Archangel Uriel: You Are The Gift

Channelled by Jennifer Hoffman

Enlightening Life

This is the Archangel Uriel channeled message for July 16, 2012

Each incarnation is your soul’s gift to Source and Source’s gift to you, as you step into opportunities for energetic healing and release, a new balance of light and darkness, and new levels of empowerment, engagement with soul group energies and new ways to express your energy on the Earth.

The Source and self gift you embody in each lifetime determines the foundation of your life path, but its unfoldment depends on how you recognize and use your gift of life, energy, light, and healing.

Your Source gift is the opportunity to bring your light to the earth, to create a space for healing and ascension, to carry a specific energetic alignment for the healing you will bring to the earth, the energies you embody and the expanded purpose you will fulfill through your soul contract.

Your lifetime is a contract with Source to re-align specific energetic vibrations with their highest aspects, and through your own healing, to re-calibrate and reconnect these energies to the light. This is the greatest gift Source gives to you, the ability to ascend energies to their divine blueprint of unconditional love.

From your self perspective, which includes all aspects of the self, including the Higher Self and ego, your gift to Source is to embody your light and heal the specific energetic vibrations that are part of your karmic path, cycles, and soul group.

Your gift is to be the light of clarity, to embody the potential for healing, to allow others to have the example of healing and wholeness from you, and to know joy. And to expand your purpose from healing to creating new vibrations of joy, peace, and unconditional love in the world. This is your gift to Source, to create a healed, whole and ascended Earth where all energetic aspects express their highest potential.

Your gifts are expressed through your intention, passion, healing purpose and the ways in which you connect with your potential. This is your unique energetic signature, the specific energetic vibrations you bring to the earth and the promise you have made to Source.

You are the emissary of light, the gift of healing and transformation, the source connection to unconditional love and the fulfillment of your ascension path. Know yourself as the gift, remember you are Source’s gift to the world and one aspect in the way that Source gifts the world with healing potential. Be the gift that you are, remember yourself as Source’s gift to the world and you will do your part in creating heaven on earth and aligning humanity with its ascension purpose.

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