9 Ways to Raise Your Vibration Today

Feeling Fantastic Yet?

9 easy ways to get started.

by JOHN WHITEMAN | Heal Your Life

When you feel good, life is good.

“If You Feel Good, Life is Good.” Happiness can be achieved by connecting with how you feel in the moment and then with this fresh awareness, you can raise your energy vibration by taking little steps each day, creating a path toward a better feeling state.

I use 9 simple actions each day, which work like a prescription for feeling fantastic. When you do not feel good, I have found that it is because you are missing one or more of these elements. By re-introducing them into your life, your body gains the balance and momentum it needs to start feeling fantastic again.

Here are 9 Top Tips to Feel Fantastic:

  1. Exercise: The energy in your body is similar to that of the flow of a river. When you do not stimulate it through movement your energy begins to stagnate. Exercise has a very strong impact on how you feel. It may be running, dancing, biking, it doesn’t really matter what aerobic exercise it is, just as long as you bring some form of movement into your day. This will have a direct impact on how you feel. Try connecting with how you feel after you have exercised instead of how you feel before, as this will give you a springboard to feeling fantastic.
  2. Being: In our busy lives we can easily get caught up in a state of rushing. Consciously creating stillness for 5 minutes each day creates a calm centered feeling that flavors your entire day. Look to take 5 minutes each day to consciously connect with your breath; this will help you to let go of the pressure that builds up when you are busy, helping you to feel more relaxed.
  3. Sleep:  Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with a great night’s sleep. It will allow you to completely let go of your day and feel re-energized to start another.
  4. Nutrition: How we fuel ourselves impacts how we feel. Eating and drinking fresh and natural foods as close to the source as possible gives you the energy and balance needed to feel your best.
  5. Your Environment: Where you live, your home, your work, the weather, the seasons, the cycle of the moon and the tides, all have an impact on how you feel. Take some time today to notice how your different environments make you feel, and then look to spend time in a better feeling environment.
  6. Live your dreams: We all need momentum in our lives and what better momentum can anyone give themselves than to move one step each day toward living a dream they have. The smallest of things in each and every day can bring so much joy to a person’s life. What Special Moments can you notice today? When you spend a life collecting Special Moments your life becomes Special.
  7. Learn something new: Children learn fresh and exciting things each and every day. What is something you can do today which is fresh, maybe spontaneous and exciting? A mind, which is alive, gives life.
  8. Social connection: Surrounding yourself with positive people with great energy raises your vibration. We tend to gravitate like a magnet toward enthusiasm and drama as they are both high-energy states. Whenever one person is negative, the other is positive and both are contagious. Notice which one you are getting drawn toward during the course of a day.
  9. Awareness: When we become aware of each and every moment we connect with our lives more. We become more balanced in the center of our being. Our mind has chance to calm and we are more able to move into the state of Flow. This is where our Mind Body and Spirit become one and it is in this balanced and enlightened state that we start to connect with and manifest our heart’s desires.

Nine simple tips, nine simple elements which when they are brought into your day have the potential to change your life forever giving you the ability to self manage how you feel and create happiness from the inside-out.

John is an inspirational speaker in both business and personal development, and writes and speaks about ‘The Way’, which has evolved from his work as a business troubleshooter, helping rescue both companies and people in crisis.

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