DL Zeta: Echoes from the Future – Receiving Dream Messages from our Future Self

By DL Zeta

Celestial Vision

We have said the part of you that knows how to navigate time and space works with you to create the highest and best futures that benefit yourself and others. For our purposes here we will call this your future self because this aspect of your consciousness often ventures into future times to visit the field of potentials extending from your present moment. Your future self speaks to you of these potentials when you are in a certain state of subconscious listening, most often in dream states.

Now we will discuss in more detail these exchanges with your future self and how you may have experienced them in the past.

‘Premonition Dreams’ Alert us to Needed Course Corrections

One way you may have experienced the download of this information from your future self is through what you may call a “prophetic dream.” This is a dream where you witness an event that has not yet manifested in your present reality at the time of the dream, but that does eventually occur in a future time. This future time may be the next day, the next week or months or years down the road. Most often, this event in crystallizing in the near future. Seemingly prophetic dreams often happen as the timeframe approaches when the incident occurs and there is still time to make a course correction. That is when you receive a dream state where you actually experience the event that is about to unfold.

One example is the person who receives information in their dream state warning them of a traumatic event beginning to crystallize in their near future. In their dream they are in a car accident and suffer serious injuries. Days later the accident actually does occur and they suffer the exact same injuries they suffered in the dream.

What is important to know about this kind of information from your future self is that this “dream premonition” does not have to become prophetic. When you receive a dream of this kind, it is by no means a “done deal”. It does mean your future self is trying to alert you to an event that is upcoming and of a powerful nature. If you have such a dream, it is time to take the day off and sit with this message to determine what you are doing in your present moment that could be activating such a timeline and what you can do to shift to another.

The Message is the Meaning of Potential and Actualized Futures

One need never undergo a negative or dangerous experience if they work in conjunction with their future self to choose and activate the highest potential future they can create. Whether you actually experience an event or whether you receive the message of a potential future and shift to a different future, the important thing is that you receive the message. We are here to learn and we can do that by paying attention and utilizing the finely-tuned radar of our energetic self or we can learn by crashing into walls and getting tossed about. The choice is ours.

In this sense we are sending and receiving stations not unlike a boat on the ocean, sending radar signals to distant waters and receiving echoes back from across the waves. When our signal bounces off an obstacle in the waters ahead, we can change course or we can crash into the obstacle

Positive and Powerful Futures Reach Back to Empower our Creations

Not all messages downloaded to us by our future self are warning us of dangerous or fatal potentials in our future. Sometimes our future self is making us aware of positive potentials we are seeding so that we can activate and emphasize them. One example of this might be an idea we are working with in our present moment that holds the potential to help a great many people. If we pay attention to the nudges from our future self, we may come to believe more strongly in this idea and begin to energize it and bring more focus to it. As this future potential becomes stronger and more empowered, your future self that is living along that timeline will become increasingly empowered to reach back through dream states and validate your efforts in present time. This is one way in which the future reaches back to create itself.

Our Future Self Sends us Signs to Validate our Efforts

Another way our future self works with us is to give us a “sign” that we are on a powerful track with our thoughts and actions. In one case a woman who has been meditating and focusing on spiritual practices receives images in dream states of butterflies flitting all around her. The next morning she walks past a store which has in the window a painting of butterflies that closely resemble the images from her dream state. The message from her future self is confirming that her conscious efforts are melting the barriers between “time” to bring her images of events about to occur in her near future. The butterfly symbolizes the transformation in consciousness that the woman is creating.

Seeking Guidance and Insights from our higher Self

One can ask for guidance and insights from their future self by holding questions in mind before falling asleep or writing out the questions in a journal just before bedtime. This primes the pump for answers to flow from their future self during sleep states. It is important to be open to whatever answers are downloaded, otherwise one might miss the meaning of the messages that arrive. In order to receive the messages from our future self, which often filter into our conscious awareness in the form of intuitions, premonitions or guidance, it is important to be willing to see what we consider the good, the bad and the ugly. Otherwise many messages will be subconsciously blocked.

Embracing and Working with our Multifaceted Self

Information about working with other aspects of our self and activating our highest and best future timelines is coming to the forefront now so each person can live their highest potentials and carry out their life purpose in this powerful transition time. There’s no need for anyone to be impoverished, diseased, injured, or limited in any way. Earth incarnations have always centered on losing one’s self in order to find one’s self. We give up our power so we can find it anew. We fall asleep so we can reawaken. We separate from our selves so we can reunite.

The time is past to shroud such inner knowledge in mystery schools or under the cloak of religion. It is important now more than ever before to accept ourselves as multifaceted beings with aspects that are able to travel through time and space to help us heal our past and present and chart the course for an empowered future.

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