, are all evolving together.

On a personal level, many of us also experienced a great deal of physical and emotional purging that aligned us into a higher state of being. Yes, many of us are feeling ‘over it’ already, however we will look back in the near future and see that it was all worth it.

When we experience seemingly irregular weather patterns or Earth movements, there’s no need to operate from fear or worry. Again, it’s all part of the process leading us to higher states of consciousness. The Earth shifts just happen to be physical manifestations of the evolving consciousness being anchored. If ever in doubt, know that we are always being divinely guided by our intuition in every nanosecond of time to be exactly where we need to be. This is happening whether we are aware of it or not. The most powerful thing we can do during times of Earth shifts is to send unconditional love to every nook and corner of the globe, including all of its citizens (humans and our animal friends), bodies of water, vegetation and plant life, earthly minerals and everything else on our beautiful planet. By doing this, we contribute to creating a smoother shift experience for all.

If there is one thing I absolutely know, it’s that the Universe (the core essence of each of us) never gives us more than we can handle. How we react and handle it is up to us of course, however we have the power to decide whether we’re going to make it easier or more challenging.

The Final Solar Eclipse of 2012

The recent solar storms in October set the stage for the total solar eclipse occurring on November 13th (14th in Australia/The Pacific where it will be visible). This eclipse and the one that occurred in May both come right before the closing stages of the Mayan Calendar which is said to end on December 21st, 2012. I’ll be sharing more on this in detail next month. Hence, this eclipse is definitely going to make a powerful impact on our world over the coming months. By 2013, we’ll look back to see how much growth and change really happened for all of us in this last quarter of 2012.

Clearing the Chords (Severing the Ties)

On a personal level, the eclipse on the 13/14th will create some major revelations in our lives, especially when it comes to relationships. This includes the relationship with ourselves. We will begin to notice much more clearly whether our relationships are healthy or unhealthy. This clarity will make it more challenging to ‘look the other way’ or ‘excuse’ the less than respectful, kind, honest and loving behaviors we’ve been experiencing in our relationships.

If we are someone who is still experiencing an unbalanced or draining relationship with a friend, family member, colleague or even ourselves, an immediate resolution is coming up soon. This resolution doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy or comfortable, however it will be happening very soon if it hasn’t already. This resolution is part of something I like to call the chord clearing process.

Have you ever wondered why some people in our lives tend to trigger us more than others? This usually stems from some type of unconscious agreement that creates an invisible energy chord/bond with that person with the intention of learning a specific lesson that will allow us to expand into more of our truest Divine Self. Usually these chords are formed with a person that really can push our boundaries and make us feel extremely uncomfortable. These chords can stem from this lifetime or a previous one. If we are still carrying some of these chords with certain people in our lives, things will come to a head very soon if they haven’t already done so in order for some type of resolution to take place. So let’s be aware of the fact that major shifts in our relationships are on the near horizon.

If there’s a seemingly unbalanced relationship in our lives, it’s time to be proactive and do something about it even if that means having a serious conversation. I know for many of us who are a bit sensitive, we tend to shy away from really expressing ourselves fully in a relationship because of the worry that it may offend someone. However we simply cannot look the other way anymore. What’s being asked of us is to speak our truth in a compassionate yet empowering way. That’s the big theme for this month, to be proactive in expressing ourselves freely and fully without hiding anymore. A good start to doing this can be to ask ourselves questions like “What lesson(s) has this experience brought into my life, and what empowering action steps can I take to release myself from recreating it?”

Just as we are clearing the chords on a personal level, we are also clearing the chords on a global level. Expect to witness big shifts and movements in the relationships of countries. New connections will be formed and old ones based on the ‘us vs. them’ mentality will start to disintegrate. It truly is an exciting time!

The Forgiveness Piece

To speed up our chord clearing process even more, the gift of forgiveness is always there for us to tap into. What is the secret to true forgiveness? Forgiveness has nothing to do with anyone or anything outside of ourselves. It’s less about egoist pride and more about real lasting freedom.

Forgiveness is simply a result of being able to let go of the past we thought we wanted by releasing the unhealthy perceptions we’ve had of it, and aligning ourselves back into the present moment. Because we are still in our humanity, forgiveness is still needed and serves us in freeing ourselves to be able to reconnect with who we really are at our deepest core, which is love in action. The act of forgiveness serves as a bridge that leads us back to this sacred space of knowing and being who we really are, and when we are finally operating fully from this space of Divine Remembrance we realize that there’s really nothing to forgive anymore.

Moving On

The ‘clearing of the chords’ that we’re moving through is opening us up to a new era of peace, love, unity and abundance for all. We can view what’s happening now as the ‘fine-tuning’ stage leading us to this new era where there’s simply no room for anything that moves us away from a society founded on these principles.

As this new era begins and the previous era we’ve been so accustomed to living in winds down, it’s absolutely normal to go through a mourning stage. If you are feeling a great deal of sadness or grief come up for you, or you’re feeling it in the collective, know that it’s part of the releasing process and that it’s okay for you to experience it. It doesn’t mean we are less spiritual or enlightened if we go through this mourning period. In fact, by recognizing the importance of mourning and giving ourselves full permission to experience it, we are practicing higher consciousness at its greatest.

Over the coming few months, it’s important that we be loving, kind and compassionate with ourselves and others. There’s a great deal of inner and outer transformation going on, so let’s be willing to be gentle with everyone, including ourselves. We are all one family and soon a very different collective reality will start to manifest as more beautiful souls start to awaken. Together, we are making the great shift into our hearts happen, and for that I am deeply grateful.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


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