Geoff Stray: Beyond 2012 – Catastrophe or Ecstasy

by Geoff Stray | Timewave 2013

In 1975, Dannion Brinkley was speaking on the telephone during a thunderstorm. A lightning bolt hit the phone line, sending thousands of volts of electricity through his head and body. His heart stopped and at the hospital, he was pronounced dead, and a death certificate was issued. He was then covered with a sheet and wheeled towards the morgueÉ.then he woke up! He had been dead for 28 minutes, and this was the longest clinically documented near-death experience ever recorded at that time. He later told how he had gone down a tunnel into a bright light, went through a life-recall self-judgement process and was shown a series of future world events, up to 2014. Brinkley said that Òbetween 2004 and 2014, more precisely between 2011 and 2012Ó, there would be Òthe return of an energy system that existed here a long time agoÓ, and that it would culminate in an Òelectromagnetic polar Earth shiftÓ between 2012 and 2014. The whole process would present mankind with a spiritual opportunity to raise their consciousness. What Brinkley didnÕt know, was that 2012 is the next ÒCreation DateÓ of the ancient Maya civilization.

The Maya
The Olmecs, who are the first civilization known to have inhabited Mesoamerica, are said by archaeologists to have arrived there between 1800 BC and 1500 BC. Several Maya scholars now agree that the calendars used by the Maya were developed by the Olmecs in a town called Izapa, which became populated between 1500 BC and 800 BC, and which the Maya inhabited from about 250 BC. The Tzolkin (literally: Òcount of daysÓ) calendar was developed by the seventh century BC, according to Mayanist, Munro Edmonson, and consists of 260 days. The calendar was used as an almanac, giving each of the 260 days a unique quality that not only influenced the character of those born on that day, but that would also make it favourable for doing certain tasks and unfavourable for doing others. The descendants of the ancient Maya that live in the highlands of Guatemala, have been using this 260-day calendar in an unbroken sequence, for thousands of years. They explain that the 260-day calendar is based on the period of human gestation.

The Long Count calendar has a direct relationship to the Tzolkin, since it consists of 260 katunsrather than the 260 days of the Tzolkin. The Long Count was fully developed by the mid fourth-century BC, according to Edmonson, although the oldest stela dating a contemporary historical event, shows a Long Count date equivalent to 36 BC. The Long Count consists of a hierarchy of cycles; 20 kin or days made one uinal, or 20-day period; 18 uinals made a tun (360-day year); 20 tuns made a katun, and 20 katuns made a baktun. After 13 baktuns had passed, a Creation Date is reached, which is written: The last Creation Date occurred on a Gregorian historical date of 11th August 3114 BC, and this is the Òbase-dateÓ of the 13-baktun cycle, from which all dates inscribed on stelae were counted. The next time the Long Count date reaches will be on 21st December 2012.

Maya scholar, John Major Jenkins has made a strong case that the Long Count calendar of the Maya was actually a device for tracking the cycle of precession. This is the 26,000-year cycle in which the EarthÕs axis, which is 23.5 degrees off ÒverticalÓ, rotates in a circle, and is measured by the movement of constellations against the fixed positions of the rising equinox or solstice Sun. The winter solstice 2012 termination point of the 13-baktun cycle indicates a 36-year time window (1980 to 2016) in which the winter solstice Sun rises on the galactic equator. Astronomers variously put the exact half-way point of this process at 1998 or 1999, but the Olmecs and Maya targeted it at 2012. Some commentators have said that the Maya were thus 13-14 years out with their end-point, which is still quite impressive considering it was calculated over 2,000 years ago by a non-technological society. However, as we shall see, there are reasons for considering that the year 2012 is a significant year in the Galactic Alignment process, and was deliberately targeted.

The Toltec people of northern Mexico, like the Maya, used the 260-day almanac and also a 365-day calendar known to the Maya as the Haab. Each day had a name in the 260-day calendar and a name in the 365-day calendar, but it took exactly 73 Tzolkins, and 52 Haabs for the combination to repeat itself. This period is known as a Calendar Round, and every Calendar Round the Toltecs held a ceremony called a New Fire Ceremony six months before the day of the zenith passage of the Sun (when it is directly overhead). John Major Jenkins has shown that this New Fire Ceremony was originally also a method of tracking the cycle of precession. It is recorded that exactly six months before the New Fire Ceremony, the priests would go to the top of a hill to see if the Pleiades reached the zenith at midnight, and if the constellation reached the zenith, that meant that the Òworld would not endÓ. They would then know exactly how close the Pleiades would be to the zenith Sun, six months later, when the stars were not visible due to the daylight.

The Stone Alarm Clock
When the Toltecs moved down to the Yucatan peninsula, in southern Mexico, it seems that they merged their zenith cosmology with the Maya system, and encoded the result into the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza. The pyramid has 91 steps on each of its four sides, totalling 364, plus the top step: 365 altogether. This is a clear sign of a calendrical meaning. Every year, on spring equinox, the afternoon Sun causes a shadow play on the pyramid, so it appears that a huge snake is descending the pyramid from the sky. The effect is enhanced by stone snake heads at the bottom of one staircase. The Crotalus durissus rattlesnake, whose zig-zag pyramid pattern has heavily influenced Maya art and architecture, also has a marking close to its rattle, that is identical to the Maya Ahau glyph, which is associated with the Sun. The rattle itself, is called ÒtzabÓ in the Yucatec Maya language and this is also the word for the Pleiades constellation. Jenkins argues that Kulkulcan, the Maya name for Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent of the Toltecs and Aztecs, is thus a symbol for the Sun-Pleiades-zenith conjunction, and sure enough, we are now at the beginning of a 360-year time window when the Pleiades conjuncts the zenith Sun directly over the Pyramid of Kukulcan. Right at start of the 360-year time window is 2012, and on the 20th May 2012, 60 days after the equinox snake shadow-play, the Pleiades-zenith Sun conjunction will occur on the same day as a solar eclipse, on the day 10 Chicchan in the unbroken Tzolkin count of the highland Maya. Chicchan means snake, and the snake rattle is sounding our wake-up alarm call!


The Hopi Emergence
According to Frank WatersÕ Book of the Hopi, the Native American Hopi people say that we are in the fourth of seven eras Ð the Fourth World, and that we are approaching the transition to the Fifth World. The First World ended by fire; the Second World ended when the Earth Òteetered off balanceÓ, causing floods and an ice age, and the Third World ended in a flood. There will be a ÒGreat PurificationÓ just before the start of the Fifth World. The transition is called anEmergence and every year, in November, the Hopi have a ceremony called Wuwuchim, held in an underground chamber called a kiva, in which they re-enact the Emergence, which is seen as a birth process, and Òinitiates undergo a spiritual rebirthÓ. There is a hole in the floor of thekiva, symbolising the previous ascent, or Emergence from the Third World to the Fourth World. The ladder leading up and out of the kiva represents the forthcoming Emergence from the Fourth World into the Fifth World. The ceremony includes a ÒNew Fire CeremonyÓ and culminates at midnight, with the Pleiades constellation overhead, showing a direct connection with the Toltec (and later Aztec) New Fire Ceremony, which Jenkins has decoded as a precession-tracking method, as encoded in the Pyramid of Kukulcan, Òstone alarm clockÓ with its 2012 rattle-snake alarm.

The Spiritual Wedding
It seems that Òthe end of the worldÓ actually means Òthe end of the WorldÓ, as in the end of the current era, and there are at least three more to go, according to Hopi mythology. Archaeologist Laurette SejournŽ says that the Aztecs misunderstood the religion of the Toltecs, which was based on the concept of rebirth Ð symbolised by the snake, since it sheds its skin and Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent, who is represented in the Òstone alarm clockÓ at Chichen Itza, represents a union of Earth (snake) and sky (feathers).

In Kundalini yoga, there is said to be a fire-snake, coiled in three and a half coils in the base chakra (one of seven power-zones along the human spine). It is coiled around the Shiva lingham Ð the male line of force that comes down from the sky. Kundalini, according to Mary Scott, is an Earth force that comes up from the Earth. She also notes that there are several findings by dowser Guy Underwood, which confirm this connection. Kundalini yoga is the practise of awakening the snake and allowing it to rise up the spine until it reaches the highest chakra, the Crown chakra, where the meeting of Shiva and Shakti lead to enlightenment and the trance of Samadhi Ð ecstasy Ð the annihilation of the ego and the end of duality. This sounds very similar to the meeting of the Maori Sky and Earth gods, which has been predicted for 2012, and also the merging of the Inca Overworld and Underworld onto the everyday world Ð also predicted for 2012.

The original Toltec religion of rebirth associated with Quetzalcoatl has actually now been revealed in a long lost Aztec codex called Pyramid of Fire Ð (published by Jenkins), which says that Quetzalcoatl is Òthe man that achieves GodÓ, and that concept of sacrifice was originally the sacrifice of the ego. Everyone has their own serpent, which is the energy of Tonatiuh, the Sun. ÒAnd in this serpent sleeps consciousness, in this serpent is hidden divinity. From this serpent his wings will growÓ.

Plasmatic Immersion
So the Òspiritual opportunity for mankindÓ spoken of by Danion Brinkley can be confirmed as a time very close to 2012, when something will trigger a mass Kundalini experience in mankindÉ but what could the trigger be?

Alexey Dmitriev, a Russian geologist, has analysed the increasing changes in EarthÕs weather and seismic phenomena, plus recent changes to the geomagnetic field. He has also taken into account solar changes, and changes to the weather and magnetic fields of all the other planets in the solar system. A ten-fold increase to the layer of deflected interstellar plasma on the heliosphere boundary indicates that the solar system is headed into an area of magnetised plasma that Dmitriev says is causing these changes. An increasing incidence of plasma balls in the atmosphere is a sign of the imminent Òtransformation of EarthÓ says Dmitriev, involving an interaction with processes beyond the three-dimensional world.

Like Brinkley, other near-death-experience subjects have also foreseen Earth changes and consciousness changes associated with 2012, as have many who have undergone out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, remote viewing, meditative trance states, and even alien abduction experiences. These are all mystical states in which the pineal gland in the centre of the human brain secretes dimethyltryptamine (DMT) into the blood, according to Rick StrassmanÕs recent study, and the Maya shamans used a mushroom containing psilocybin, which is a close relative of DMT, apparently accessing some sort of global mega-mind – the developing consciousness of the Earth mother

The13-baktun cycle is a 260-unit cycle and thus a macroscopic version of the 260-day sacred Tzolkin calendar, which is based on the period of human gestation, so the 13-baktun cycle may measure a planetary gestation period of 5,125 years, which is the length of human civilizationÕs recorded history. It seems that our entry into the magnetised plasma band will cause Earth weather changes, and a geomagnetic reversal, which will trigger the pineal gland into DMT and pinoline production, leading to kundalini and out-of-body experiences and increasing incidents of telepathy, while we develop our ability to see beyond the veil and into the next World.

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  1. The only thing this article is missing is all the info. out there about DNA and how it is a receiver/transmitter of light, also the pineal gland and how it is built for optics like the eye. Light is a huge key here. The light body was proven when they took a photon deprived room and had someone go out of body and into the room they detected something like 36,000 photons (light particles). Your light body/rainbow body etc etc. is you when your out of body! This photon belt we are moving into is likely going to trigger these changes, quantum leap in evolution my friends! Not to worry we are likely going to be given the choice as per law of free will and are receiving help on many levels from many beings/conscious benevolents from many places. Not only are we not alone we have many friends and family here from all over who are very happy and excited to be here for us. All timing is perfect, it is divine timing. All of nature and the cosmos and even us and the plants are all proportioned and designed specifically, purposefully, perfectly

  2. The return of the energy system that Brinkley talked about being rediscovered, my brother and I have found it. It all has to do with the day we incarnated into this vessle. The Tzolkin was the maya’s version of what is know as numerology today. What is really wild about what Brinkley said about 2011 and 2012 is my brother and I knew just a simple already established method presented to us by dan millman’s life purpose system that we discovered in 2010. During 2011 we started to see that there was more to these numbers and that they exist in and around all of us just in different levels of energy and within diferent settings throughout our daily experience. Now our website shows the beginning of what we have actually discovered. If you contact us we would love to break down the depths of what we have found and allow it to be shared with all who wish to resinate with the strength and expanded awareness it has given us… Love and Light, Tyler and Corey

  3. Certainly an interesting read, though alot of the materail I’ve found suggests that the Tzolkin calander actaully ends in march of 2013. Despite the fact that 12/21/2012 was mostly blissful and fairly uneventful for me I was far from disapointed, of course I never really beleived the world was going to end at least not in the doomsday sense. I can only hope that the end date of the Tzolkin calander that I’ve read about will be half as blissful for me.

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