Lyn Asmar Explains the Sirian Command – Part 1

Healers Journal Commentary: Lyn Asmar, the wonderful spirit behind Esoteric College, brings us an article explaining what the intentions of the Sirian Command are.

Esoteric College

By Lyn Asmar

Many of you have been wondering, “what exactly is the Sirian Command?” The following is part one of an inspired explanation. Next week I will post the second part of the explanation.

Please leave a comment if you have any further questions; I’m happy to answer any and all of them for you!


The teaching through the Sirian Mystery School as part of the College of Esoteric Education deals with the profound spiritual constitution of man, but it does so from an energy viewpoint, although other terminology may occasionally be used to enhance understanding. It must be understood that a stellar body deals strictly in energy so this teaching offers an understanding of the universe in terms of energy and frequency and this is the basis of the comprehensive program that the College offers. It is not derived from traditional teachings, although it does assist with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of them.

The teachings of the College are involved with the structure and function of this universe in both its known and unknown operation.  The concepts that are taught involve an understanding of the energy structure of the many forms of existence both observable and non-observable to the conscious mind. The main point to consider is that everything is energy; energy operating in varying degrees of frequency difference.

These teachings depict the universe as a boundless range of energy environments of varying energy spectra and of widely differing functions.  These environments or realms are all inhabited by species peculiar to their own environs and as such are unable to be observed by the human eye, but distinctly observable to the etheric eye.  They are the result of energy nucleified in the form of intelligences and genii, many of which far surpass any human understanding.

We now enter the concept that all existence is energy and we state again that there are many realms of existence comprising energy spectra non-observable to humankind.  These are the realms of the invisible and mostly unknowable; and it is safe to say that the conscious mind of a human being, under ordinary circumstances, is totally unaware.  However, that conscious mind is attended by and is itself a product of certain intelligences that reside in those deeper realms and, by virtue of its resonance, communication or communion and being in tune with them, may be made aware of their requirements.

This brings us to a concept of that which is called in modern terms, a channel or in older terms, a medium. This is an exchange of knowledge from deeper intelligences through people who are resonant with that particular requirement so that that knowledge can be disseminated throughout humanity and so guide it in its ongoing journey back to the Source or the Logos.  Humanity is becoming more and more aware of these intelligences and we now find a growing number of highly intelligent and well educated people being able to access the deeper levels wherein these intelligences lie and channel through information in a more pure form because the information needs to be known on a wider scale.

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