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Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

QUESTIONER: Yes it is very clear, thank you. The next part is, “The mathematics are supposed to be that if 10% of the beings in this galaxy can become conscious of the original timeline, then all beings
will follow suit. Hopefully your consciousness has been raised by the reading of this book. If so, your journey home has begun.” And he concludes with “My questions for the Awareness…
COSMIC AWARENESS: First this Awareness would make comment. This Awareness does not agree again, for whether it is 10% or 99%, the concept of a percentage being necessary to ensure elevation
of consciousness is that which is erroneous for it only takes one to understand this, one to know this 28 and for this knowledge then to be reflected outward from that one. For each being is a creator being,
each is creating their separate reality, if you will. Therefore as the one knows this and creates the reality around him that reflects this, it will be created in such a way that more and more will know this truth.
If this is what this individual is actually speaking then this Awareness is willing to stand corrected here, but It is basically saying that such is the truth of the matter that each Focus Consciousness is the
creator being of the reality they are experiencing. What this individual, in a manner of speaking, is talking about is that which is an outside understanding of reality based on how it is held by others as
well. This Awareness is saying that in truth what matters is what the individual creates in his or her life and if they realize this striking and powerful truth then they will create that which is in alignment
to the highest divine ordinance of their being and they will create the world where the balance is returned and the focus is such that there is recognition that all are part of the divine energy and that
there is no wrong way to walk. There are only misinformed paths that take one outside of the conscious realization of who and what they really are. This is the true separation from the Godhead,
the forgetfulness of who and what the Focus Personality really is, what he is, who he is. And of course this Awareness must state who she is as well, for the he/she gender division is inappropriate here. It
is simply that the Creator Being realizes Itself and finally awakens to the deepest truth that It creates Its own reality and is perfectly free to do so, delusions and all.
QUESTIONER: Exactly, thank you. “My questions for this Awareness are how accurate is this analysis by Preston Nichols? What does he mean that timelines are fed back on themselves?” You Are Independent in the Creation of Your Reality
COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness jumps in and says that this question could be answered two ways. One, that he is entirely inaccurate in his understanding or two, that he is entirely accurate. This
Awareness says here that he, the creator being, is creating his reality as he sees it, as he defines how things are, because he is the creator being of his life and the reality of his life – so this Awareness
must say he is entirely correct in his analysis. It is his truth and as his truth, it is correct for him.Others who share his truth, who tie into it, may believe him to be also true, for in their reality they
are creating it in the way that his declarations, his explanations ring true to them and thus are valid. However to say that he is 100% true for all would be inaccurate, for there are many who disagree
with him, who would not hold his truth as their own. Are these ones invalid in what they are creating as their truth, their reality? Not at all. Again, for them the truth they create is entirely valid for them,
whether it is, for example, a fundamental conceptualization of God and creation and reality, or an atheist-based reality where there is no God or a criminal definition, or a right-wing or a left-wing or
any other wing of interpretation.
What is to be seen and understood here is that each and every individual is independent in the creation of their reality. They can come together with others who resonate with them and there can be a type
of co-creation occurring. This happens in the collective mind where a majority holds certain principles and beliefs and paradigms as the correct way of being. In this type of construction, that collective consciousness holds itself to be right in all situations and it judges all of those who do not share such perceptions as being wrong and there are many levels of reaction to those who hold wrong beliefs.
But ultimately even the collective breaks down to the individual collective consciousness, the Focus Personality, and ultimately one of the greatest understandings of the truth of consciousness is that
each individual Focus Personality, Focus Consciousness, is responsible for creating his or her 29personal reality in conjunction with and in alignment with others or not. That is how it is seen by this  Awareness.
It is for this reason this Awareness says that the individual is right for himself in his perception, but is not right in how it is and how others would hold it. His insistence that this is the correct way of
understanding reflects on many who hold that their way of thinking is the only correct way. But each individual again must always look at these assertions and judge for themselves what is right or
wrong for themselves in the creation of their individual reality of experience.
QUESTIONER: What does he mean that timelines are fed back on themselves? Is there such a thing?
COSMIC AWARENESS: This again is simply his individual perception of how things work and in his way of seeing it and thinking about it, it occurs that timelines are fed back on themselves. This
Awareness said in Its original answer that this cannot happen, for each timeline by definition is different than any that went before, even if it is allegedly a timeline being turned back on itself to
repeat itself. It cannot repeat itself. There is the saying that you cannot put your foot in a river two times in a row, for that river has moved along and bringing the foot out and putting it back in puts it
in the water that was not the water that was there in the first place, for the river has flowed along. This Awareness will further amend this to say one cannot put one’s own foot in the same river one
time, for as one puts the foot into the river, the river itself is already flowing past, already changing, and this change is constant and unending. His assertion is that you can put your foot in the river two
times and that the second time one puts one’s foot in the river will be the exact duplication of the first time. By his analogy it simply cannot be and that is why this Awareness says that this individual on
this matter is incorrect.
Awareness is within all and is a voice that does speak to all but in a way that most never hear, for what is needed is a process of refinement, a process of expansion. If one stays in a 3rd dimensional
ensnarement of consciousness where one simply abides by the physical rules and does not realize in any way, shape or form that there are energies of consciousness that are within one that supersede physicality, one would not feel inclined to go seeking. One would simply have the physical experience that one deems as the most important.

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