The Universal Laws: The Law of One

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

In the New Age and Spiritual communities, the axiom that ‘all are one’ has become somewhat of a cliche– a stereotype even.  Popular culture has co-opted this law using it as a sort of catch-all representation of New Age/Far East philosophy.  This has simultaneously exposed and numbed the masses to this truth/law, unfortunately.  At the macro level of perception, it does not seem as if all are one.  We can clearly see divisions between ourselves objects, animals, people, and any other number of things.  This is the default, limited 3rd dimensional mindset that cannot (or perhaps will not…) understand that which is not obvious.  Yet ask a physicist if ‘all is one’ and they will almost surely reply with a resounding ‘Yes!’ if they are even remotely clued in to the modern study of quantum physics.  This is because, at the sub-atomic level of matter, everything in the universe consists of the exact same building blocks – protons, neutrons and electrons – all arranged in different configurations create any given object/person/place/thing.  Therefore, how are we any different than the rock, the mountain, the air, the sun, or the other person in the room?  The list is endless.  We are all made of the exact same ‘material’, which is inherently interrelated as it is the fabric of the universe.

This view of the interconnectedness of reality is slowly but surely filtering into mainstream consciousness and beginning to affect a major change in the perception of ourselves, life, the planet, the universe and our role in the whole picture.  It is one of the most important shifts in consciousness leading up to and beyond Ascension.  It is what all of the great enlightened masters have spoken of throughout the ages– the concept that all are one and that separation is only an illusion of unenlightened perception.  The complete understanding and full experience of this law, when understood and experienced at a foundational and soul changing level, leads definitively to enlightenment and the escape from the confines of 3rd dimensional reality.  That is the importance of this law.  It is one of the foundational laws that underlie every other law and therefore the nature of reality.

By focusing on and making an honest attempt to understand and experience this law, we increase the personal and universal qualities of unity, love, peace, happiness in our lives.  This raises our vibration and affects everyone and everything around us positively.  The pursuit of a profound understanding of this law is foundational to higher levels of consciousness.  It is a noble pursuit indeed…

The Law of One — All is One. There is the Law of One and all reside within this Law. All souls are cells of the body of this Awareness, and when this Law is obeyed, there is no need for any entity to struggle or compete, for this is like the parts of one’s body fighting the other parts of one’s body, and the body being at war with itself. With the Law of One, you may be at peace in the body of this Awareness.

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