Sirian Command: Reconnecting with the Source (Part One)

HJ: Lyn Asmar, one of todays finest and clearest channels, brings us another profound message from the Sirian Command.  Like other great channelers throughout the ages, Lyn’s messages from the Sirian Command are deep, powerful and filled with profound truths and spiritual advice.  Enjoy this first part in her series on reconnecting with the source. – Truth

Sirian Command via Lyn Asmar

Esoteric College

August 1st, 2012

In ancient times, all beings had a very close connection to their Source. In fact, they lived according to divine principles that seem to have been lost over the annals of time. In those early times, there was still a concept of ‘going into the stillness’ to be reconnected and rejuvenated. Many thousands of years ago, when these concepts were natural to mankind, there was a need for the humans to be close to the ‘ones,’ or to associate with that which projected them into incarnateness.  And so that which is called ‘prayer’ today, grew out of this, but became hopelessly, tremendously corrupted.

This really relates to the approach of the human to its source, or the idea of having an ability to connect with its source not only in time of need, but in everyday living, and also most pertinently in association with meditation.  It is tremendously helpful for the any meditator today, to go into that which was once called ATAVA.  You may wish to call it stillness or receptive prayer, but that was the original name and in that name is embodied closeness, a connection or a deep communion.  As a person goes voluntarily to meditate, and asks for closeness to its source, there is a combination of energies that flows through from various realms in the Logoic body into the one meditating.

This brings a tremendous measure of attunement to the various realms and it is suggested that each meditator goes ‘into the stillness’ twice a day for a brief period separate from any other meditation with which they are involved.  These energies have a balancing effect and can only be beneficial at all times.

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