Cosmic Awareness: The Nibiru Cover-Up Intensifies

Thank you. We go now to Nibiru and its various names. There is considerable information and pictures offered by Donny Gillson regarding Hercolubus, Nibiru, planet X, Nemesis, Wormwood – all names for Nibiru. Also with an update on youtube and it gives the address: There was an interview on Expopolitics TV with Alfred Lambremont Webre where there was
considerable audio interference. Would this have been deliberately orchestrated and also is the information offered by Donny Gillson valid? Your comment please?

First, in answer to whether the interference was deliberate, this Awareness says it was indeed deliberate, but such are the higher forces now of the Galactic Federation that they were able to prevent its complete interference, for it was the design to shut this individual down completely and not allow any of his interview to come through, yet they were not successful. The Galactic forces were able to restore transmission every time it was breached and pulled down. This is often the case. This Awareness Itself has experienced such situations, for example in the interview with Raye Allan, they, those who have power, did shut down the interview and for a space of time the power was pulled, the transmission went down. Yet this Awareness was able to send Its energies to Raye Allan, she found an alternative microphone, or telephone in this case, to use as a microphone, a telephone line that was not affected and the interview did proceed. Yet there was a concerted attack on this Awareness’ interview at that time.
Therefore these events happen with regular occurrences, the Powers That Be who are monitoring such events do not wish this type of information to be released. They engage in actions such as the interference and interruption of transmissions, but they are even more nefarious and extreme when there are certain individuals who wish to speak out or are speaking out, who are assassinated and removed. This is the extreme of their policy of not allowing information to be transmitted. There have been in recent times, for example, many astronomers, internationally renowned individuals who have been murdered, have been physically removed, for they had known of the arrival of Nibiru, had insisted that it be openly reported, were even on the verge of sharing information with the masses and were deemed as threats and then removed. This is the extreme example of how the Powers That Be deal with those who would speak the truth and share the truth. What determines their actions often is how fearful they are of how many might hear the message. Normally they are not concerned when it is deemed by them that only a
small handful will know the information. They are not afraid of a small handful but when more and more are able to receive the message and more hear the information, this is often perceived as a threat, they will try then to interfere and intrude.

If it is an individual who is of extreme importance and is determined as one who might have too many followers, too many listeners, there is always the option of removal of those individuals. That is indeed unfortunately the case still in this third dimensional, dualistic reality that is controlled by those of that evil nature, the dark nature. But this is, as this Awareness has often said, about to change. Also inerms for the question of the individual who has posted pictures of Nibiru on his or her website, that this Awareness says they are accurate and they are only some of the many pictures that are now available on the websites that are on the internet. Some of these websites, such as Zeta News, may be dubious in other information, they are a misdirector, but they do still present pictures of Nibiru and other information that is relevant. That one needs always to be diligent when one visits any site, always ask questions. But what is starting to become apparent to many is that one sees these pictures of Nibiru on one site and then goes to another separate site where other pictures were taken and one sees the same thing. Does this not indicate that something indeed is happening, that something is indeed out there?

Indeed. This chap then, Donny Gillson, he is quite valid then, is that correct?

That it is seen that his information and the pictures he is presenting are valid.

That’s good. I’ll get some websites to include with the newsletter that he would be involved with so that people can visit those sites.

It is also recommended that you also include the listing as well.

Yes, it will be, thank you.

Please proceed with your questions.

Thank you. There is something about the Vimana ancient astronauts’ spaceship discovered in Afghanistan and it was published by DiscloseTruthTV. It reads: “There is a rumor about the discovery by US military scientists of what is described as a Vimana entrapped in a ”Time Well” that has already caused the disappearance of at least 8 American soldiers trying to remove it from the cave it
has been hidden in for the past estimated 5000 years. The question: What happened to the eight American soldiers? Was this craft protected by other beings, and if so who?”

That the soldiers who disappeared were transported back to the initial time when the vessel was placed in storage. They were not killed, they are simply in another timeline reality that one would call the past. A time that was the time the extraterrestrial beings established the protections around the ship that automatically teleported individuals, these soldiers, back in time and space, back to this original timeline. This is seen as what has happened to these particular individuals. They could be returned back into the future, back to this present time, but they are being somewhat held prisoners at that time/space intersection. As for the vessel itself, it is an authentic vessel, a ship that was put in storage at a time when there was need to do so. But it is also the truth that there are many other vessels that are equally in storage, many other tools and implements, many other sites where there are underground buried cities with pyramids and ancient technologies.

That many of these technologies are being fired up once again. This Awareness did speak of an event that is now starting to occur, when many of the pyramids are being utilized to create a stronger force field around the planet for the event of the arrival of Nibiru, an event that was known about, foreseen, thousands of years ago. There are many locations around the planet that are now reporting strange rumbling, thundering noises under the ground, where they are seeing strange lights and flashes going up into the skies. These are those underground sites, those generator sites, that are being powered up, that are being reactivated now in order to create a defensive shielding around the planet.

The Galactic Federation is primarily responsible for this and is also taking actions in space itself to assist this process and also to create a corridor to funnel Nibiru down and through, a funnel removed from the planets and a deadly intersection with Nibiru if it were to come too close. It is so that the planet’s influence, Nibiru’s influence, will still affect Mother Earth. It is still seen that this is part of the Cosmic Divine plan to shift consciousness and to assist the Ascension process of Mother Earth at this time; but it is not deemed as absolutely necessary that a total world destruction scenario take place, and there are many timelines where this is altered and where this is avoided. That this Awareness says that the underground technologies that have been buried have been buried with purpose and reason. Vessels such as the spaceship that was discovered are waiting to be used once
again. The time they have been in storage is meaningless to the shape [condition] of the vessels and to their ability to be used once again. That they will be used at the time that is appropriate and right to work against the effects of Nibiru. But also these are vessels that have been used in the past in battles that have occurred on thelanet between the Anunnaki forces of Enlil and Enki. There are stories of them. The Indian sacred books, for example, do contain much in the way of the battle that occurred, although it was not completely understood in times past. It was perceived as the battle between the gods, but in truth it was the battle between the extraterrestrials. This evidence has been presented already many times over in many books and in recent TV series. This Awareness is simply confirming that this was so and that there are indeed vessels, as well as technologies, as well as underground cities and pyramids that were put into stasis at a time that is considered ancient history and are now being reactivated. Does this answer the question?

Yes, yes partially. Is this also related to the Galactic Federation?

This is so. It is seen as a vessel that the Galactic Federation beings can use.

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  1. Question for the Awareness: Is the spacecraft found in an Afghanistan cave, the same one that brought the 3,000 members of the Expeditionary force of the Galactic Federation, who were held prisoner and tortured to death many thousands of years ago?

  2. Holy sheep s*#%! I am amped right now. High vibes, divine syncronistic timing. Resonates very well. Something I needed to hear/read on a conscious level but somehow knew deep within. I have read and studied all this stuff but was never able to put it all together in one neat little package like this. So humbling. Immense gratitude! Never felt closer to the Universe. Epic tale, epic time to live.

    Questions for the Awareness: Is it accurate that Earth humans were created by Enki (Ea) using his DNA?

    How accurate is Robert Morningskys The Terran Papers? <—- Even if it isn't true it is worth a read and a hard ponder. For me it just makes sense and is so epic it's gotta be true. -Namaste

    • To Knowzy:

      LOL…I like the dualistic meaning of the name you choose here.

      Now, I would like to offer you some perspective on your question.

      Years ago, an old friend, Paul Shockley, who was one of the official channels for Cosmic Awareness, channeled this message from Awareness regarding this issue….of DNA and Enki…

      “The action of ENKI on the Adam & Eve races or entities was to give them the power of thought and this was the fall from the garden of Eden…It has many different interpretations in terms of the overall symbology of the story, many parallels and reflections under the Law of Hermes and his Law of Correspondence which states “As above, so it is below!””

      As for the veracity of Robert Morningskys The Terran Papers…it is important to understand that our personal reality is created by us largely and that if one chooses to perceive another individuals’ truth..for our own, then, this becomes our personal truth, if that is our choice.

      I would prefer not to be the judge of others truths and would simply prefer to say that…..we all create our own realities ….individually and collectively and that if one chooses to believe in a particualr thing, person, object , idea or perspective…then, that becomes one’s reality.

      And so, rather than offering you defining statements, judgements or insights, I would prefer to offer you a way to….identify, determine, learn and clarify for yourself….WHAT IS TRUTH…for you.

      One of the best ways to ‘know’ if another individuals’ perspective has truth or validity to it is….to empty your mind and…..psychically LISTEN…to that individuals’ energies / consciousness.

      When an entity first expresses a particular thought, idea, perspective or any energy, there will be an initial moment of….connection to that energy, and in that moment, one can easily perceive the ‘truth’ of the issue or energy being expressed, and of course, there will also be the added energies of that entity who is offering that expression, therefore, a mixing of energies will be expressed, perceived and interpreted.

      And so, it is the ‘responsibility’ of each individual to learn how to ‘interpret accurately’ by first learning the inner workings of the human psyche / consciousness.

      By learning, the multidimensional layers of ‘focus’ and the mechanics consciousness.

      Remember my friend, as you interpret or read another individuals’ energies, you will have to ‘identify & clarify’ the ego projections from the higher intent of the entity’s consciousness, and, this becomes quite easy with practice.

      I hope this helped.

      With respect….


  3. Donny Gillson is an attention and media seeker. He gets DJ jobs and interviews. He is an idiot. Watch his early videos where he is freaking out looking in a mirror seeing himself turning into a reptilian. Never saw a lens flare that wasnt Nibiru. Had to change his name on You Tube and believe now Ursu Adams. Probably changed that. Its unfortunate they shout and the clear voices lose attention and credibility. This is real but not as he presents. The Hopis said in their Blue Kachina Prophecy that spiritual preparation is the only effective way to survive the Red Kachina. Never saw a spiritually prepared person act or talk like Gillson.

  4. Just read another posting by Awareness. Finally beginning to realize that this channeler is a fraud and you keep posting him. No way in Gods universe would a higher being or truth validate what Donny Gillson says or shows. For the most part you can see he has lost on credibility with his videos on YouTube. Look at them. They are laughable. Comments by viewers rip him on what he presents as facts. At one point his videos asked for money, a job, or a place to live. In another he shows the sun and says Nibiru is there. He uses special effects in his videos and pics. His prediction dates come and go like the names he uses. In fact a more ridiculous person could not have been picked for info on this. Only the naive would select him and follow. I am stunned & disappointed but don’t fool me twice.

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