Sirian Command: Reconnecting with the Source (Part Two)

Sirian Command via Lyn Asmar

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Stanley’s persistence and tenacity finally pay off, but the learning wasn’t always easy.

Have I accomplished the balance between the different levels of my multi-dimensional self and have I ennobled my psychic personality to the degree that my Energy Parent can accurately channel through it?’

These are the questions that Stanley would have asked himself in the later stages of his journey to rescue John Korner, and these are the questions that that you should be asking yourself when difficulty is experienced in connecting with or communing with your own Energy Parent.

The Parent is always ready to communicate with its incarnate personality, but sometimes the energies just do not get through to register by way of the psychic centres in the brain. The most common things that prevent this from happening include blockages in the emotional body, stress in the mental body, incorrect mental attitudes and so on, or variations between the realms that separate the person from the Energy Parent.

There is an old adage that states:  “When the student is ready, the Master will appear”. This statement should encourage students to persevere and get themselves prepared no matter what condition is prevailing.  It is the attempt and intent that is the important factor in allowing that communication.

The energies do flow constantly between the Energy Parent and the person; but the main point is the quality of the communion available to the person and this depends entirely on the measure of the emotional and mental maturity.  This process can be enhanced by sincere and humble effort.

Parental Communion is an activity that is secondary to the steps of the Sirian form of meditation because in itself, communion would not bring the student to the point of reabsorption into the parental nucleus.   But when it is faithfully applied in conjunction with the meditation, it does have a significant effect on the smoother progression of those steps.

Parental communion is the development of communicating with and establishing a sense of closeness with the Energy Parent even while the student is still remote, but nonetheless travelling towards it.

Imagine for a moment, that you are travelling towards a distant light.  Even though you are far away, its brightness is still evident and you can sense the emanation of the light as it reaches towards you across the intervening distance.  Your own source of light is pale in comparison to the brightness of what you can perceive, but a blending seems to take place as you focus your light towards the light in the distance.  As you approach closer to the light through the steps of meditation, your own light appears brighter and stronger as it moves into the emanation from the now not so distant light.  Deep parental communion is the blending of those two emanations, and the result is strengthened as the traveller on the path draws closer and closer to the light, ultimately becoming one with it in the final stages of the Sirian meditation.

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