The Universal Laws: The Law of Change

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

The Law of Change is a law I have come to love very dearly.  While some fear and fight it tooth and nail, it gives me untold comfort and assurance that life will go on no matter what the circumstances.  Before I learned the art of manifestation, this law kept me hopeful that the potential for healing and better days ahead was always abreast.  It comforted me to know that whatever my present circumstances were, they were not set in stone.  It motivated me to continually work towards my dreams as the potential for positive change was always there and happening, no matter how subtly.

The Law of Change shapes our reality and the universe perhaps more profoundly than many of the other laws, as it governs the ever changing, fluid and dynamic nature of existence.  Like endless waves upon a rocky shore, the Law of Change moves forward slowly and steadily, sometimes subtly and sometimes overtly transforming everything in its path.  It is truly the spice of life, what keeps this existence dynamic and full of priceless experiences and lessons.  The momentum of the Law of Change pushes us ever onwards towards our return to the source.

Some choose to fight the law of change and they move slowly and often with great pain and difficulty, embroiled in constant struggle with the forces that govern our universe.  They are always losing, but the illusion of control keeps them working towards their impossible dreams of stagnation.  Those who work with the Law of Change experience never ending excitement and manifestation.  Every moment becomes an opportunity to create something new and beautiful, that will have its own life cycle so closely mirroring that of our own.  It is the beautiful dance of creation, of yin and yang, playing out eternally throughout the cosmos.

The Law of Change simply is.  It is up to you how you interact with it.  Wether you embrace it or fight it or find some middle ground between the two is up to you.  However, I can tell you this– lasting peace and contentment can be found by developing a harmonious relationship with this unfathomably important law.  Change or be changed, there is no other way.

The Law of Change — There is a Law, which governs all things, and allows no thing to remain unchecked, and allows no checks to remain unchanged. Anything seen, done, experienced or known, you may look at it and say with absolute certainty: “This too shall pass.”  This is what is known as the Law of Change.

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