Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 179

HJ: It seems as though the issue of time travel is surfacing more and more these days.  If you have not already had the chance, I highly recommend you read the incredible channeling by Archangel Metatron: Time Travel and the Power of Now that was published recently.  It definitely clears up many questions on the topic of time travel and ascension and is an amazing, compelling read.  Then read Aisha’s article here which you can use to further correlate data about these topics.  – Truth

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

Today we would like to touch further upon the subject of time travel to call it that, as we have many insights into this that might help you all in the time ahead. For centuries, mankind have been playing around with the idea of moving back and forth between the ages, and you have also made many a fictional story about that, so we guess you are all familiar with the concept in some way. However, as this is a subject that is apt to confuse many, we would also like to point out the fact that time is not the same for us as it is for you. As we have touched upon so many times earlier, time for you is a single layer, spreading out in two directions, and it is only possible to ”navgiate” it to call it that by staying alive and literally follow the clock.

In other words, time is a parameter that will unfold at a given speed, and everything that has happened has been ”recorded”on this timeline as a memory, and cannot be erased. However, to us, time is a very complex being, and we use that word with intent, as to us, time is indeed like a living breathing entity, something that is malleable and forever in flux. In other words, time can literally take you anywhere you want to go, as it can be used almost as a ”magic carpet” from your stories to bring you to a chosen destination. In addition, there are multiple layers of time, and they are forever changing shape and direction, and as such, nothing is ever ”written in stone” as you see it. To us, time is but a instrument to be used in order to achieve more insight and clarity, and therefore, it is perhaps the most valuable and effective instrument there is. So to us, time is like an unending source of possibilites, whereas to you, time is like a straightjacket that holds you in a vice-like grip. You see yourselves as slaves to time, and rightly so, as you have no way of escaping the inevitability of literally running out of time. In other words, to you, you can only count the time from the moment you take your first breath and to the moment you take your last. Everything that happens between those two moments are the only ”time” you are given, and therefore, the fear of dying is very strong in you all. For when you die, you run out of time, and there is nothing more you can ever achieve in your life. In addition, many also carry the firm belief that they only get this one try at it, and therefore the fear of losing out will be even bigger.

But as to us, time is an endless source of opportunities, and as such, we do not carry the imprint of fear that you have. We know that we are not alloted a specified amount of time, and we do not need to fear that we will ever run out of time. We know that we are eternal, and for us, time is like a river, or an ocean where we can maneuver at will, and where we go to gather new experiences in order to grow even further. So we go into this great ocean of time, and we take a little sip, or we immerse ourselves fully in it. And from this ocean of time, we take with us the opportunities ready to be manifested that is already in situ, and we literally play around with them. We are in many ways like children, searching around for new opportunities to play, not only with new things, but with other souls, and as such, we are constantly being exposed to an endless variety of events that will literally broaden our horizons. And these horizons will continue to broaden for as long as we like, because we know that we are but a small part of an endless cycle of time and space, and we will continue to be a part of this cycle for ever. We do not need to think about fearing death, because to us, death is not an ending, it is a transition into the next phase of this cycle, and we will once again cast ourselves into this ocean of time to continue our search for knowledge.

We know this will sound very confusing and almost incomprehensible, because to you, time is such a concrete concept. It is not something you can play around with, it is something that you need to heed, and as such, the ticking of the clock will always be a reminder that you will some day lose that fight with time, and you will have to stop being part of that counting down and stop being in existence at all. But trust us when we say that this prison is just something that has been created in the minds of mankind, and you are no more trapped inside this cage of linear time than we are. You just THINK you are, and you have been made to think so by those creatures who decided to put you inside that cage for their own benefit. You are just as free as us, and now you will start to savour the taste of that freedom. In fact, you have already started to take those first swimming lessons in this ocean of time, but as they take place in a state where you are not fully awake and lucid, the imprint from these outings will not be clear to you yet. But they will be, and then you will suddenly feel how this notion of linear times literally loses its grip on you completely. Then you will understand that you are already jumping back and forth and sideways, to call it that, but as you might understand, direction is also just something that you still need as a tool to understand these things. You do not go ”back” in time, you just shift over to a different timeline, and the same thing when going forwards into the ”future”. There is no such thing as ”past” and ”future”, as they are all playing out simultaneously, so to us, there is no distinction between the two.

We have told you earlier that you are in fact from ”the future”, and that is true, as you are originally beings that also exists in a timeframe that a human mind would describe as being thousands of years ahead of the time you count as ”now”. But to us, every time can count as ””now”, so therefore we do not need to think about things like ”yesterday or ”tomorrow.”  It is all coexisting in this continuum of time and space, and therefore it is accessible to all whenever you need to access it. We know this will perhaps confuse you even further, but to us, this comes as naturally as taking a breath does to you. Remember, this is something that has been laid down as a fundamental rule for All of creation, therefore it is something that is ingrained in us all, so too in you. The only difference is that you have been separated from this natural instinct, to call it that, so therefore you will have a hard time to comprehend it at this stage.

“Will this not ensure total chaos and confusion” we hear you ask, as to you, this will only lead to more possibilities of people misusing this in order to fulfill their own greedy needs. No, the answer is clearly and simply, because underneath it all, there is the simple rule that this cannot be misused in such a way, because there are no leeways for those trying to foster more fear by misusing this endless supply of energy. For energy is what it really is, and as such, this energy has been safeguarded in such a way that it will be made null and void if it is corrupted in any way.

Hence the story of your little planet. You are an example of this corruption, as you have been literally colonized by beings that have set up an elabotare operation in order to live out their unbalanced desires. Now the time has come – literally – to undo all of that by neutralizing them. And the way to do just that, is to disconnect them from this grid they have created that has been superimposed upon the existing one. In other words, disconnect them from the source that they have been misusing. ”Well, what took you so long”, we hear you ask, and as usual we must answer that time is indeed a concept that is very different from the one you use, and as such, the story of mankind is not counted in the same way in the rest of Creation as it is in your annals. In other words, this process is both a very, very long one, but also an instantaneous one, as time is something that can bend and wrap and meander. We know this will elicit groans of irritation, so we hasten to add that you have not been left hanging there as it were for mere amusement or curiosity from the rest of us. As we have touched upon earlier, this is a process that has been carefully planned, and as such, it goes back to the dawn of humanity. And we do mean that in every sense of the word, as you as a species go ”back” even further than what is common knowledge amongst you today.

We will not go into details on this subject just yet, as then this missive would become so much more lengthy than it already is, so take this as a small fragment of what is to come. Because there is not only an ocean of time out there, ready and waiting for you to take those longed for deep dives into, there is also that even vaster ocean of knowledge waiting for you, and these oceans are indeed the one and the same. So lest you should become too tired and confused after reading this lengthy missive, let us just say that this is only meant as a small appetizer, something to prick up your curiosity for what is yet to come. And even if this leaves you with more questions than answers, we think you will in some ways be touched by these words and the energies they contain in such a way that it will start to open some doors inside you all that have been sealed off for ages. We will leave you to ponder this, as we promise yet again to return with more when the time is right. That is all for now, we leave.

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