Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy: Panic Continues to Mount Within the Ranks of the Cabal

HJ: I am starting to feel a little strung along by these messages, however, I still feel they are accurate.  It’s just the wording they use implies a sense that things are about to immediately happen and then… well changes are obviously happening, just much, much slower than they suggest.  All I can hope is that their words are vindicated as soon as possible and humanity is lifted into a new era of love and prosperity. – Truth

Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy via Sheldan Nidle


12 Manik, 5 Pop, 9 Ik

Dratzo! We return! Your transitioning world is moving from the old dark reality that is familiar to you, to a new one filled with Light, Love, and prosperity. In recent years the dark cabal has been doing all it can to stem the tide of this shift and maintain the control it has enjoyed for so long without opposition. However, this is no longer possible. The Ascended Masters have acted globally according to divine decrees to move your realm into Light, and these actions are exerting pressure upon the cabal, which is compelling it to reveal some of its fraudulent methods of doing business, thus demonstrating its habitual, arrogant modus operandi. These revelations are providing the grist for their eventual prosecution. Some nations, like Iceland, have already begun the legal process of disassembling the power structure built up decades ago by this cabal. Many other nations will soon follow suit. We are monitoring this, and our liaison officers are supplying reams of incriminating data to those who are in charge of investigating this large, unruly cabal.

Panic continues to mount within the ranks of the dark and we expect several key arrests to follow soon. True to form, it is still relying on some tremendous manufactured crisis or event to allow it to escape. As we have said, this we will not permit. There are presently several serious ‘incidents’ brewing in the Middle East and South Asia, and our observation teams are watching them closely. This time an incident will not be used as a means for preventing or even delaying what Heaven decrees! No longer will the cabal be permitted to use its old bag of tricks to get its way or to save its hide. We are stopping even the cabal’s most desperate plots from manifesting, which means that the corrupt and sorry old system is at an end. The divine moment arrives for these rascals to be identified and isolated from the pack, allowing profound alterations to take place globally. Freedom, prosperity, and joy will define the reality that is to see you through to your ascension to full consciousness. The time is almost upon you for a number of wonderful events to manifest before you.

The Lighted realms are preparing a most remarkable world for you. Your seemingly endless journey through this vale of shadows with its grievous burdens and travails is at an end, and a new world of abundance and consolation and gladness beckons you. We, together with Heaven, welcome you with open arms and full hearts. It is time to say good-bye to a world that is coming to a timely conclusion, a world that engulfed you with discouragement and heartache. As of now, it can no longer be seen as all-powerful or immutable; instead, a new and much friendlier world is taking shape. Set aside any qualms you may have about what lies ahead for you, or any doubts about the new world. You are sitting in the front row, witnessing the birth of a most amazing new realm. Feel its joy surrounding you, and revel in the energy that wishes only to be of service to your true needs and desires. Peace, Love, unity, and unending joy are its hallmarks. In each corner of the globe, this nascent society will embrace and honor each one of you!

Galactic societies, like the one you are embarking upon, are characterized by harmony and noted for the enthusiasm of each member to serve the greater whole. Here, you are surrounded by those who wish you well and who invite you to add your unique gifts to a collective that ensures that your life flows ever onwards into greater and greater joy and fulfillment. Before your return to full consciousness, we wish you to experience the immense joy and deep inner happiness which bless our daily existence. Our ships will be open for you to visit, and there you will be able to personally feel the satisfaction and gratification that distinguishes life in galactic societies. Our Motherships radiate a sense of deep well being and cheer that can give you a foretaste of what you will be immersed in during your return to full consciousness in the Light Chambers. In our societies, ritual and ‘spiritual soul-dancing’ come together to celebrate our lives and we bask in the exhilaration that is the joining of individual with communing souls.

Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with much to discuss. Presently, we are completing the final series of talks with our associates, the major thrust of which is to terminate the procedures which are delaying the start of the announcements. These will be delivered by our associates who will proclaim the new financial system and the many new transitional governments around the world. These broadcasts will lead quite quickly to a worldwide disclosure of our existence and benevolence. It is important, at this juncture, that we also bring in our Inner Earth and space families, as it is together that we have formulated the detailed scenario that will bring all of you to a full awareness of what has been so busily happening around you. Soon, full transparency will be brought to bear on matters past, present, and future, and one of the first issues requiring transparency is the many ways you can participate in cleaning up Gaia’s land, water, and air.

Restoring Gaia is part of a collective movement which allows surface humans like us to return to the divine grace originally extended to Earth’s Lemurian colony nearly 900,000 years ago. As the distorted ‘facts’ of our history are reestablished, you can begin to revel in what the future has in store for us, starting with returning this glorious homeland to her rightful place in our hearts. Then we can take the great prosperity soon to be given us to reacquaint ourselves with who we really are: a great unity of souls who share this sacred place with each other. Societies in the past have dishonored our pledges, and so we will use this moment to establish a much wider pledge that will be the foundation for a new star-nation.

This is a hallowed moment. It is a divine prelude to a new era that will see our sacred service extended not only to this new star-nation but equally to all physicality. This transition period is ready to end and a time of great activity is poised to envelop you. We, the Ascended Masters, intend to carry out this cavalcade of changes in a tempered manner, and so we are putting a great deal of pressure on the cabal to relent, or else face the unfortunate consequences of their recalcitrance. We are closely watching the hot spots around the world as they reach a boiling-point, and are fully aware that the cabal intends to ramp them up until some form of initiative on our part is deemed essential. It is ill-advised for the dark to believe that its old ploys can still win the day. This is because, verily, a new day has dawned for all!

Today, we brought you another message about what is happening. A new initiative is in the works which will bring peace and Light to this world. Our fleet is stepping up its direct interaction with the dark, and this period of prolonged quiescence is about over! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One, and Be in Joy!)

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  1. Sheldan,

    I really appreciate your note and the beginning of this article. It seems that many Channelers are experiencing some sort of “wobblying” (for a lack of a better word). This is no ones fault and perhaps this would be a good time to remind everyone that every channel should be considered with discernment and subject to one’s own intuitive filtering. This is, by not means, a criticism.

    It is also a good time to remind everyone that we create expectations ourselves; the channeled message does not. I certainly have my own expectations and will be very careful to own the results of what I, myself have created. Watching myself react to some of these messages has been an interesting and insightful exercise.

    ALL the channelers have my heart-felt thanks for the guidance and support they have provided. Thank you Sheldon.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful words. However, you should know that the note at the beginning of the article was not by Sheldan, but from Truth, the person behind the Healers Journal.

      Be Well,


  2. This request is humbly made to all of you who act in complete alignment with Natural Law under the Supreme Authority of the universal creator of all:

    I Am

    The necessary and purposeful darkness that has befallen the humble people of Earth is at an end as many have now become remedied of their confusion and incompetence.

    This humble request is made by those in competent lawful authority who act on the behalf of all beings that dwell on or about the planet Earth

    The deception and fictions that are purposefully empowered to lead and guide the humble people of Earth out of their darkness and confusion have achieved their lawful purpose. Sanity and competence has been re-established and the humble people of Earth have regained their Unity with

    I Am

    All of you, who have been charged with the lawful authority and power to maintain quarantine and careful stewardship of this planet Earth and its inhabitants, are requested by the Unity consciousness that has now returned, to now act on the dissolution of the fictions of law and the pervasive deceptions that now no longer have a lawful purpose.

    It is in open evidence for all to see that the agents of fiction now lack the capacity to comport themselves in alignment with Natural Law as they themselves are confused and incompetent.

    You are humbly requested to remove your support from the agents that act on the behalf of fictions and support those competent and humble people of Earth that have regained their Unity with:

    I Am

    We the competent ask that you join with the humble people of Earth in forgiveness, gratitude, peace, joy, love, law, truth and Unity with:

    I Am

    Your concealment is no longer necessary as your lawful actions are in evidence to the competent. We the competent know that violence is not required and request that those, who were required as agents of fiction to provide guidance, not be harmed and that all the humble people of Earth be rejoined with Unity in Natural Law under the Supreme Authority of the universal creator of all:

    I Am

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