Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 186

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

We would like to take this opportunity to delve into a subject we have touched upon so many times before, as this is something that bear importance to you all, namely the shifting energies, and how they can affect you. As you have mayhaps already noticed, things have certainly heated up, in more ways than one, and for some of you, that is also very literally true. In other words, you can feel the effecs on your physical body in the form of intense heat.

Let us explain further. Your body has a well balanced temperature usually, one that is governed by a very complex system of minute secretions of diverse hormones, and it is a system that has been carefully adapted to ensure the most beneficial core temperature for your inner organs. Too cold, and your metabolism shuts down, too hot, and everything goes into overdrive. Some of you might be aware of the fact that there are small margins between what your body deems as beneficial and harmful, and as such, it is constanly striving to keep you at a level that is tolerable to this complex organism you inhabit. But now, as the fluctuations of energies keep jumping up and down at seemingly random levels, your body will in many cases misinterpret these incoming energies as something else, and it will kick start your temperature control system at random intervals. The result is easy to ascertain, as it will mean that you will literally feel overheated one minute, and almost freezing cold the next. Or some parts of yourt body will be cold, and the rest almost burning hot. It will be very confusing, not only to your body, but also to you, as you will in many cases be almost constantly shedding or adding layers of clothing, and the nightime will be left even more unsettled than usual because of this.

It is annoying and impractical, but again, it is not harmful, so do not worry about you being cooked in your own bodies anytime soon. This is not what is happening, it is only an outcome of your bodies being exposed to something for them very ”foreign” and as such, it triggers the usual reactions it has at its disposal to try to even out the differences that it perceives. Hence, all of these strange reactions, almost like allergies or responses to tainted foods, and so too these extreme fluctuations in body temperature. In many ways it can almost be likened to being inside a microwave oven, without the harmful effects of course, because the whole reason for this is that you are constanly being exposed to a fluctuating stream of energized particles being beamed into your body. The reason for this constant barrage is of course a total recalibration of your bodies, both the physical and the more ethereal one, but your physical body reacts to this in so many ways, because it has been programmed to stay as stable as possible. In other words, it is trying its hardest to fight off these surges of transmuting energies, therefore you will feel all of these symptoms that we have described earlier. And, as these barrages only intensifies, so too will many of the symptoms, and some new ones may also add their voices to this very unpopular choir.

We are aware that this is what makes this whole process less than agreeable to you all, but it is in fact unavoidable, as the whole purpose for it all, is to make you all able to use the current body you have to fulfill the contract you all agreed upon before arriving on these shores. In other words, to attain complete ascension whilst being inside a physical body such as yours, a feat not many, if indeed any, have mastered before. So yes, we do understand the reluctance to be exposed to all of these physical symptoms, but again they are unavoidable and a vital part of the process. But do not forget that they can be alleviated in some ways, and the most important one is by asking for help to lessen the outfall of it all. We have ways of easing the stress somewhat, but the express wish from you is needed in order for us to be able to come in and help you out. So again we remind you not to suffer in silence, but to reach out and invite us in to assist you in these transformational cramps as it were.

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