Dr. Joshua David Stone: The 40 Golden Keys to Becoming Financially Wealthy (Part 1 of 3)

HJ: As part of my ongoing efforts to help souls overcome poverty consciousness/mindsets, I present a fantastic article by Dr. Joshua David Stone which outlines 40 ways of living in alignment with abundance, prosperity, and wealth.  We create much of our own suffering and it is also up to us to correct these tendencies.  Financial freedom can bring great peace of mind, contrary to what you have been told and led to believe… – Truth

The 40 Golden Keys to Becoming Financially Wealthy

My Beloved Readers, in these hard times on Earth, particularly since 9/11, with global terrorism, wars and global recession, just about every person on Planet Earth is dealing with money issues, and especially Lightworkers. Because of this, Spirit and the Masters have guided me to write a comprehensive Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness understanding of the laws of prosperity as seen by God and the inner plane Ascended Masters. Spirit and the Masters have guided me to call this lesson, “The 40 Golden Keys to Becoming Financially Wealthy!”

I will begin one-by-one listing these 40 laws of prosperity from an integrated perspective and an Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness perspective. These are the 40 laws of prosperity that Enlightened Beings use and Integrated Ascended Masters use to manifest money, wealth and prosperity.

Law 1: The first law of prosperity is the law of prayer. This involves invoking the help of the Superconscious Mind, Mighty I AM Presence, Holy Spirit, God, the Trinity, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, the Elohim and Spirit-attuned Extraterrestrials to help you manifest your prosperity prayers. When you pray, write the prayer down. Be specific. Make sure the prayer is in harmony with God’s Will and that you are asking for a pure purpose. For example, you are not asking for a million dollars so you can live a life of hedonism. There is nothing wrong with asking for money or material things as long as it is in the context of your Spiritual path.

Law 2: On a conscious level, do everything you can do on a personal power and action level to manifest the prayer. Don’t just make a prayer and stay in your apartment and never leave. Each mind has its part to play in an Enlightened Being’s understanding and ability to manifest prosperity. You must listen to your inner guidance and intuition and when it guides you to take action you must do so. For example, you may pray and the answer to your prayers is to meet a certain person at the laundromat; however, if you do not listen to your inner guidance and intuition to do your laundry that night, you may miss that opportunity.

Law 3: The third law of prosperity is to use the power of the subconscious mind to manifest prosperity. This means to do prosperity affirmations and visualizations throughout your day to program your subconscious mind to attract and magnetize prosperity to you. Anything you affirm or visualize into the subconscious mind of a positive or negative nature will be attracted to you in time. This is the law!

Law 4: Be sure to always practice positive thinking and imaging in your daily life in general, and to be very careful of the words you speak to make sure you are demonstrating prosperity consciousness and not poverty consciousness in your daily thoughts, images and words. Many people’s affirmations and creative visualizations do not work because the self-talk that goes on in their consciousness 24 hours a day is so negative and poverty-driven in nature!

Law 5: If you are going to pray, then law number five is that you must have faith, trust and patience in God and God’s Laws. On the Earthly plane things do not move as fast as in the Spirit World. So faith, trust and patience is needed, as well as perseverance and consistency of your manifestation practices. If you doubt the prayer in your consciousness, then you are doing unconscious negative affirmations and negative self-talk, which is sabotaging your manifestation.

Law 6: The next law has to do with alignment and integration. For prosperity and manifestation to work, there must be a consistency of alignment and integration between the Superconscious Mind, conscious mind, subconscious mind, physical body and the Earthly world. This is the place most people falter in prosperity consciousness and manifestation, for they do not get all levels aligned consistently!

Law 7: The seventh law is that God works in mysterious ways. So do not limit God by telling God the prosperity has to come in a certain way. Be open to all avenues of prosperity, even ones you have not conceived of as a possibility!

Law 8: The next law deals with the importance of gratitude and being grateful for all that you have. This is a very key law to prosperity, which is to appreciate that which you have. If you do not do this, it will put up one of many possible blocks to the prosperity and manifestation process.

Law 9: The next law is to not be attached to your prayer, for all prayers should be prayer preferences not prayer attachments. The quickest way to sabotage a prayer is to become attached to it and to lose your happiness if you do not get it in a time period you want it.

Law 10: When you do your creative visualization use all your inner senses. See yourself getting the money. Feel the money. Smell the money. Touch the money. Make it so real that it is as real in your imagination as real life is. When it is that real, then the power of the subconscious mind is really put to work.

Law 11: This law deals with the importance of setting up a Spiritual battleplan to achieve your prayer goal. In this Spiritual battleplan list every possible thing you can do to manifest this prayer on every level. For example, it might involve advertising, lighting a special candle every day, making phone calls, studying books and on and on. List every possible thing you can do on every level to accelerate the process and do these things in daily life.

Law 12: The next law is to keep your prayer goal confidential. One of the best ways to sabotage your prayer goal is to talk about it too much with other people. This is for two reasons. The first is that talking about it dissipates the energy. Better to keep it all inside and not dissipate it. Secondly, other people often say things that program in doubt. As the Bible says, “Don’t cast pearls to swine (unconscious people)!”

Law 13: The next law deals with the importance of remembering that you are an incarnation of God and the infinite universe is part of your body. So when you pray, see your consciousness and body containing the Infinite Universe. This will greatly strengthen the manifestation of your prayer goal.

Law 14: When you pray, pray with full personal power and as Spirit, Christ, Buddha and the Eternal Self. Do not pray as a child and do not pray as a lowly, sinful worm.

Law 15: The next law of prosperity is that if you achieve your prayer goal, do not boast or necessarily even talk about it. Give all gratitude to God! For do not forget the adage from the Bible, “After pride cometh the fall!”

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