The Universal Laws: The Law of Chaos and the Law of Order

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

The Law of Chaos and the Law of Order are profound and direct in their simplicity.  To put it plainly, when one fights the flow of the universe, chaos is the result and when one chooses to embrace the universal ebb, order results.  As can clearly be seen by observing the natural world, the default state of the universe is order.  It is only when intentions of a lower vibration/nature are inserted into the equation (usually, though not always, by humanity) that chaos results.  Humankind still  predominantly operates from a belief that it must control all aspects of life, and so we have rampant chaos on this planet as the divine flow is constantly stifled… that, at least, is the illusion, as it is not possible to completely stifle the divine flow.

The divine flow is like a massive river.  You can build a dam to temporarily control it, but the river will inevitably overtake the dam unless the flow is let through at a certain minimum volume.  And so we have humanity constantly attempting to stifle this divine flow by trying to control every last aspect of life instead of letting it unfold how it may.  However, despite our best efforts, the divine flow continues to permeate existence at a steady pace and guide the development of consciousness.  Yet instead of the process generating untold harmony, because of our attempts to control it, chaos is generated.

Herein lies the lesson from this law: simply let go and accept life on its own terms.  We are taught to believe that letting go will bring chaos into our lives, but the paradox is that attachment and attempts to control are what generate chaos  in our lives and simply trusting the universe to bring us exactly what we need brings lasting order and harmony.  As with so many things we are indoctrinated with since birth, the reality is just the opposite.

The Law of Chaos and the Law of Order — The Law of Chaos is that Law which states that chaos exists when the observing mind can NOT accept what is. The Law of  Order exists when the observing mind can accept what is, regardless of the appearance of chaos.